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  1. Your proposal is based on a set of biblical laws, yet i still fail to see why there is any relationship between that and any of the factions included in the game, and quoting vladislavbelov Perhaps you could explain yourself much better with clear arguments and not quoting a biblical law as an explanation, many will fail to interpret it in your way.
  2. Dude, it doesn't exist anymore. There won't be any new releases of Rise of the East.
  3. Jajajaja me estuve cuestionando largo rato sobre si colocarlo o no, espero que no sea asi
  4. With 0ad21, you can download it from: Development or the soon a22 you can get it from here (If you are confused about the name, search in the forum about the why)
  5. You could give more divertisty too, to the set of greek buildings
  6. Wish futurama went back on air
  7. Plus what it seems to be the Agora and the Aeropagos, i tried my best at making the Agora as what many pictures/reconstruction show, but as for the Aeropagos i still don't know if it is good in that way
  8. You could use this amazing tool
  9. El necesita quitar los iconos de abrir/cerrar la "puerta" del templo.
  10. Refer to this thread instead
  11. Could be used as a special tech research?
  12. Maybe if the windows were more wider, but i give you a point it looks quite wierd with the three 3 windows
  13. @Alexandermb did several variations of new wall meshes and a mesh called acropolis gate. I will share it to you, but when its finished Would be awesome too if i could rescale the theatre and the athens statue to taller versions