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  1. vladislavbelov

    Frozen development

    I'll try, I don't have the callstack currently.
  2. vladislavbelov

    Frozen development

    I have it too on 10.12. There is a patch for this problem.
  3. vladislavbelov

    Automatic feedback not possible in snap (?)

    On the feedback server, because by GDPR we need a transparent control of data. So this all is going in bounds of GDPR following.
  4. vladislavbelov

    Automatic feedback not possible in snap (?)

    Thank you for reporting. Technical reason of the error: we automatically redirect HTTP request to HTTPS during mirgating, and 301 is the number of HTTP error.
  5. vladislavbelov

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Yeah, it'd be good.
  6. vladislavbelov

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    Yeah, it may crash, because OpenGL driver won't allocate the buffer, he will return the invalid ID and we will try to use it. Also we wanna use 16 bit indices, so we try to fit into 64KB of memory. Memory cost is equal to: numberOfVertices * sizeOfOneVertexStruct. So it may take a place here too.
  7. vladislavbelov

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    As far as I remember we don't have this hardcoded number, but usually we limited by Vertex Buffer Object size. And different videocards have different constraints. So 32768 is an approximated minimum. Feedback should give us more exact limits.
  8. vladislavbelov

    Your screenshots

    It's the falling star P.S. It's the known problem, but we need the replay to check it after fix. Does it reproduce the bug for you and could you attach the replay?
  9. vladislavbelov

    Why the Mac Multiplayer Issues

    Did we fix it in SVN?
  10. vladislavbelov

    Frozen development

    We'd get no spaghetti code, If we correctly split our code. Pure Vulkan is much more volumetric. So we need some time to make this way easier. Also there's MoltenGL, but I don't, is there a free version for open-source projects.
  11. vladislavbelov

    Frozen development

    Probably we'll find an open-source library that converts OpenGL calls into Metal calls. That'd be really helpful for the developing. It also may limit some old versions of Windows, because of no drivers with VK.
  12. vladislavbelov

    Frozen development

    I hope we'll find a way to fix the macOS build. Also you always can run older versions
  13. vladislavbelov

    Frozen development

    I have macOS (I said it some time ago), but I can't bundle the game, because it has a different framework.
  14. vladislavbelov

    The Implementation of LODS

    As Stan said, for most lagging moments the rendering doesn't spend much time in comparison with the pathfinder. LOD can be supported on the engine side, but the instancing already has prototype. LOD is best when all models are different/some models are highpoly, Instancing is best when all models are the same. I.e. LOD would be better for buildings like CC or Wonder with many polygons. instancing - for many similar trees. But again quoting Stan, LOD requires an artist work. That's the good idea, reusing may save memory and performance.
  15. vladislavbelov

    Hyrule Conquest

    I'm here now, I was at vacation I'll try to answer to all messages, sorry for delay.