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  1. Two 1v1s borg- x ValihrAnt borg- x vinme
  2. Dude you are awesome!! That is exactly what it was. I renamed one folder with a "/". All good now!!
  3. Yes, the files are still in the same folder. In fact, the folder is being updated every-time I play or spec a game. I just can't see it in the Game's replays page. Could it have to do with boongui, autociv or feldmap mods? Ihave these three enabled.
  4. Hey Stan, I use Alpha 25: Yauna
  5. Not really. I did not change any of my mods.
  6. Hi, Suddenly, I can't see any of my game replays in the Replays section of the game. See screenshot attached. I also tried manually entering a replay file in the folder (a game submission from a friend) and even that does not appear. Why is this? Can someone please help? Thanks, Kaku
  7. This is a 0 AD 4v4 TG with the following two teams Team 1 1. Vinme 2. Winds of Wings 3. Zayto 4. H.Herle Team 2 1. 0AD_Boss 2. Cesar 3 R.U.L. 4. Wolf12
  8. seeh - you can like and comment now.
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