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  1. I have Ruins that players can capture on maps, and I want a little detailed ruin icon to appear on the minimap instead of white dots. I also have Dust Storms that move around the map and I want a little lightning bolt icon for them on the minimap. There seems to be no documentation on where to put those texture files or how to get them to show up in game.
  2. Another Question time, how do I go about making my own minimap icons?
  3. Is there any way to make an Entity invulnerable to damage? I removed all instances of Health in its file and parents, but now the entities in question cannot be captured, despite having a capture bar. I need buildings that cannot be damaged in any way but can be captured by troops.
  4. Exporting dae's from maya does not work. I have to import them into blender and export them as dae's from there.
  5. Thank you that worked out really well, a nice crafty solution to that problem.
  6. Ok I have one last question and then I'll stop bothering everyone. When you upgrade a building into a new building, is there any way to have its requirement based on Civ rather than Technology? The method that the Darknut faction uses to expand their bases is to capture Ruins on a map and upgrade them into new Civil Centers, however every faction that captures them now can upgrade it into a Darknut base which is a no go. There seems to be no Civ requirement for Upgrades like there is for units and technologies.
  7. Alrighty, thank you. I'll probably just ask Exo to work his magic sometime down the road.
  8. Awesome that's what I was looking for with that. Is there a way to make it so that a researched Tech can reveal the vision of a unit with a certain class? I'm trying to make a technology that gives a player vision from ancient ruins across a map.
  9. I got another question, I seem to recall a civ in 0AD having the ability to see all the shorelines on a map, I think it was Ptolmeys. I can't seem to find any evidence of how this was accomplished though, was there a feature like this in an older or current version and if so how was it done? Is there any way to make it so a tech can allow a player to see structures of a certain class, regardless of their owner, much like bribing a merchant?
  10. The Glass Witches are probably still considered a fringe group. Immortals probably don't even want to become part of the society again. Darknuts can naturally live for a few centuries, I'd say the average is about 500 years.
  11. 1) That was definitely it, I found it floating around higher up the chain. 2) Hmmm, I found a workaround by just making it so I have a single mesh with all the armor attached and several variations missing the armor, and it only spawns armor props on death.
  12. I have several questions, some roadbumps I've hit. 1) How do you make it so an entity is not required for any victory condition? I have several invisible entities that spawn for various purposes that prevent a player from being defeated. 2) I have an actor with many props attached to itself, to simulate tiny parts of armor breaking off every time it is killed. The problem is every single prop that is attached plays walking and attack sound effects. I give each of the props their own animation variation that has "event" removed so that they do not play sounds, but now all of the animations are completely out of sync with the host actor's animations. All the animations have matching id's too, do they also need to have "event" in them in order for the animations to sync up with each other?
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