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  1. I think it's easy to upgrade m_LosState to answer visibility queries on a rect. But it's harder for a circle, but easier with a distance check. So we might need to store that state for a circular entity, that it was visible for some player inside the component. I agree.
  2. Our games has only OpenGL 1/2 implementation and OpenGL ES (but it requires additional compilation flags, and highly likely it's not compilable). With default OpenGL the game can't request GL3. So the claiming is sent by some dependency (SDL or driver). AFAIK the game uses the system version of SDL on *nix platforms (config is taken from the environment variable: SDL2_CONFIG). Could you provide the error/warning? See https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
  3. Yep, you may find paths to cache here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
  4. Also I'd recommend to try clear cache.
  5. IIRC we scale square maps to fit into circle. UPD.
  6. We still have noticeable amount of code supports square/circular mode. Yes, it's possible. And probably the patch can be not so big. Let me check.
  7. Basic idea to use only scales divisible by 4. It covers most user cases (as we don't use system UI, so we might not match exactly), at the same time it allows to have a nicely aligned interface.
  8. Ideally we need true lods (multiple meshes per model) and lod materials for that.
  9. Aren't the textures too blurry with FXAA? You may notice by the link above and: Strange limitation, it should work with GLSL for most GL2+ and with ARB shader for most GL1+.
  10. I guess not, but I can try. Also I can't reproduce the issue by steps with your details. Do you use autobuild executable or you compile by yourself?
  11. You're right that we have to prioritise things. What I can say about these patches, they open/help to open doors to some other features. And about me I spend less 5% of my 0ad time on the camera features.
  12. How do you leave the game? Alt+Tab? Which mouse button do you use? Left, right, together? What's the place you click on? On the "Click to resume Game" text? On the minimap? On the menu/top panel? Outside of GUI?
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