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  1. It could be FreeType too, it just requires some refactoring for the GUI code (we already have a lot of patches for refactorings). I hope we'll try to make a solution for the next release.
  2. As Stan said we support only prerendered fonts. So an additional language requires an additional font textures, like for Chinese languages. Cairo is pretty complex, so it requires a lot of time to replace our GUI rendering. I think it'd be better to use a smaller library, because it'd be much easier and it'd still easy to replace it by Cairo.
  3. vladislavbelov

    [NOT] Just Another UI

    +1. Especially from this studio, it seems they discovered design and UX just now.
  4. I'd call it an additional option, because we have some custom things. Brew can be an alternative option in case we remove these custom things.
  5. vladislavbelov

    Saving Crashes

    Could you disable all effects and try again?
  6. If you try to build the game with a different build system, you'd need to know which dependencies are needed. Because it seems, that you didn't install SpiderMonkey. Old != invalid. Also we can't use brew yet, because brew supports well only 10.11+, 10.5–10.10 are supported on a best-effort basis (https://docs.brew.sh/Installation), but we support 10.9+ (for bundles 10.7+). I don't think that the brew can fully replace the script, because we need to use custom compilation options and to patch some libraries anyway.
  7. Did you use official build instructions for macOS: BuildInstructions? Because I don't see build-osx-libs.sh in logs, so that's the problem I think.
  8. I think because of a different version of the gloox library, probably @fcxSanya might know.
  9. vladislavbelov

    I found 19 simple issues in C++ code

    It's not so critical as it could be, but it's still UB and should be fixed. But how it may work: How usually (compiler depended) new[]/delete[] work: new[] allocates a block with a needed size + a space for size - a number of objects. delete[] extracts a size from the block and calls a destructor for each object and deallocates the block. But! u8 is a basic type, not an object. So a compiler may replace new[] by new for basic types or use another trick, especially in case all actions are in the same place and the compiler knows a storing object. Also we have own pool and arena for some cases. Not all, i.e. clang-802.0.42 doesn't detect it for basic types (for N5 too), only for objects, even without -O0+. Probably because of the trick above. We had an option for it sometime ago, if I'm not mistaken. It was called --enable-address-sanitizer. It'd good to add a regular (1 per week) build on Jenkins.
  10. vladislavbelov

    I found 19 simple issues in C++ code

    I already answered to your post on the habr. But thanks a lot again for helping to find errors. Only few of them are known, and patches are waiting for the end of FF. UPD. I will create tickets for missed bugs, when I'll be at home.
  11. vladislavbelov

    [QUESTION] Deterministic Javascript?

    This note doesn't make Javascript nondeterministic. It just means that it depends on an implementation. Because different engines for different types may use different structures behind objects/arrays for more optimal storing. Also this reference suggests to use `for ... of` or `.forEach(...)`, when the order of the iteration is important. But `for ... in` is used for cases, when you just need to change/find a property, without knowing its index (the not fixed order may make it a little bit faster). So Javascript as the language is deterministic.
  12. vladislavbelov

    color of metal

    PBR could make the metal more metallic, but it's more expensive and requires more memory.
  13. vladislavbelov


    Could you attach the exported DAE file? It looks like it doesn't have this point in the right place. You could open your file and any other of the game to compare where attach points are placed.
  14. Skybox is hardcoded, so currently you're not able not change its shape, only textures. But change it to sphere would be good. Also It'd be good to add atmospherics scattering. I have some plans to improve the sky. But the game is RTS, so usually sky isn't really visible, so even a flat sky works.
  15. vladislavbelov

    Graphical bugs with new 0ad

    The same for your resolution, because it uses a power of two, so for you it'd be 1GB too.