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  1. I do believe I sort of fix (2) in D13. Nice catch on the first bug though.
  2. Correct, units no longer have a per-entity obstruction but rather have a "clearance" defined by their passibility class. Pathfinding-wise, that's the only thing that matters.
  3. Also need better data-structures in the engine to handle this kind of size or things are going to go wrong.
  4. I don't actually think they must be trained individually. We could dynamically add units to a bataillon. But that doesn't change that they need to be treated as a single entity.
  5. It seems you are trying to play Rome Total War.
  6. Well obviously we support level 1. Level 2 is easy enough. Level 3 would need some new code. We'll probably get there eventually, but can't say anything on the when.
  7. The most likely outcome, to me, right now, is that we'll ultimately support 3 things: -individual units -individual units walking more or less in formation (like in Age of Empires 2) -actual bataillons for warfare, treated as a single unit, but possibly composed of several underneath.
  8. That's entirely dependent on what type of game you are playing/making. I do agree that it's most likely not a good idea for an AoE-like RTS though.
  9. Ok just wanted to make sure I think your problem is that the height map is 16-bit and the usual image is 8-bit only.
  10. @shieldwolf23: the water height is a setting in Atlas, so you can raise it or lower it.
  11. I believe the solution was that water height is a separate setting in 0 A.D.?
  12. Seems to me 10.8 might be a little too old to run the game, sadly :/
  13. And why is that (in this case)? Because we do not have D270. Just saying.
  14. Correct, CCs are available in phase 2. You'd build a CC to deny resources to your opponent and to build buildings. I think it's not too much of a nerf. It's a problem on RMs because some are just terribly balanced, so you end up without metal or stuff. It also sometimes forces you to place your CCs in a braindead way, not as strategical way. Ok on the worker elephant I guess, it might need a buff.
  15. Hm, tbh I'd like to keep the scope of those threads somewhat limited to mostly SVN stuff so that the changes are easy to implement