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  1. Does the game continue for you? Or it's paused when your friend does minimize? I'd suggest to enable profiler when it lags (Shift + F11) and attach profile.txt (from logs folder) here.
  2. Usually we don't use a current text size to layout. So we have to test UI with the special language from our repo, which is combined from longest strings in all languages. The proper solution is to account the current size, but it's harder to test. Since we need to test all languages instead of the only one.
  3. It's more about performance and correctness, not about visual improvement (may only on broken cards, which can't mix ARB and GLSL shaders). For MSAA we have such values because it uses multi-sampling (Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing). And a possible option controls number of samples per edge pixel.
  4. Thank you for the report! I've figured out a reason of the assertion.
  5. The problem isn't the only dependency but also a thread-safety, you can't just run simulation during rendering process, because it might invalidate some rendering data. Another reason is obsolete techniques, we don't use indirect or instancing drawing for example.
  6. Then I got it. Less you see - less object the game should draw. @nani and @OptimusShepard are mostly right, we're CPU bound in most cases. I'm working on the bottleneck. I could recommend to use closer views to prevent drawing of most objects on a scene.
  7. What's the FPS when the camera is close to ground and looking directly to the ground (more vertical rather than horizontal, controlled by Ctrl + W/S)?
  8. Snapping should rotate the building for a nearest angle to snap to an edge. Do you mean that it rotates more than it should?
  9. The issue has been fixed in SVN (A24 is going to be released without the issue). Now Atlas saves the sidebar layout between sessions.
  10. I think we need to wait for the last NVTT patch.
  11. I've figured out the problem. We already have a patch for it, but we need to do some tests. Also you can resize the left panel (as well as the bottom one).
  12. You mean buildings of different sizes? You can rotate it after placement, it remains snapped.
  13. It's not related to GLSL. Maybe you have number of CPU more than 32/64?
  14. 0ad tries to free what it can. The problem is that when you free allocated memory by calling the system function it doesn't mean that the memory will be returned to the OS (it will be free for the game but unavailable for other applications).
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