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  1. I'm not following very closely the developement of this civ, but I can't avoid getting a lot of mexican vibes from the buildings. More earth-y looking facades would fit better IMO - There are very good references in this previous post:
  2. Any objections on adding SSAO effect that was written by Myconid? Reasons: - Lighting in general tends to be inclined towards brightness rather than darkness. SSAO would help to differentiate objects on high-brightness maps - Beautiful effects like normal/spec are only visible when the texture is lighted, textures in shadowed area do not have any kind of enhacement. SSAO would bring more depth on shadowed areas. - Our static pre-rendered AO approach for buildings is subtle (good thing) which won't make the addition of SSAO an overkill effect. - Obviously, terrain will have AO, which now it doesn't have it. - Implementation left units out of the AO calculation, so only static meshes would be the only ones affecting AO, avoiding halo artifacts around units. - Every single game uses it nowadays. Here's the link to the diff where the effect should be: And the post where it is explained that units are left out the SSAO effect to avoid halos: Shouldn't be hard to implement if it is already written, isn't it? It would just need to expose a pair of sliders for the strength of the effect like the other postproc effects and a option in options menu to enable/disable. Thoughts?
  3. While @feneur is right on his first point, I agree with @Tomcelmare to some extent since being a team member conveys certain level of responsability towards the core game. This is also very true for programmers where tasks may (or may not) be as fun as creating art, but they perform them nontheless. I like myself to work on "fun stuff" between "core" tasks too (l did some stuff for other mods) but I also try to keep an eye on art tickets and do some cleanup sessions from time to time. As for this case, I thought @LordGood was going to take care of it since he replied in the topic and seemed like he already knew of the problem.
  4. Not sure if it's worth since balance changes are so kind to be altered frequently. But yeah, that's the only solution if we can't flag certain anims to play it's animation twice since this is prone to happen more than with one unit during balance changes.
  5. I'm pretty sure he's referring to the cavalry attacking in matrix-like slow-motion looking stupid, it's very noticeable when they attack. Nothing to do with numbers, but the visual effect of them attacking. Mix spear cav against some "high fire rate archers" and I'm pretty sure I'd report some issue with the animations if I didn't know that those attack speeds are consequence of the unit balancing.
  6. Gruesome. I really like them. I may be biased cos it turns out that I made these, so I'm really digging them with such cool sounds haha. Thanks, it'd be great to add them in future videos
  7. Wildfiregames logo a bit too strong, but awesome nontheless. 0AD Logo sounds incredible. Very nice craftmanship I must say. Are you still interested in contributing to the game or you don't agree licensing your contributions with CC-BY-SA 3.0?
  8. Is the donkey rig and animations done?
  9. Two buildings removed.
  10. Hello Luke! Welcome to the forums! Indeed you noticed right, we're in need of someone that can help with the sound area of the game. Do you have any examples of your work? or would you like to make a test sound for us to hear your craft? I'd be really interested if you could try the game a bit and hear your thoughts about the current state of sound effects in the game. What would you add, what would you change, what would you think it needs more improvement etc...
  11. @GunChleoc Really interesting read! what a woman!
  12. Looking great Leyto! It's possible that we can do the transparent trick with the white variation. Now, who wants to animate it?
  13. Ptol mercenary thureos skirmisher, cart archer and judean slinger fixed/commited in r19167 Thanks @wowgetoffyourcellphone for the portraits and files and @fatherbushido for the issue report
  14. @Sundiata You're not "inventing" the color palette, you design it based on the facts that you know from the materials and paint used by the civ. If you know the colors they used, then you know where to aim while creating the color palette. It's to make the civ structures look good. If you want examples of textures, you can check the ones already in the game. For textures, you can look for CC0 textures and/or CC-BY-SA 3.0 or higher. One of the best sources is this guy, he published a lot of high quality textures under CC0 with its respective normal and specmap: http://nobiax.deviantart.com/gallery/56486308/Free Also there's www.texturemate.com and http://3dwolf.weebly.com/textures.html etc... There's plenty of sites offering completely free textures with CC0 license, you just have to look for them. Normally there are two 1024x1024 textures for each civ structure set. You can merge them in one big 2048x1024 texture for easier setup. Use alpha transparency where you want playercolor to show up. There are a few tutorials in the art forum about art stuff. Also you can check http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ the "for artists" section for more information about 0AD artist guidelines, tutorial links etc.
  15. I really like how the icons look much crisper with the softer background glow than they currently do now. Specially the small versions shown on the last pic. This is a very nice change.