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  1. Aren't the textures too blurry with FXAA? You may notice by the link above and: Strange limitation, it should work with GLSL for most GL2+ and with ARB shader for most GL1+.
  2. I guess not, but I can try. Also I can't reproduce the issue by steps with your details. Do you use autobuild executable or you compile by yourself?
  3. You're right that we have to prioritise things. What I can say about these patches, they open/help to open doors to some other features. And about me I spend less 5% of my 0ad time on the camera features.
  4. How do you leave the game? Alt+Tab? Which mouse button do you use? Left, right, together? What's the place you click on? On the "Click to resume Game" text? On the minimap? On the menu/top panel? Outside of GUI?
  5. Isometric hack? It might have not good consequences for rendering (for ex mentioned real depth option). Why not implement a good solution you may ask. I answer: it requires some refactoring. And it's in process, current patch: D2020, recently committed related patches rP22340, rP22395, rP22404.
  6. I can't reproduce the issue on Windows 10 64bit. When I click on the game window (even if it didn't have focus) the game continues. Probably some step/detail is missed.
  7. I'm not sure that I understood the problem correctly. So I have few questions: Do you reproduce the issue always? Could you post stable steps to reproduce? OS Windows?
  8. It's already in SVN (you can get it by downloading last SVN). And it'll be in the next release (A24).
  9. I just committed a tool to easily setup water height for maps. Just select the tool and click on a terrain where you want a plane of water (if you need more precision just zoom in). No need to spend time with the water slider anymore
  10. I saw the problem already, and it was because of an outdated mod (not updated to the current SVN), like elexis said.
  11. About animation, usually it means that there is a wrong path or name of the animations. I can't say more, I need more details (XML, paths) About transparency, which material do you use?
  12. Hi @Shiqi and welcome to the forum! Do I understand correctly that it happens on start? Did you see the main menu? Also could you attach system info that was detected by the game? You may find it at GameDataPaths.
  13. I had it yesterday, I believe it was with GLSL. @Angen Did you have any warning/error during the game?
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