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  1. (See also D2540: Make rallypoints moddable. by @Stan`.)
  2. Or you could try using the "patch" utility: patch -p0 < patch.diff in your 0ad folder.
  3. You mean the panel entities I guess: session/PanelEntities.xml and then the size of panelEntityButton.
  4. I guess you can use the code behind the "create unit" cheat to spawn the entity at the CC, not sure how that goes with Nomad though.
  5. Hi! There is a ticket and a proposed fix. It would be nice if you could report back whether the fix worked for you or not
  6. You could instead make another wall tower template that does not have the garrison tag. That way you can still have them in your campaign (ungarrisonable) and vanilla is not affected.
  7. Hi @audrey and welcome to the forums :) Traders in 0 A.D. need two markets to trade between. So first you right-click the market of you ally and then you right-click a market of you own. The reason for this is that one can trade between two arbitrary markets, instead of just between one of your allies' and your closest market (as is the case in AoE2).
  8. In SVN now, you can use the following snippet in "CommitResources" in ResourceGatherer.js. I know you use A23b, but you can look at the changes from rP23733 to try and adapt it to your mod. let cmpPlayerTarget = QueryOwnerInterface(target); let changed = false; for (let type in this.carrying) if (cmpResourceDropsite.AcceptsType(type)) { if (cmpPlayerTarget && cmpPlayerTarget != cmpPlayer) { cmpPlayer.AddResource(type, this.carrying[type] * 0.9); cmpPlayerTarget.AddResource(type, this.carrying[type] * 0.1); } else cmpPlayer.AddResource(type, this.carrying[type]); delete this.carrying[type]; changed = true; } You can make the 0.9/0.1 a template value of some kind.
  9. Would be not that hard :) But my main problem was that such a unit would also be capturable by other means, like soldiers waving their weapons whilst standing next to it, which sounds pretty weird. Also the generalisation does seem to support only this use case, which would someday be superseded by morale? If there are more, I can obviously be convinced ^^ This (the increased attack and speed) can be achieved by using a status effect. You can look at the test template at the bottom of one of the status effects diffs to get an idea of what is possible. If you have further questions, please ask!
  10. I guess not, because the capture points will go the attacking player and if they have capture points they are capturable also by different means. So I guess you want something like morale? And an amok state when the morale is too low?
  11. Hi, could you please to be found in https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths?
  12. Not entirely intended, but due to the status effects being handled the same as genuine attacks. So even though the unit inflicting poison is dead you units still receive damage, which you probably want to know?
  13. As far as I am currently aware we cannot add such effects genuinly using technologies. But yes, a technology could be made that allows upgrading regular units into poisoning units, like done in DE.
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