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4 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Should Iberians be at the end of the civs list in that language just because of the accent? 

no, they should be treat same as the normal  "I" with "tilde"(accent) as the same letter. I and Í are same letter.

Is same letter long pronunciation or emphasis in that letter.


We called tilde but wikipedia records different meanings.



but the maximum authority in the language is the RAE (Real academia española). Not Wikipedia.



It helps us to differentiate the sounds of the same words.

For example:

isn't same olvide ( you forgot) than olvidé (I forgot) same word but different sound.


It is called tilde both the graphic accent and the feature or small stroke that forms part of some letters, such as ç, ñ, t, etc. 


An auxiliary orthographic sign with which, according to certain rules, the prosodic accent is represented in writing (→ accent, 1); for this reason, the tilde is also called a graphic or orthographic accent. In Spanish it consists of an oblique dash that, placed over a vowel, indicates that the syllable of which it forms part is tonic. The tilde must always be drawn from right to left, that is, as an acute accent ('), and not from left to right (`), a stroke that corresponds to the grave accent, which is not used in Spanish: camión, not camiòn. The use of the accent mark follows a series of rules(...)




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Buenos días o tardes:

-Es muy buena publicidad ^_^, para aquellos/as que no hablen español les resumiré que este Youtuber dice ;

-Es muy buen juego , que él hizo este vídeo para que llegue a más gente e invita a colaborar en el desarrollo ,  anuncia que es gratuito ,anima a la gente a jugarlo , felicita la fidelidad histórica y explica las mecánicas del juego , como el área cultural de los edificios entre otras cosas.


Disculpen las molestias*

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14 minutes ago, leopard said:

there are a lot of Indian players for 0AD including me and we are active everyday. don't know anyone else from Asia except Iran. 

first time I see it in some Indian Language.

I also found out that you were Indian recently.

I have already seen Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Filipino players.


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49 minutes ago, leopard said:

Kakutstha made a new youtube video



well done replay :) great start :)

BTW:i cant like and cant upload. error is:

Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file.
(Error code: -200)
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1 hour ago, Kakutstha said:

seeh - you can like and comment now.

don't work ( Kakutstha i not talking about youtube. i talking about forum here. and only here  ):

Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content.
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