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  1. @Lion.Kanzen Yo creo que el escudo le podria servir a Justus, podrias sugerirselo, se le podría colocar una aura que de mas armadura, el problema es que no se si el aura se pueda modificar para que solo afecte los que estan detras del escudo
  2. Then yes, guess multiple slaves can fit there, but they are made from metal, not wood. Just change the textures to wood
  3. That depends Humanitarian or not?
  4. If i'm not wrong in stan's repo there are variations of cages
  5. Post images please
  6. La verdad, en cuanto a estructuras para darle mas diversidad, seria bueno investigar un poco sobre algunas estructuras caracteristicas, puede ser establos, palacios, casas por estratos, fuentes, estatuas, templos, espacios comunales o de reunion. La cosa es, el ideal y lo genial, seria que cada facción tuviera casi la misma de cantidad de estructuras, tanto como las que se usan durante el juego o en casos especiales solo como parte de una ciudad en una escenario. Si mike esta dispuesto a eso, en mi opinion preferiria que le meteria mas la mano a cosas esenciales como son los organicos, e.g animales, arboles, variedad en las piedras, vegetación. Pero si mike quiere irse si o si, por el lado de estrucuras, yo creo que seria bueno lo de las estatuas, hace falta mas diversidad en ese aspecto.
  7. I really like your concept of "Call to arms", feels some how like the Ragnarok of the norse on age of mythology, plus your point of view of heroes, they should have a higher rol in the game and the battallions training.
  8. Tal vez te sea necesario leerte lo que hay en los links para artistas Solo traducelo con chrome o como prefieras. Si quieres ir por otras cosas tambien hay animales que necesitan hacerse y animarse. Este otro link tambien te puede dar idea de lo que falta
  9. Look, i'm not the right person to talk about your disregards about the game, as i'm not entirely familiarized with all the game developement. But there is something i can say to you: First, check this magnificent and beautiful post You may think: Why the f|@·~ i want to see that? Well, the way how Sundiata exposed his idea about a faction, led that single idea into a mod. I know its not the same as gameplay, but i think my point is very clear. Instead of letting loose your rage, why don't you come up with a decent post, explaining your ideas, giving pros, contras, comparing x with y or whatever you think it may be useful for you to explain it. Testing is needed as devs can't go blindly writing code, they got to know what people think that should be done and should be corrected, they need to know another point of view. But there are ways to get to them, one way, is giving a nice explanation, not mere millions of words, just a good explained idea. So, you think that writing while on rage on the forum it will make them say: Yes, change it!! or you think they will take your words seriously? No, seriously, no. I think some of your protests can be seen here or searching in the forum you may know what has been said about it. I urge to try another efficient way to expose your ideas. Avoid writing that with rage, be polite.
  10. It seems there is one thing you miss from all the concept behind 0ad and it's constantly repeated trough the forum: its a project that grows by contributions. You say you don't care of development, but the work that took several days, weeks, months or years can't be thrown away just because there is someone that does not like it, specially with not enough good arguments to make more viable the idea. At least have some sort of respect, you don't know what's to code or to do a whole set of buildings for a faction. IT TAKES TIME I seriously encourage you, to be more patient an try to read and clear the idea of what 0ad is, as a game, as an historical/accurate game that you just seem to joke about, why? With that in mind you may have more decent arguments, than just babbling. As for the more hilarious thing in your post, Dude, seriously? That's not an argument for someone of your age.
  11. It is not planned to add more factions/civs to the main game. Although there are mods which include more factions and there are tons of post suggestin more factions, like the ones you said. Checkout this subforum it may give you an idea
  12. I kinda agree with lion, there should be something else within the barracks to differenciate them from the cc and give them a more good looking as barracks. Perhaps not an 'accurate' approach of how they were but how would you like it to be? Or more barracks props around it? An extra wing, dummys around one side
  13. Sublime text is a good option too or vim with steroids Or there is this one but i havent used it yet