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3 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Honest question: Why bother for Alpha 24 when feature freeze for A25 is in 1 month? :)

Imagine you'd have to do the A23 -A25 leap alone with  custom js components remplates and AI. 

Without intermediate steps it's nearly impossible to test things still work.

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The Stalfos





The word Stalfos has its etymology in the ancient Akkalan language, and refers to bones of once living creatures. In modern times the term is applied loosly to almost any undead abomination and monstrosity. As a political entity, the identity of the Stalfos has changed just as dramatically as all the kingdoms that have risen and fallen across the history of Hyrule: due in part to the undead being the servants of many fighting lords and necromatic powers. 


The origins of the rituals and practice of animated skeletons is lost to time. Many Hylian scholars agree that necromancy had its origins west of the Gerudo desert at a time when dragons still ravaged the land. In the ancient lore of the Gerudo and Akkalans, necromancy was common practice during the Ancient Age in the far west of Hyrule. The Kingdom of Ikana and Cobble Kingdoms were famously destroyed during the height of their necromancy practices. Many cults to the forgotten god Mudora practiced necromancy rituals deep in the Gerudo Desert. After King Nohans' conquest of Hyrule, the Ancient Akkalans enforced a complete ban on all forms of necromancy and thus the practice faded for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Petty necromancers and Gerudo Kings have occasionally tried to revive the practice over the centuries, with little luck.

In modern times there have been stories of Stalfos appearing in larger numbers than was usual. Whispers of necromantic powers returning the Hyrule are not uncommon. Indeed, there are forces at work that wish to revive the long forgotten arts of cheating death.


Without a master, most undead simply wander without any clear objective. Shambling Stalfos and ReDead zombies can be found aimless in the darkest corners of Hyrule, remnants of a long gone necromantic age. Should these horrors ever fall under the power of a necromancer or mage with enough skill, they could be used to wreck untold havoc on the world as a fearless horde of soldiers that feel no pain and no remorse.


The Stalfos have a very distinct gameplay structure that deviates from many other factions. The Stalfos are not creative by nature, and cannot construct new buildings or train new units. Rather they can only transform dead material into what they currently need. In terms of structures, the Stalfos must capture pre-existing ruins on a map and by ritual transform them into the buildings they need.


Should there be too few ruins for their purposes, the Stalfos can expend many Rupees to unearth a new set of ruins at a target location. Once these ruins have been dug up to the surface of Hyrule they can convert them into the structures that they require.


As for Stalfos units, they accomplish expanding their army by collecting the corpses of their victims and converting them into the forms they need for battle. This is represented by the "Bone" resource, which replaces food. Bones can be harvested from any dead organic creature, as well as graves found on some maps. If a Stalfos player has a unit that can directly raise the dead, they can instead instantly turn corpses into new units.

For more details on the Stalfos Heroes and their unit roster, check out the spoiler below:






First Appearance - Ocarina of Time

Dampé has gone long unnoticed in Hyrule, serving as an undertaker based in Kakariko Village. While his services have been respected for most of his life, across the decades he has been suspected of and blamed for the increasing appearance of Stalchildren around Hyrule. He denies these accusations... or at least the malevolent intentions implied in them.

Dampé provides the following bonuses:



- Graveyards, Cemeteries, and Tombs create an additional corpse.



- Stalchildren Battalion size is increased by 1.

Refined Skeletal Legs


- Stalchildren move 25% faster.




First Appearance - Majora's Mask

Legend has it that those seeking the perfect sword must venture to the dead and pay tribute to the greatest blacksmith who ever lived. In life Gabora and his partner Zubora had earned that reputation, a reputation that lasted long after the lifetime of these famous blacksmiths. Many warriors have sought the lost knowledge of Gabora; few who did have returned from the dead as themselves.

Gabora provides the following bonuses:

Zubora's Legacy


- All Weapon upgrades are 10% cheaper.

The Dark Smith


- Damage of all Melee units is increased.

Golden Dust


- Improves the damage of all melee units.




First Appearance - Ocarina of Time

One of the four Poe sisters of legend, Meg's lifetime is shrouded in mystery as well as the circumstances leading to her haunting of the Kokiri Forest. Where Meg roams the skeletal remains of long forgotten souls rise and follow. Seeking an audience with this enigmatic ghost is foolish at best; seeking her service is dangerous beyond all reason.

Meg provides the following bonuses:

Lost Soul


- Fast moving infantry unit with a very high Dodge rating and Camouflage.

Earth Bound


- There is a small chance that a Poe will spawn from a slain enemy unit.

Icy Pig Poe


- Big Poes are upgraded with a freezing attack that stuns their targets.




First Appearance - A Link Between Worlds

Irene once served as one of Rauru's three Deacons. After many disagreements with her master, in time she sought out the dark arts of Hyrule's Witches. The path from honored deacon to rebellious witch to an ally of the undead is not yet clear to the annals of history, but this feisty young witch has been found working with the Stalfos and should be treated as such.

Irene provides the following bonuses:

Blue Bubble


- Small Hovering skull that temporarily reduces the damage dealt by enemies with each hit. Has a chance to become a normal Bubble when destroyed.

Unearthing the Past


- Unearthing Ruins is 15% cheaper

Bubble Summoner


- Stalchildren and Battleforged spawn a Bubble when destroyed.


Blind the Thief


First Appearance - A Link to the Past

Blind was a legendary thief during his lifetime. Legend says he manged to infiltrate even the Sheikah of Kakariko and steal their vast fortunes. Afraid of losing his treasures, Blind seemed to have earned an audience with a necromancer of some renown and gained the power of undeath. Now Blind roams the western dunes and caves as a relentless Stalfos, killing and stealing anything of value he comes across.

Blind provides the following bonuses:



- Small multiheaded undead creature that can attack multiple targets at once.

Necrotic Venom


- Stalhounds and Stalhorses now deal Poison damage.

The Hidden Dead


- Stalkin, Stalhounds, and Staltroops gain the ability to burrow and become Stealthed.


The Death Sword


First Appearance - Twilight Princess

His name has been lost to all record. His origin is obscure at best: rumored to be one of the previous Gerudo Kings before the time of their Great Curse. All that remains of this infamous beast is the story of his sealing deep within the Arbiter Grounds: a story that itself has many versions and mysteries. The Death Sword was charged with the crimes of unearthing and re-instituting Necromancy after it had been abolished and destroyed from Hyrule. He is considered the father of all current Stalfos that haunt and torment the living of Hyrule.

The Death Sword provides the following bonuses:



- Powerful mage unit that can hurl blue fire at enemies. Slow attack rate but large splash damage.

Unrelenting Undead


- All units (except for Heroes and Battleforged) now have a 10% chance to instantly respawn with 50% health when destroyed.

Redead Knight


- ReDeads are replaced by ReDead Knights, sword armed units that retains the same abilities.)





First Appearance - Ocarina of Time

The common myth of these small undead creatures is that they are the corpses of young children who fell victim to petty necromancers seeking slaves, a story that is often told to children to keep them from wandering free at night. In truth they may only be in part the bones of children: Stalchildren are the mangled and twisted leftover remains of larger and more elaborate undead rituals, formed into small automatons to be used for menial labor.

- Stalfos Worker unit




First Appearance - Oracle of Ages

Very small disembodied eyeballs kept animated by dark magic, Eyesoars are used by necromancers to spy on their enemies and potential victims. Carried by small skeletal wings, the Eyesoar can hover into many places that others cannot reach.

- Can hover over any terrain.

- Can detect Camouflaged and Stealthed units




First Appearance - Twilight Princess

Stalkin are the collective name of skeletal warriors raised from the corpses of small sized enemies. While their appearance takes on the form of their original skeleton, Stalkin usually all behave the same way; mindlessly shuffling towards their targets and stabbing them with any sharp instrument they can get their hands on.

- Anti-Cavalry

- Can be raised from the corpses of small sized enemies (e.i. Kokiri, Bokoblins, Mogma)

- Default variation is a Kokiri




First Appearance - The Legend of Zelda

Bubbles are small floating skulls of which their complete body has been lost to time. Sprouting wings from the sides of their desiccated heads, Bubbles are able to hover about and will viciously try to bite and tear the flesh from their victims.

- Can hover over any terrain.



First Appearance - Twilight Princess

Stalhounds are the corpses of canine creatures that once served as guard dogs for their masters in life. The resume their duties even in undeath, guarding graveyards and other locations important to the raising of more dead. Eager to please their masters, Stalhounds are one of the few undead abominations that are able to run swiftly as they did in life.

- Can run despite being undead




First Appearance - Twilight Princess

Staltroops are the collective name of skeletal warriors raised from the corpses of medium or average sized enemies. While their appearance takes on the form of their original skeleton, Staltroops usually all behave the same way; mindlessly shuffling towards their targets and slashing at them with any sharp instrument they can get their hands on.

- Can be raised from the corpses of medium sized enemies (e.i. Hylians, Gerudo, Zora)

- Default variation is a Hylian




First Appearance - A Link to the Past

The Poe ghosts never left the earthly realm but remained restlessly by their own graves. When the graves were disturbed, the ghosts would appear, swinging their spirit lanterns to attack their living foes. Many dark necromancers would seek out and bind these tortured souls to their causes.

- Can hover over any terrain

- Can and pass through any object.

- Has Camouflage.




First Appearance - Wind Waker

The product of twisting and combining the parts of many a warrior, the Battleforged were created in ancient times explicitly to fight and destroy the enemies of their masters. The reputation of these monstrosities is that they are impossible to destroy: smashing them apart would only temporarily halt their advance as they assemble themselves back together.

- Corpse can be rebuilt when destroyed, Battleforged will respawn at 50% HP

- Corpse can be destroyed by enemies before being rebuilt.




First Appearance - Breath of the Wild

Animated mounts of dead horses, these swift running undead carry Stalfos warriors into battle. Their masters often use these beasts to precede their invasions; raiding farmers and smaller targets to leave behind fresh corpses for the army to raise upon arrival.

- Can run despite being undead




First Appearance - Ocarina of Time

A nightmarish skeletal creature that stalks deep beneath the earth, there are many legends as to the origin of the ReDead. Some believe they are the result of failed immortality rituals, others say they were guardians of Sheikah graves twisted into the service of evil necromancers. In the employ of the Stalfos they are sent in to completely demoralize their foes: the visage of a ReDead causes uneasiness in almost all who look upon them... and their ghastly screams can completely paralize even the bravest of warriors.

- Stuns enemies with each attack

- Adjacent enemy movement and attack speed is reduced

- Small chance of respawning with 25% health when slain


Stalfos Knight


First Appearance - A Link to the Past

Once noble lords and warriors in life, Stalfos Knights are the skeletons of those that abandoned their codes in exchange for immortality. Indeed they received what they sought, though as slaves to their necromantic masters. All should beware the Stalfos Knight in combat: they have had centuries to hone their skills that were already formidable in life.

- Resistant to most forms of melee damage.

- Damages all adjacent enemies when destroyed.


Big Poe


First Appearance - Ocarina of Time

These large spectral menaces have taken to spreading their misery far beyond their grave and seek to drag the living into Poehood. Like their smaller counterpart, the Big Poes will relentlessly bash attackers with their lanterns. Their victims slain, the Big Poe will drag their spirits from their bodies and bring about more Poes.

- Can summon Poes from the corpses of most enemies, as well as replentish attached battalions.

- Can hover over any terrain

- Can and pass through any object.



Phantom Rider


First Appearance - Twilight Princess

A ghostly knight from ages past, these Phantom Riders come from a time lost to history. Now mindless slaves to their masters, Phantom Riders are sent out into the night to cull and reap unsuspecting populations. Normal weapons have little effect; perhaps some kind of magic must be used to banish these specters to the underworld.

- Immune to most non-magic attacks.

- Can hover over any terrain.

- Can and pass through any object.




First Appearance - Link's Awakening

Stalgiants are the collective name of skeletal warriors raised from the corpses of large sized enemies. While their appearance takes on the form of their original skeleton, Stalgiants usually all behave the same way; mindlessly shuffling towards their targets and bashing at them with their large appendages.

- Can be raised from the corpses of large sized enemies (e.i. Hinox, Bokonox, Darknuts)

- Default variation is a Bokonox


Poe Necromancer


First Appearance - Twilight Princess

The long departed spirits of ancient necromancers, these phantasmal Poes hold the secret to everlasting undeath in their grasp. When the Stalfos roam around and invade to increase their number, the tall and lumbering Poe Necromancers will glide across the battlefield and animate the slain corpses of their victims.

- Can raise Stalkins, Staltroops, or Stalgiants from enemy corpses.

- Can hover over any terrain.

- Can and pass through any object.




First Appearance - Skyward Sword

The pinnacle of undead warriors, the Stalmasters are champions of their necromantic lords. Wielding four weapons in their many hands, Stalmasters have had centuries to perfect their fighting skills with a wide variety of implements. The sight of a Stalmaster can only mean one thing: his large army is about to invade.

- Commander unit

- Three of its four weapons can be customized (default is all swords)

- Attached Battalion has increased movement speed and parry rating


Lost Soul


First Appearance - Ocarina of Time

A Unique Unit that can only be summoned by Meg. There is little lore on the identity of the people who became these animated corpses. The most common belief is that there were soldiers in the employ of Meg long ago, brought forth from the dead by dark powers deep in the forest. Whomever they were, these Lost Souls wander the dark corners of the forest and challenge anyone they come across. They attack with surprisingly skilled swordplay for an undead creature and are able to parry just about any blow.

- Can run despite being undead

- Extremely high dodge ability.

- Has Camouflage.


Blue Bubble


First Appearance - The Legend of Zelda

A Unique Unit that can only be summoned by Irene. Immolated variations of the floating Bubble skulls, these burning blue monsters carry with them a dark curse that they spread to their victims. Those bit by these undead find themselves struggling to hit their targets, as if jinxed with poor aim and reflexes.

- Can hover over any terrain

- Temporarily reduces damage of enemy unit with each hit.

- Has a chance to transform into a normal Bubble when destroyed.




First Appearance - Skyward Sword

A Unique Unit that can only be summoned by Blind. The animated remains of a monster that predates all history and myth. These multiheaded creatures are able to attack from any and multiple directions, making it impossible to surround them. They seem to also possess the ability to regenerate, making them very difficult to destroy.

- Can attack up to three targets simultaneously.

- Regenerates HP when idle.




First Appearance - Oracle of Ages

A Unique Unit that can only be summoned by the Death Sword. In some cultures these undead mages are known as the Blue Stalfos, but in all myths they play the same role: reaping the souls of the living to add to their growing armies. The Stalreapers seem to be powerful mages with command over Blue Fire, and perhaps were well studied war wizards during their old lifetimes. They can torch just about anything with their burning attacks, as well as defend themselves with their scythes in a melee.

- Can hover over any terrain.

- Blue Fire continues to damage enemies adjacent to target location.




First Appearance - Twilight Princess

A massive and impossibly ancient skeleton deep within the Gerudo Desert, the Stallord is believed to have once been one of the many ancient dragons that ravaged Hyrule before the dawn of history. Gerudo mythology claims their elder gods slew the dragon and used its corpse to make the world, burying the skeleton deep in the desert. Should the skeleton be removed the Gerudo believe the world will come to an end. The animated Stallord himself is a slow moving and crawling monstrosity that can vomit up dusty corpses and amass a following of Stalfos soldiers to follow him.

- Stalfos Legend unit

- Summons Stalkin, Stalltroops, and Stalgiants from corpses of enemies.

- Is followed by a large battalion of replenishing Staltroops.


Stalfos Unit Roster
Stalfos Heroes

Edited by The Undying Nephalim
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Wow on this. I gave it a try last night and am legitimately impressed by what I saw. This is more beautiful than any FOSS game or 0AD mod I ever thought I'd see! Yet at the same time I'm also disheartened for a few reasons.

In terms of development and completion: I'm seeing a very solid basis with some formidable assets, however mixed in with other assets that still look and feel really basic: Most factions have a very solid and consistent design between units and buildings... a few others are at the opposite end with simple looking buildings or animations. The GUI has many issues too and can be harder to understand, worst of all though there's a lot of lag and my screen is covered in error messages. I know those are things that can and likely will be fixed over time... till then this is unfortunately unplayable, but still gorgeous to experiment with hoping for the future.

My biggest sadness is that this likely won't get anywhere in the long term for one simple reason: It's based on Zelda which is commercial IP, copyrighted to Nintendo which is also the worst abuser of content creators on the internet. They harassed countless developers who made Pokemon fan games, I don't see Zelda being different if they ever take notice of this. So much work was put in here still... I don't want to see it going away, of course they wouldn't care about wiping it all out. I wonder how many of the units are based on official Zelda characters... could anything be done to branch this into original IP without too much effort, especially if that will ever be needed at a later stage? This is an option I'd carefully consider.

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I am just trying to copy this from https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/news/the-node-system


Details on one of the largest additions to how maps are designed and work in Hyrule Conquest.

Posted by The_Undying_Nephalim on Dec 13th, 2021

For some time there have been whispers of some fundamental changes to how maps work in Hyrule Conquest. We kept these ideas off to the side while we spent eight months updating Hyrule Conquest to the 0.25 version of 0AD. Now that everything has finally been ported over, our map changes had come up again and we had quite a discussion on how to implement them. We really went all in. So I present to you today one of the biggest and most exciting changes I've been looking forward to.

The Node System



It should be obvious that over the last several years, Hyrule Conquest has slowly but surely been shifting away from 0AD's style of gameplay and morphing more and more into a Battle for Middle Earth inspired game. Adding in Battalions was the first big move in this direction, and now we are taking another big leap and fully adopting BFME's map design and Node based system. There are several key reasons why we are doing this (other then mine and Exodarion's love for BFME as a game):

1. Lack of many worker battalions will greatly help the game's performance
2. Map design becomes much easier and less chaotic, with the map divided into dedicated nodes it becomes easier to make great "set pieces" that the action takes place around.
3. Our planned Minor Faction system (something I'm even more excited about!) depends heavily on dividing the map up into Nodes

So What's changing?

The first and most obvious thing that players will notice is that maps are divided up into a series of "Nodes". There are many different types of nodes the player can capture, and each type will allow the player to build different structures and provide the player with different options and resources. To compensate for this system, bases will be entirely linked to Nodes and structures will be built on plots that spawn around captured Nodes. Resource collections will now be completely automated and based on what resources exist within the Node's perimeter. For example, if you capture a node that has three Berry Bushes and a Rupee Deposit, once you have set up your base these bushes and Rupees will begin to drain automatically and added into your coffers. If you have played Battle For Middle Earth, Rise of Legends, or Halo Wars, you'll have some idea of what I'm talking about.



-The Hylians capture an Outpost Node and transform it into a happy little base-


As you might have guessed after reading the first point, Workers as a unit are no longer viable with this system since buildings are based on Plots that spawn around Nodes and Resources are automatically drained within your captured Nodes. Workers will become purely visual as a worker will begin gathering the resources that your Nodes are draining. With the way bases work now many other awesome non-controlled units will be seen walking around your bases doing stuff such as civilians going to your marketplaces and children playing with each other in the streets.



-Even Children will play in the streets of your bases-


This method of dividing up maps will create a noticeable ebb and flow to a match where players move their armies and expand, allowing for the creation of "set pieces" around each node to give areas of the map something visually recognizable. It generally makes the design and creation of maps easier and will also help out with randomly generated maps down the road.


- Some examples of map blueprints with the Node system -


Let's take a look at the Node System in more detail and see what you can capture.

Settlement Node


There is only one Settlement Node per player on a map, and it's always the Node that you start out with. This large area contains some of each resource to get you started, and plenty of building slots to start construction (Most factions will have 7 buildings plots). Depending on what faction you pick, these nodes may also start with walls and tower defenses around them.

Outpost Node



The primary means of expanding your base, capturing an outpost will allow you to build a smaller secondary and tertiary base, assuming you can capture more than one. Most factions are provided with five building plots when they capture an Outpost node, and may also have walls depending on your faction of choice. Like the Settlement Node, Outpost Nodes often have multiple resources on them making them very valuable locations to fight over.

Camp Node


Very small expansions, Camp Nodes let you set up tiny bases. For most factions they will provide three building plots. Camps do not come with Walls, though there are some exceptions. While nowhere near as valuable as an Outpost or Settlement, Camps still often contain multiple resource types and are thus worth capturing and holding. Camps are also the only Nodes that you can construct your chosen Minor Factions' bases on.

Resource Node


A small node that can be captured and provides you with one slot to construct a resource building. Resource Nodes often contain just a single type of resource (Such as Lumber). While Outpost and Camps are the most tempting targets, Resource Nodes will absolutely be the main means of expanding your economy. Once resources have been completely drained from these nodes, players can convert the resource building into Houses to increase their population caps. Some other factions will also have additional options of what they can build on these nodes, such as Mercenary camps.

Small and Large Ruins


Rupees are an extremely rare resource out in the wild, thus capturing Ruins and unearthing their treasure is the primary means of collecting Rupees. Ruins will be absolutely critical to take and hold, as they are the main source of Rupees and the only reliable source of them. Ruins will come in two sizes, the small providing only a few Rupees per second and the Large providing many. Unlike other Nodes, most factions cannot build anything on or near Ruins. Some factions however, such as the Darknuts, can actually convert Ruins into brand new bases (Large Ruins function much like an Outpost for them and Small Ruins like a Camp). Other factions (such as the Stalfos) completely rely on using Ruins to construct their bases instead of the normal nodes.

Wonder Node


Usually found at the center of a map, these nodes are the only location a player can construct their Wonder. Just as often a large and terrifying Boss might be found guarding this node and must be killed first before it can be captured. Capturing this node will allow you to construct a new base with many defenses around it as you begin construction on your imposing Wonder.

That is a general overview for how maps will be designed and how the Nodes on these maps will work. This is a very broad and generalized summary of the topic, the particular nuances of how each faction interacts with nodes will not all be exactly alike. I already gave examples of how Darknuts and Stalfos break the rules with this system, and there are some many interesting ways other factions will have interplay with Nodes (I'm looking at you, Moblins...) There are many other awesome features linked to this new change, such as Wildlife Lairs and the previously mentioned Minor Faction system. However I will save those for another article in the future.



- Juicy Minor Faction details will have to wait... -

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I am just trying to copy this from  https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest/news/you-dare-bring-light-to-my-lair

A general overview of Lairs, a new Wildlife feature tied to the Node System.

Posted by The_Undying_Nephalim on Dec 30th, 2021

You dare bring light to my Lair?!


Last time we took a look at the upcoming Node system and how maps will be designed and bases will work. Another feature I've been wanting to add to Hyrule Conquest is directly connected to map Nodes, and that feature would be Lairs.



Once again if you have played The Battle for Middle Earth you have some idea of how Lairs work. Lairs are "structures" that a player can encounter that continually spawn hostile wildlife until they are destroyed. Often they represent some kind of nest that wild creatures settle in to raise their families, lay eggs, or otherwise spawn future generations of themselves.



- A happy little Tektite Nest on the Zora shores, ready to be plundered by your armies.


So how does this tie to Nodes? Simply put, players will have to overcome and destroy Lairs in order to actually capture Nodes. With some exceptions, most Nodes start the game with some kind of Lair guarding them. The size of the Lair and the number of creatures that live nearby scales with the value of the Node. As an example, a Lumber Node out in the middle of the woods probably will only have a tiny Lair occupied by several Skulltulas, while you can expect the extremely valuable Outpost Node to house a giant cavern full of an entire pack of raging Dodongos ready to slaughter your approaching troops.



- Apparently not all Dodongos dislike smoke.


Not all Lairs are equal, however. The biome of a map and the nature of the creatures occupying the Lairs can change the dynamics of how players must deal with them. A cave full of Dodongos will likely mind their own business until you go out of your way to antagonize them, never leaving the bounds of their territory if you decide to run away. A den of Arachas on the other hand may go into a frenzied rage and send swarms of attackers to retaliate and destroy your base once you've attacked them.



- Probably best to not mess with giant scorpions


Other creatures like Leevers will actively leave their Lairs and seek out prey to kill, only returning if the Lair is being threatened. The insanely huge roster of creatures from the Zelda series means that there will be no shortage of Lair encounters and there will be a lot of fun in discovering just how some of these creatures react to your armies when you threaten their nests.



- Leevers, every Hyrule Conquest player's favorite wildlife.

Ultimately, the game-ending Wonder Nodes are guarded by a giant Boss monster. You'll have to earn that Wonder Victory by defeating such a Boss. Several Boss creatures have been in Hyrule Conquest for some time, and more details and features for these huge creatures will be added down the road when the Hero system and Hero abilities have been added to the engine.



- Molgera hopes that one of these days he'll be more than just a damage sponge.


And that is a general overview of Lairs, a very simple feature but one that I really enjoy and look forward to putting more detail in as time goes on. Next time I'll go into more detail about yet another new feature that is directly tied to the new Node system, a feature I've been extremely excited for for a long time.



- Until then, just imagine all the possible monster nests you'll be nuking to get Rupees.

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