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  1. I think the third slash needs to be more powerful, it seems quite like a gently touch. Like dude, let me cut your throat gently
  2. They are, but not certain at what point, but surely we will use them. Check this if you are not aware of it https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Triggers, besides there are a few maps using them. But to be fair, we haven't got to that point, so any task/possible trigger use said right now might change in the future. The goal of the project it's to have a playable campaign, not limited to destroying/wiping the enemy. We will use triggers, but not implement more, we are not programmers nor is in our scope, we might ask help from the devs team in any given situatio|n relating to triggers/core game.
  3. Messana Inside the map (It's already finished, minor details were done, but its subject to changes)
  4. Your screenshots

    The cycle of life and death
  5. Your screenshots

    Finally a map i didn't make like a Crazy Train === Napata === Kingdom of Kush Expect a more detailed thread! Thank you @Sundiata @elexis
  6. Perhaps they are spying us
  7. ===[TASK]=== Kushite Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    I don't know if this is offtopic, but i would like to suggest a new cattle for the game: Cows. Given the cows hide shield
  8. ===[TASK]=== Kushite Architecture revision

    @stanislas69 did you commited the statues already?
  9. If i'm not wrong this has been considered before, although i guess it ended up on bringing tutorials/strategies created by experienced users, however, for casual players as you state, might be worth considering this. Indeed if you want to improve yourself without being a hardcore player, take a look at this https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Strategy_Guide Perhaps they might be useful for you, in the other hand you could point out specifically what you think it makes the "very easy" AI to strong. Although there are more threads related to this, but to be fair, don't remember where.
  10. La IA tiene tres estancias, Defensiva, Agresiva y la otra no recuerdo, colocala en defensiva y prueba de esa manera, es cogerle el tiro y los tiempos.
  11. Building Error

    Yes skhorn@Morgul ~/D/0/0/b/workspaces> g++ -dumpversion 6.3.0 That worked! But i don't understand why, as far as i know, -j# wasn't the amount of cpu cores used to compile it? Used too the make -j1 My only bet is, that a few weeks ago i was messing with the sources.list, added a a few from the Kali repo and when i did an update/upgrade i forgot to delete them, so it installed a lot of packages, but not really sure if one of those affected the gcc. That's my only bet, don't know what else could be. Thank you!