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  1. Terrain idea

    Our current long-range pathfinder cannot handle paths with different walking speeds. It could be adapted, but at a performance cost that's likely to be unacceptable, sadly.
  2. Possible with https://code.wildfiregames.com/D281 iirc. Not possible, nor intended, with the upgrade code.
  3. Yes I've apparently missed something in my review, I'll try and fix it this WE.
  4. I don't think the comments necessarily need to be added to other files, tbh. They can be added to the wiki if you judge it necessary. They're accurate anyhow and their presence or absence doesn't affect other files.
  5. As done in https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP20631, we should update all gatherer actors so that they can support having idle carrying animations. This should/could be done incrementally, but in general I think a class of unit should be done across all civs at once.
  6. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    If it gets committed as is, it's an extremely powerful modding upgrade, probably too powerful in fact, which is why I sort of doubt its future. It can be used to do pretty much any arbitrary "stateless" thing, so you could use it to activate a magic spell, create new entities around yourself, reveal part of the map, win the game, really anything so long as you can code it in JS. Imo it's lower priority than https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1011 though, which is also really nice from a modding POV.
  7. UnitAI Question

    It's entirely possible, using https://code.wildfiregames.com/D311 . You could create a new variant, containing Idle, Walk, Run animations and name it "injured_something" and call that as a variant. The problem is that you can only have one variant at a time, which can quickly multiply the number of needed animations.
  8. To be honest I don't think it's an issue to have several variants of the mesh with different rigs in the blend file. So long as the bones are the same.
  9. Feel free to change the rig BTW, I made the original animations for the croc so I'm not going to claim they're perfect
  10. Formations need more love

    No I don't mean "only in bataillons", sorry if that was unclear. What I mean is that we'll most likely treat formations as a single entity once created.
  11. Formations need more love

    This is most likely the direction we'll take. I'm pushing for also having a "walk together" behaviour that sort of mimics AoE 2 formations.
  12. Your screenshots

    Tbh we could just make the "black" actually be transparent and have the background be entirely black. Our skybox only appears when you're looking above the ground iirc.
  13. I find Premake 5 much easier for small projects (for 0 A.D.… Well it's a mess anyway )
  14. Surface mesh appearing!

    So for lessons learned here, the reviewer sometimes (often) just looks at the code so always start the game with your changes . It's bitten me a bunch of times in the past. As quick fix, you can switch modes using alt+W several times and it'll sort itself out.