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  1. We can use kinda forward+ for GL2+, so it's not so far. And deferred rendering prevents MSAA, most everything in graphics is tradeoff. Most modern graphic systems in games don't cast shadows for dynamic lightings, might do only for few (like 4-8) nearest to a player lights. Not really, you more wanna say too much to review at once x) Profit of the instancing is pretty tricky, it highly depends on a scene. Look at Yves measurements for deep forest. For obvious reason the difference isn't so big about ~10%. It depends on how to add lights, usually the number of fragments doesn't scale with the number of lights. And there are a bunch of pretty old techniques to reduce amount of rendered fragment. In terms of the game implementation it has most needed features, but in Atlas we can't edit all its parameters yet, only a part of them. But it's possible to edit the map file or use JS to control all parameters.
  2. Thank you very much, you've done that perfectly! Yeah, I was right, jumping bounding boxes appear on the video. It seems celt_trader commit has tweaked that behaviour.
  3. Yeah, that's the correct picture. Now questions: a) do you see flickering from that distance? b) do the boxes flicker (their sizes are changing along the sun direction)?
  4. You updated the game and some templates/JS code might be changed. That means the whole replay shouldn't be valid anymore.
  5. Not yet Steps: Zoom in the place where you continuously reproduce the flickering Open the developer panel (Alt + D) and enable the "Lock cull camera" checkbox Zoom out to see the whole shadow boxes Take a screenshot
  6. It seems you didn't enable the lock. It should look like:
  7. I need to see the whole bounding box (not so close ). To do that click on the "lock camera" checkbox, to fix the culling camera and the zoom out. Also is it reproducible for very small maps?
  8. The first one, do you see the flickering when you're looking at the boxes?
  9. That also can be a wrong shadow map bounding box, for example if there is an object a far away from the map. I need to see shadow map bounds from developer panel in SVN.
  10. You might create a debug version of your mod, where you can disable some effects or create multiple mods where different effects are disabled.
  11. It'd be useful to check SVN version of 0AD on your hardware. Could you post system_info.txt? You can find it in the log folder, path to the folder for your OS in https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths.
  12. Not with absolute precision, because it's pretty complicated task, but I plan to reduce number of renderered in shadow map objects that don't cast shadows in the visible view.
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