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===[TASK]=== Seleucid units textures


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13 hours ago, Loki1950 said:

Glad you like MakeHuman Enrique I just happen to be a moderator on their forum:angel:and was wondering if you where using it.We have been trying to increase our asset base so running the various costumes though MH's Makeclothes would be much appreciated:blush:it is limited to blender render and all quads though.

Enjoy the Choice :)

Woah that's neat! what a coincidence :) . I've used it a lot (not yet for 0AD until now). 

Where can I learn more of this? (the process of running costumes through MH's makeclothes)

I'd love to help out since I think makehuman is an incredible tool for any 3D generalist. The breastplate and greaves were sculpted with dynotopo so they have triangles and nasty topology, but if I'm doing more I'd love to help out the makehuman project with whatever I can (if stuff is up to their standards)

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Do normal maps work on the body meshes? I've read somewhere here in the forums that normals aren't supported in animated meshes in the game. IIRC?

Enrique does have something more promising though. If only we can acquire his muscle thorax textures.

On 1/9/2017 at 3:44 AM, Enrique said:

Here's the same textures at 256x256 resolution (standard unit resolution):




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