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  1. Formations need more love

    No I don't mean "only in bataillons", sorry if that was unclear. What I mean is that we'll most likely treat formations as a single entity once created.
  2. Formations need more love

    This is most likely the direction we'll take. I'm pushing for also having a "walk together" behaviour that sort of mimics AoE 2 formations.
  3. Your screenshots

    Tbh we could just make the "black" actually be transparent and have the background be entirely black. Our skybox only appears when you're looking above the ground iirc.
  4. I find Premake 5 much easier for small projects (for 0 A.D.… Well it's a mess anyway )
  5. Surface mesh appearing!

    So for lessons learned here, the reviewer sometimes (often) just looks at the code so always start the game with your changes . It's bitten me a bunch of times in the past. As quick fix, you can switch modes using alt+W several times and it'll sort itself out.
  6. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    I think the number carried by units is a decimal, but the actual number of resources is supposed to be an integer - all costs are integers. But JS doesn't really have a hard difference there.
  7. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    Health is a decimal number in the code exactly so that we can handle fractional damage and avoid the "1 HP damage minimum" from AoE 2. On the GUI it's shown as an integer though. I believe resources are the same.
  8. Reduce Lag

    Not that much actually pathfinder was designed to handle paths concurrently but that requires some changes. https://code.wildfiregames.com/D14 worked, but I needed to copy data for the short-range pathfinder too iirc.
  9. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    Mh, I suppose it can't help when the hole is too small though, indeed.
  10. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    Well a review for one thing
  11. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    Patch can be downloaded here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/file/data/cv6j6ucdbswhb67shgtc/PHID-FILE-zxaxbemndso72hhvyxtp/D318.id1213.diff
  12. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    I believe https://code.wildfiregames.com/D318 fixes this?
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    This is seriously some incredible work, congratulations!
  14. Farm / Field diminishing returns

    IIRC we implemented diminishing returns to try and "spread" farms to make them more realistic and more vulnerable to raiding. I think we can safely say it's a failure, though :/
  15. Ships Functioning as Naval Buildings

    I think it's an interesting idea, and I'd approve it. Ships in 0 A.D. don't work, plain and simple. I believe ramming and other realistic behaviour is impossible while our maps are so small (relatively), and AoE 3's behaviour did work quite well.