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  1. I'll also be adding in all of the Mercenary units into the game, since it's actually an important feature the Darknuts take full advantage of. I'll probably add in one more minor faction, that being the Zuna. Another batch of wildlife, mostly desert and wasteland creatures. I'm sorry I missed these points! 1. The Goron houses originally provided only 5 population, I suspect it was bumped up to 10 to help them out because they can build less houses with how their bases work. Either way it needs to be tweaked. 2. This is sort of intentional, especially in the early game, but it should not be particularly extreme. Some factions are a bit better at gathering food early on, like the Gohma and especially Ordona. Other factions are better are generating other resources, like Lanayru and Rupees. 3. I can increase the ring around the grove, that might help. 4. This actually is intentional, if enough people don't like it though I can add food to other drop off points.
  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO It's done now I can go back to adding more civs into the game:
  3. Getting closer to being done with the final cinematic and going back to adding in more factions, hurray. Just a few more weeks of relentless animating to go.
  4. Still so much to do, finishing these cinematics kills me
  5. Unit experience is disabled at the moment. Hero abilities are also disabled until a functional system is working in the engine. At the moment only aura based abilities and some hacky stuff is possible.
  6. We had messed with the gamesetup.js and gamesetup.xml file before the re-release. We fixed both files after the re-release came out, but for some reason user.cfg would not recognize the changes and made anything beyond the main menu inaccessible. Disabling the mod, starting a single player match in 0AD, and the re-enabling the mod fixed the problem, or just outright deleting user.cfg and letting it regenerate. @Exodarion probably has a more accurate description of what exactly the problem was.
  7. Hey there everyone! 0.4 is being re-released, due to a change in the UI for 0AD's re-release of 0.23 that completely broke and prevented multiplayer matches: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/downloads/hyrule-conquest-04-re-release Unfortunately, the nature of their change requires everyone to take an extra step to get the mod to run properly, namely you have to manually delete a configuration folder in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\0ad folder. Exodarion has a handy tutorial below on how to pull that off, as well as general installation instructions for those that have never installed the game before. Deleting the configuration file is timestamped at 7:45 I apologize for this extra step needed, it should be unecessary for future versions of Hyrule Conquest.
  8. Happy New year's everyone, let's start off 2019 with a new version of Hyrule Conquest Moddb Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/downloads/hyrule-conquest-04 Zip download for those that can't use exes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wmfo1xj5t0xc4jl/Hyrule.zip?dl=0
  9. @rain_ironwolf has a toaster of a PC, it's a meme on our discord.
  10. Yay I got some screenshots of a new map that will show up in the next version, taking place on the beaches of Lanayru
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