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  1. error at start

    The setup is quite well compatible. So I can suppose that it could be: 1) huge monitor for this setup, 2) driver issue. I think the full log have a chance to help.
  2. error at start

    Looks like an out of memory. But could be something else. @Andrej, what's your PC's setup? CPU, GPU, etc?
  3. Yet another random map generator

    But you answered on the post above, which reports about performance at all. Not about graphic only. I mean, it absolutely right to improve graphics too, but do not forget that it's not the only one thing that slows the game.
  4. Yet another random map generator

    I agree that it costs a lot, but not so much as the pathfinder. Instancing, deffered rendering and batching will help a lot.
  5. Yet another random map generator

    @Sundiata @stanislas69 The rendering isn't the issue. Pathfinding is the bottleneck. As you could have noticed, lags are appearing on many units 200, 300, 400 are moving. But for GPU it's not a problem. Problem for GPU is 10000 or 100000 units. The hard thing is to have a compabililty with old GL (2.*, 3.*).
  6. Warnings when compiling

    We don't use memset/__builtin_memset directly inside CInput at all. So it looks like a compiler issue (wrong message or something else): https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=79095 It looks like the compile can't follow some call stack. We use threads/events in Atlas (to send between wxWidgets/Pyrogenesis), so the compiler can't find a place where the var was really initialized. By the code there is only the one place where it has assigned AFAIK.
  7. Warnings when compiling

    It looks like you have enabled -Wimplicit-fallthrough in GCC/Clang. And to prevent this, you need to add a comment like or disable the option: case 0: ... // fall through case 1: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45129741/gcc-7-wimplicit-fallthrough-warnings-and-portable-way-to-clear-them https://dzone.com/articles/implicit-fallthrough-in-gcc-7
  8. Unable to start in Arch Linux (Segmentation fault)

    We don't use DBus in a direct way, so the issue could be in the system configuration, drivers or libraries that we use. But I found few same issues (not really depended on the DBus using): https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=227587 http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=34918
  9. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    So probably the issue is in the system/drivers and not in the engine.
  10. Lack of contrast in mod selector

    Because you need to enter "rgb(140, 140, 140)" and not "140 140 140".
  11. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    Could you reproduce it? Which are you doing?
  12. Regarding the Cinema function of the Atlas Map Editor

    Currently we don't support remap for the Atlas. So if you want to change a key, you need to download sources and build the game with Atlas. About if you may build, it's in the source/tools/atlas/GameInterface/Handlers/CinemaHandler.cpp.
  13. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    Are you sure? It looks like it crashes in ENSURE(0 <= pass && pass < (int)m_Passes.size());
  14. Game crash on windows10 60-80 pop

    Which line it crashes? And it's assert or access violation?
  15. Material Cleanup - Help Needed

    11. No, you don't need to change something, it's ok that some parameters are not used. I want to make some modifications for the shader system, but it's in future. 13. As I said: And not for USE_SPECULAR.