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  1. Could your friend please upload the interestinglog.html and crashlog.txt (commonly found in ~/.config/0ad/logs folder, see trac) from right after such a crash?
  2. Very nice that you want to use 0 A.D. in you class! I fully understand your reluctance to use violence in class, therefore I've put together a mod that removes all attacks from the units. This means animals are still in, because who wants to teach kids animals do not exist? NoViolence.zip If there's something wrong or not working, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  3. I've swapped with @Stan` for this one: he created a status effects demo and I tried my luck with this patch (D1718). Please test again
  4. Every entity which has the "StatusEffectsReceiver"-tag in the template can be affected by status effects. By default that are both units and structures. The flaming javelins and flaming pigs are very good use cases for status effects in vanilla 0 A.D.
  5. Thanks for the report! A fix has been proposed: D2647.
  6. Thank you for these kind words (Also thanks to @Stan` then, for the improvements suggested!) (Some slides may seem weird without context/me saying something about them, though.)
  7. Hi all, yesterday I gave an ~1 hour presentation about 0 A.D. at the IT company I do my traineeship. It was very nice since there were many positive reactions from the attendees I attached the presentation for those who are interested. Presentation0ad-Sogyo2020-ForForum.pdf
  8. I'll be lazy this time: this is the template change that I used for testing stuff. If someone needs more information I'll be glad to answer more elaborately when I get home :)
  9. With rP23448 committed today, you can create proper slowing towers (And poison, for that matter.) (Status effects being able to apply modifiers.)
  10. I really like the second and third images :) Probably the pikeman can't attack anything from up there I guess?
  11. Freagarach


    @gameboy Thanks for testing and reporting! It seems that something gets lost in translation. What we mean is that we would need a replay file (commands.txt; https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths#Windows) in order to investigate this error. So please upload the replay file (commands.txt) as an attachment here.
  12. https://github.com/0abc/0abc-a23 will come the closest I guess ;)
  13. Dismounting will probably be a side-effect of the subunits patch https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1958.
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