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  1. I've figured out the problem. We already have a patch for it, but we need to do some tests. Also you can resize the left panel (as well as the bottom one).
  2. You mean buildings of different sizes? You can rotate it after placement, it remains snapped.
  3. It's not related to GLSL. Maybe you have number of CPU more than 32/64?
  4. 0ad tries to free what it can. The problem is that when you free allocated memory by calling the system function it doesn't mean that the memory will be returned to the OS (it will be free for the game but unavailable for other applications).
  5. @nani, If I'm not mistaken you had a suggestion about angle after building placing. Could you describe it here? How it behaves now and what would you like to reach?
  6. I made a patch: D2546, now you have 3 options: disabled (not working at all), optional (you need to press a hotkey to enable it), enabled (you need to press a hotkey to disable it). In the patch the optional one is default. EDIT: Also there is a suggestion to not have the "disabled" option, as a user can disable it by set the hotkey to empty.
  7. I meant to add an option to toggle it (user choice - it's used by default without Ctrl or not). You suggest an option to disable it at all or an option to enable it by default?
  8. Could show a sample which behaviour do you expect?
  9. I've just committed the building snapping feature. I'd like to here some feedback: does it behave like you expect, would you like to change something (like adding an option to enable it by default)? To use the building snapping you need to select a building, press Ctrl and move your mouse. When a preview of the new building is near to other structures it`s trying to snap to their edges (while Ctrl is pressed). Snapping (1).mp4
  10. Textures look good from first view. I have 2 questions: Do these textures have normal maps? How do they look like on a real terrain? How noticeable is the repetitive pattern?
  11. 0ad uses OpenAL for sound. And afaik 0ad doesn't need to monopolise any sound card. But OpenAL might do some stuff. Could you run 0ad with `--nosound` flag?
  12. In photos lakes are under sun, in the map they are more in shadows. So for me they're a bit glowing
  13. Looks awesome! I have only one suggestion to make water less bright, I think water in such biomes is a bit darker and a bit closer to green. Found in Internet:
  14. If it's because of an Intel card driver, then it should be fixed for most cases in A24.
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