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  1. One could pass the type of attack from the Attacking-helper to Health.js TakeDamage, then via Reduce and HandleDeath to CreateCorpse and one could select a attack-specific animation there (at "// Make it fall over"). Note that this will not be able to specify which kind of projectile (arrow, boulder, stone) would be the COD.
  2. D2411 D1977 By @Angen (You may use the phenotype to make them workers?)
  3. IMHO, the animation ought to be enemy proximity-related. However, that might be costly performance-wise, so we could make it UnitAI-state dependent. I do not think the stances should influence the variant: If you're gonna attack an enemy you will look the same, regardless whether your orders were to charge on sight or wait for the enemy to close in (provided unlimited stamina ).
  4. I can also lend a hand in creating/reviewing the diffs (in the coming weeks at least). Just let me know if I can help
  5. Hi @rber, thanks for your interest here The change is indeed mainly for modders, in vanilla there are no units planned that deal both capture and damage at the same time1. We also thought it would be strange behaviour. The idea behind the change was to have less hardcoding and easier extension of what effects could occur when attacking a unit. I hope this clarifies it for you? Otherwise, feel free to ask
  6. Why would you lead them to download a flyer instead of visiting the website? The flyer exists to lead them to the website, right? Then why not bring them to it immediately
  7. Thank you for your report @gameboy! The author of the commit causing this has been notified.
  8. @Nescio I saw on your feature wish list that the distance limit for buildings applies to all players? In `BuildRestrictions.js` after line 242 add: let players = Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_PlayerManager).GetAllPlayers(); Then at lines 255 and 267 (the range queries) replace [cmpPlayer.GetPlayerID()] with players . That should do the job
  9. Well, it is hard to put in place nicely Since the visual attacks do not always coincide with the actual taking damage (which would be the trigger for this animation) it would be hard to time it right. Also, when the attacked unit is playing an attack animation of its own, it would be interrupted by this animation, which would look weird also. I actually had such thing in my mod, where a unit could block damage, thus also resetting the attack; this animation would fit perfectly in there All these animations make me wish D1496 gets a rebase ^^.
  10. As a purist I would say: "−20% attack repeat time", since that is unambiguously what the modification does. For the general user, however, I would go for "+25% attack rate". (Another suggestion, not necessarily a good one, is "-20% attack interval", which sounds odd but I wanted to throw in the interval ;) )
  11. Hi @gameboy! We have not solved this problem yet, sadly. We will let you know when we have! In the meantime, you can ignore this specific warning. You are of course still encouraged to report other warnings and errors :D
  12. Thanks very much for the replay! The problem has been identified! Always thanks for testing as well :)
  13. I could not reproduce it, so I would like to see the log and replay, please :)
  14. Hi @gameboy, thanks for testing! Can you attach the replay and interesting.log, please?
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