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  1. I did indeed - have to say I completely forgot to test techs on this diff (see 'missed an edge case' in the OP :p )... Broke all armour/attack techs pretty much I'll fix it tonight or tomorrow depending on time I have.
  2. This SVN or your mod? The incorrect animation based on position is not something I recall seeing in svn but I can't say I've tested this code a huge amount.
  3. Hello everyone, This to inform modders of a breaking change in templates following https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP22754. Capture previously looked: <Capture> <Value>5</Value> ...[Other Stuff]... </Capture> You need to change "Value" into "Capture". The reason for this is that you may now use the "Damage", "Capture", and "GiveStatus" nodes in any place where you could previously use Damage. For example, you can now have capturing splash damage, or both a Capture and a Damage node in the same attack. "Capture" is no longer hardcoded to be the only attack type that can capture. This change also affects many simulation components, so feel free to ask questions about those if needed. Let me know if anything looks odd, as again, this changed many component files and there's a chance I've missed an edge case. Please note that tooltip support is not yet committed, this will be a WIP in the upcoming days.
  4. OK so it does seem like you are running from the Applications folder. Could you open a Finder window, press "cmd + ctrl + shift" simultaneously, then go to "~/Library/Application Support/0ad/" (see screenshot, in French but ought to be the same interface) Then press "cmd + i" simultaneously, and screenshot the window that opens? It should look something like this: (NB: to screenshot, press "cmd + shift + 4", then press space once, and you just click on the window you want to screenshot).
  5. This sounds vaguely like a permission problem. What folder are you running 0 A.D in?
  6. Those should just be the Idle animation of the "Gather Food" variant. But perhaps Atlas doesn't have great support for that. TBH we're pretty close to hitting some hard limit in the customisability of our actor file there, so we'll probably have to think of a better way to do this soon-ish : /
  7. I believe that's because I changed the actor format in a breaking way but didn't really communicate on it. See https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP22442 You now must use animation variants and the regular Walk/Idle formations instead of walk_testudo_front animations.
  8. @Alexandermb Yes there's been changes recently. That you need to be aware of: Formations now use animation variants, and the regular "Idle", "Walk", "Run" animations. So you need to setup your actors to have a regular variant group with idle/walk/run animations, and a formation-special variant. Also, while remaining in formation units will IDLE in formation-animation, but when that formation breaks (for whatever reason), they will revert to their usual animation. I believe there's still a few issues, but tbh the current code needs some streamlining before we fix these. Check out my changes to the testudo formation actors.
  9. Ah man these look insane
  10. Yeah, I was never quite happy with them There's that and ship trails, and a few related effects that we should have, but I think it needs a rethinking of how we handle the water a bit.
  11. Sounds a lot like https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1955
  12. @gameboy I can't reproduce your errors with the patch either.
  13. Hey ethanray94, welcome to the forums. Work has been started on supporting campaigns (https://code.wildfiregames.com/D11), but so far nothing is actually done. I would not expect it for the next alpha, perhaps the one after that. Rest assured however that it is one of the features the team has in mind for the game, well all love a good campaign
  14. You can use the patch from D2041 (no compilation needed) and check if it stilll happens - it should not
  15. I think you're running in infinite loops (because the rest of the gam has been fixed enough to be playable). We have a ticket for that: #5460. I can't actually reproduce a crash with your commands.txt though gameboy
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