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  1. Happy it works, I was already trying to reproduce it The only thing I dislike is that a uncapturable structure also has a structure which is not capturable. Fun fact: AI will also capture foundations and finish them
  2. Glad to be of service I saw in your requested features at git that you want to have capturable foundations: see here.
  3. D2056. That one is not too hard: In "Armour.js"-component, line 53 (in TakeDamage) you could add "* randFloat(0.5, 1.5)".
  4. I like the idea! I haven't really dug into it, but the victory conditions itself can be found in: `simulation/data/settings/victory_conditions`, whilst the scripts they refer to are located in `maps/scripts`.
  5. Might or might not be related: Whilst testing I frequently encounter this: If more information is needed I'm happy to give that -- Just noticed I have more than 1200 replays in A24 in little over three months. -- commands.txt
  6. Glad it works! Thanks for the feedback, I'll update when I get the chance. You can take a look at "session.js" at line 817. The "IsTrainingBlocked" comes from the "GuiInterface.js"-component in simulation.
  7. Okay, I tested stuff (moving towards idle units) without this patch: it gave 10/10 times a segfault. With the patch 0/5 segfaults.
  8. You'll have to add `Wonder` to "Player.js" line 42 in simulation. I've just been fooling around with that, I got the capture bar, without errors, but it overwrites the health bar. I'm just not very experienced with the GUI.
  9. Strange, I cannot reproduce that. Did you rebuild? Is the updated "UnitAI.js" on your DE-git? Because I see in that file that `!this.IsDomestic()` is removed but the `this.IsAnimal` is still there? Edit: You can see in D1960 how the code should look like.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. The first time we were discussing a topic regarding genders and the difficulties about that, so I found it ironic that right at that point my gender was assumed, so I made a remark about that, not really about the gender itself. I did not foresee (I could have perhaps, my bad) that that led to another assumption due to miscommunication. I had to react on this (the "she") now because I can't stand people being wrong as a consequence of my actions
  11. You're doing it again ;) I'm quite busy the coming weeks, but it seems like a welcome addition to me.
  12. Is this with DE (or another mod) enabled? Is it reproducible? Attaching the interesting.log might help
  13. For now you can try to move your units closer to the ship while not trying to board (as close as they can get, also move the ship closer to the shore if you have to) and then try to board, that should work.
  14. Thank you for reporting! There are some problems regarding movement on SVN (see here), it is work in progress.
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