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  1. wraitii

    Frozen development

    It's not all it takes I also need to get my 0 A.D. groove on and I haven't got it back yet :/ . Anyways I think I have a 200$ amazon gift card lying around somewhere so don't worry.
  2. wraitii

    Frozen development

    Well technically it's because I'm using a custom setup so I can't bundle the game - why am I using a custom setup? Because my SSD is too small.
  3. I do have a custom setup using brew for most libraries, but I still use the script for some because it doesn't work otherwise. It's also a super-hack and brew is very much not nice if you're aiming at using the same versions across multiple computers as it's not always possible to access a specific version.
  4. wraitii

    ===[BETA]=== C# actor editor for Windows users.

    Can you provide a GitHub repo?
  5. wraitii

    Tree performance

    There's also some good looking work with the support of Valve https://vulkan.lunarg.com
  6. wraitii

    Tree performance

    Such as https://www.khronos.org/blog/khronos-announces-the-vulkan-portability-initiative, which does have an active GitHub : https://github.com/gfx-rs/portability, though obviously it's not finished. Haven't dug much beyond that.
  7. wraitii

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    The zipped folder worked, couldn't get the pyromod detected either.
  8. wraitii

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    Reproduced, can confirm that your mod fixes the issue.
  9. wraitii

    A23 - It crashes on OS X

    Hi, could you give your us computer specifications and which version of OSX you are using?
  10. wraitii

    Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    Ships require actual pathing, planes have no collision whatsoever. This is a very different situation. Pathing on a curve is quite annoying and slow. Pathing on a realistic ship curve is extremely annoying. Also our maps are ridiculously small and ships are ridiculously big.
  11. wraitii

    Known Problems (Please read before posting)

    This is a discussion we've had many times, and we don't have at the moment a coherent vision on the features we want before we stop calling it an Alpha. The list above fitted the 2010-12 vision rather well, but it requires substantial programming work to complete and may be unfinishable. Advanced Ship Movement is possibly impossible for a 0 A.D.-like game, Charging is technically very difficult, directional attack bonuses also require substantial technical changes to work correctly - unless it's entirely tied with formations, which is then a feature of its own to finish. My personal wishlist, which is mine only, is basically summed up by "Sufficiently efficient pathfinder".
  12. I agree it looks a little too blurry perhaps, but it'd be nice as a setting. It'd be nice to have a settable "low" and "high", to better simulate cloudier weather indeed.
  13. I'm planning to try and review this, in general it's better to have unreviewed patches than no patches at all of course.
  14. wraitii

    Tree performance

    I think going far forward we should probably try to find a library abstracting over vulkan, metal, and other low-level stuff, and use that. Apple seems determined to never support OpenGL correctly, sadly.
  15. wraitii

    Tree performance

    Some grass and some trees use alpha blending (necessary for making leaves look halfway good). This means we render them twice, and once with transparency enabled. Furthermore, the game has no real instancing (we merely sort stuff in a semi-clever way) so lag is to be expected, we start doing a looooot of draw calls. edit: btw you can disable the alpha blending somewhat easily, and you'll see that our leaves are horrible without it. There might be some trick to that, but I don't know it.