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14 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

I was looking at the

18 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

the game should include new player colors.


colors of the thumbnail and other mods.

We do not have much variety for violet, indigo, fuchsia and pink.

ohhh, i see what you mean. this is kind of my personal art style. it's meant to look lofi and kind of creepy haha to match the overall aesthetic of my channel. it's not for everybody but i feel it represents me well!

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I think it strongly depends on the map's per player population, size of map, and when players overall attack.

If it's a small map, irrelevant of population, you're better off with Mace attacking early with mercenaries.

If it's a large map and there's a lot of travel, and higher population, you're better off being Seleucids.

If you're a player who attacks early, it's probably better to play Mace but not on large maps or with large per player populations - unless you win the RNG lottery for metal.

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For TGs at least ( I am a bing bong who does not play 1v1), Mace is stronger overall because the merc is more OP in general, in terms of counter-pike, mace have a great option with the crossbows, while seles best one I think is mercenary archer. Macedonians biggest downside I think is their lack of antiram, which can make for situations that are very unfortunate.

I like the seleucid cavalry especially with hero, but they have no "bread" to spread their melee cav champions over, like mace and romans do. 

I have a lot of fun with seles but mace win more I think.

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11 hours ago, LetswaveaBook said:

If we want to understand balancing, I think we should also discuss fair matches (instead of 60 firecav agains 80 CS infantry).

Good point. Sometimes, the power of particular units is hidden by trends in gameplay. Before fall 2021 few players did "merc rushes" with cav or inf and at the same time there were lots of complaints about consular bodyguard. I think after all the merc-cav proliferation, Romans are less able than ever to get their champions because they need to fight earlier in defense or offense because of extra p2 activity that is caused by mercenary attacks. I would argue that consular bodyguard are still OP (too much armor), its just we don't see them very often due to mercs. I am not saying that merc rushes should not exist (they are very exciting/fun), just that it obscures other balance issues.

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i got to play against my two fave 0AD youtubers!!!

game 1: zxphxr (1170) vs mysticjim (1271)

game 2: zxphxr (1170) vs Tom 0AD (1334)


send me ur replays to make videos of:zephyramethyst1@gmail.com


ig - @zephyramethyst

soundcloud - soundcloud.com/zephyr-amethyst

tumblr - zephyramethyst.tumblr.com

twitter - twitter.com/zephyramethyst

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