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  1. Opening internet tabs through the game breaks the game

    Does it work in the window mode?
  2. Help for making a "manual"

    I highly recommend Overleaf (the link has my referer, but you can remove it, if needed), you can use it as full free, it has online viewer/editor, templates and you can work with it through git.
  3. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    Do you have any mods?
  4. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    So, it crashes immediately after the start, right? It looks like the game file is broken, so I can suggest to reinstall the game.
  5. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    It looks like the map (default.xml) what you (actually atlas on start) try to open is invalid or broken. Did you open the atlas before without error?
  6. Alpha 22 0AD Map Editor Atlas crash

    Hi @lukamas! Did the editor show any error window/message?
  7. What's the problem? May I see a screenshot?
  8. Svn game doesn't work...for me

    Did you build the game after update?
  9. Reduce Lag

    Multi-threading has own overhead: more complicated code (may crash and dead-locks) and time to sync data between threads/processes. So it needs to be very carefully. Btw, I have some ideas about a threaded rendering.
  10. Hello @jeffnz! First of all, I shall recommend you to add a Reamde file with a description and instructions how to compile it (i.e., you need SDL to compile). Because currently it's just a set of files. You could add Code::Blocks .cbp files, CMake file or Makefile, any what you want. Also it'd be good to have few screenshots, as you want to share the game. I can suggest to read http://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/, it's has a good code style enough and basic SDL principles. Also it'd be good to have knowledges about the game architecture at all: http://www.gameenginebook.com/ (on Google Books), or something like that.
  11. 【Fixed】Compile tool crash.

    Hello! Did the compiler build something or it crashed after start? Also, do you have enough memory for the compiler? Did you try to restart studio, computer?
  12. Surface mesh appearing!

    Fixed in rP20382. Thank you for the bug report!
  13. Surface mesh appearing!

    Aha! Thank you! I've missed the Renderer.cpp changes in the patch (initialisation mentioned by @stanislas69). I'll fix it at the evening.
  14. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    I could suggest to make broken foundations be clickable, then select it and press repair. Then the position will be restored from the previous one. Or use alignment, when you move a new wall near the old one, it auto attaches to this place.
  15. Vulkan API

    I have thoughts, that we shouldn't just rewrite the engine, I think, we need to make an interface, and then implement it for different renderers (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 4+, Vulkan).