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  1. Two ways to fix this: - fix the purely graphical issue. This is probably easy enough to do. - make entities visible as soon as some of it is out of FOW. That's likely trickier, but I'd have to check the implementation. Either way, I don't think a flag makes too much sense, though thanks for pinging about the issue, I'd forgotten about it.
  2. Agreed. Pikemen and such, when gathering, aren't supposed to be burdened by their heavy armour anyways (since we show them not having it), so their regular walk speed should be basically identical. Only when in special 'formation' mode should they possibly be slower. Champions are a different deal.
  3. At some point we need configuration files to specify what to show directly, what to show in the tooltips, what to show in the Structure Tree.
  4. Yeah we need to rework the tooltips for sure. Adding some grid-like structure would definitely help a ton with readability, but the flexibility of the game's system make that difficult to get right. I think one thing we should do is take more vertical space, so that items are better separated, and then you can find the same info on the same vertical line. You might also note that HP is actually redundant with armour somewhat, since having more armour = having more HP for that attack type. One should find a few different cases for tooltips that are different and try and work something out that works OK for the general case.
  5. I have this idea, that I should flesh out in a mod, of having civilisations "Tiers", and only trying to balance inside intra-tier, not extra-tier. That would allow for more diversity imo, while still allowing balanced gameplay.
  6. With the phenotype system, we could have lefties and righties (probably not the best use of the system though)
  7. To be honest SVN doesn't really work that way right now + we don't really have spear-specific upgrades. This is just a good example of how your mod handles things differently.
  8. Another breaking change: rP22824 See commit message (or diff) for the changes.
  9. I did indeed - have to say I completely forgot to test techs on this diff (see 'missed an edge case' in the OP :p )... Broke all armour/attack techs pretty much I'll fix it tonight or tomorrow depending on time I have.
  10. This SVN or your mod? The incorrect animation based on position is not something I recall seeing in svn but I can't say I've tested this code a huge amount.
  11. Hello everyone, This to inform modders of a breaking change in templates following https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP22754. Capture previously looked: <Capture> <Value>5</Value> ...[Other Stuff]... </Capture> You need to change "Value" into "Capture". The reason for this is that you may now use the "Damage", "Capture", and "GiveStatus" nodes in any place where you could previously use Damage. For example, you can now have capturing splash damage, or both a Capture and a Damage node in the same attack. "Capture" is no longer hardcoded to be the only attack type that can capture. This change also affects many simulation components, so feel free to ask questions about those if needed. Let me know if anything looks odd, as again, this changed many component files and there's a chance I've missed an edge case. Please note that tooltip support is not yet committed, this will be a WIP in the upcoming days.
  12. I'm working on some trigger-bound maps to test performance of some stuffs... Some interesting results. In particular, creating a new entity is somewhat slow (200┬Ás), so creating dozens of entities per turn can be a noticeable slowdown. The main culprits seem to be Identity and ResourceGatherer, which do caching on Init. In general it appears JS components are a bit slower than C++, which is to be expected. Not sure if anything can be done about that though.
  13. OK so it does seem like you are running from the Applications folder. Could you open a Finder window, press "cmd + ctrl + shift" simultaneously, then go to "~/Library/Application Support/0ad/" (see screenshot, in French but ought to be the same interface) Then press "cmd + i" simultaneously, and screenshot the window that opens? It should look something like this: (NB: to screenshot, press "cmd + shift + 4", then press space once, and you just click on the window you want to screenshot).
  14. This sounds vaguely like a permission problem. What folder are you running 0 A.D in?
  15. Those should just be the Idle animation of the "Gather Food" variant. But perhaps Atlas doesn't have great support for that. TBH we're pretty close to hitting some hard limit in the customisability of our actor file there, so we'll probably have to think of a better way to do this soon-ish : /
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