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  1. You can do locally whatever you want to develop/test/understand the project If you want to add it to the game repo, I'm not sure, that it's needed. But some base stuff can be tested inside tests.
  2. Hi, try to use existing projects, example of the "engine" solution: source_dirs = { "ps", "ps/scripting", "network/scripting", "ps/GameSetup", "ps/XML", "soundmanager", "soundmanager/data", "soundmanager/items", "soundmanager/scripting", "maths", "maths/scripting", "i18n", "i18n/scripting", "third_party/cppformat", } extern_libs = { "spidermonkey", "sdl", -- key definitions "libxml2", "opengl", "zlib", "boost", "enet", "libcurl", "tinygettext", "icu", "iconv", "libsodium", } if not _OPTIONS["without-audio"] then table.insert(extern_libs, "openal") table.insert(extern_libs, "vorbis") end setup_static_lib_project("engine", source_dirs, extern_libs, {}) Add your project near to these lines.
  3. vladislavbelov

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Library icon wrong

    By this picture: The bottom curve of edge is the same direction as the top one. I think the bottom edge should be like this:
  4. Hi @Pixma! As I said on Discord, #ifdef isn't needed if you use adapters. And vice versa. I know only few low-level libraries for that kind of things. The problem of abstractions (of libraries that I know), is that they mostly have only core things and sometimes visible performance differences. If you want to use some specific stuff (e.g. we use post-processing only if the render to texture is supported by driver), we need to modify the third-party library or do an ugly workaround. So if a library that fits in our requirements doesn't exist, then the adapter model is the best for us, I think. In that case we don't need many APIs. I'd prefer to support only OpenGL and Vulkan, it means less duplication of shader code and more compatible things (like many GLSL > SPIR-V translators). Why the performance is important? Because we support old machines (e.g. with GL 1 & 2), and it means we may don't notice some performance difference, that can be noticeable on slower machines.
  5. vladislavbelov

    0 A.D. Mascott for SuperTux Kart

    That'd awesome, our logo well fits as a hood ornament
  6. vladislavbelov

    Testing pathfinder update

    Did you run the profiler in these matches? It may tell us, what time was spending for.
  7. Yes. Such big changes require a really precise and careful review, especially of threading + C++. I already see few suspicious places.
  8. Everything is simpler: you're building debug, but running release. To run debug you need to run the pyrogenesis_dbg
  9. I removed unrelated things from your patch and tested it. And it works. I attached my version of the patch. changes_short.patch
  10. We still have some limitations there. We need XML declaration for an attribute to use it in JS (like selected_column_order). Try to add scrollbar_percentage="0.0" to the replaySelection object: <object name="replaySelection" size="0 35 100% 100%-24" type="olist" style="ModernSortedList" sortable="true" selected_column="months" selected_column_order="-1" font="sans-stroke-13" auto_scroll="true" scrollbar="true" scrollbar_percentage="0.0" > Btw, I can suggest to try use an already existing implementation (ModIo) for the client. Also we put all server/utility stuff in the tools subfolder, because it's not a part of the game.
  11. vladislavbelov

    The Release Candidates for the re-release of A23

    Exe was, but a script updating this revision wasn't run.
  12. vladislavbelov

    The Release Candidates for the re-release of A23

    So currently the number means a revision of the pyrogenesis (game engine), not of the whole game.
  13. Good interactive visualization tool: https://qiao.github.io/PathFinding.js/visual/
  14. One-by-one to the same thread isn't equal to one-by-one to a different thread. AFAIK most messages are sent to the same thread.