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0 A.D. on YouTube


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On 11/02/2022 at 1:30 PM, Yekaterina said:


@Stockfish as I promised :) 

ohhh OP , i have a few questions, first, what the hell are those graphics and second how you can watch the game so high with cam. Nice video, you play very nervously what makes you lose some important secs, if you plus all of them you got maybe 1 min each 10 =) 

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@Stockfish the graphics are KateGUI mod, which is a visibility mod. Download here:

It allows me to see mines, hunt, berries and most importantly, woodbine density and Brit war dogs.


1 hour ago, BreakfastBurrito_007 said:

@StockfishThere are many scary animals in Australia, but I am fine as long as I never see one of those chickens. 

I will try my best to improve those chickens.

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49 minutes ago, Stan` said:

Dunno you're playing with your mods which makes the game look not so good, not something I can put forward for a marketing standpoint...

I have the raw replays for you to use! I can send you all of them!


  • World record booms
  • Mass cavalry
  • Mass infantry
  • Everyone rushing
  • Mercenary raids
  • Unusual maps
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14 hours ago, Yekaterina said:

do you think we can turn this into a promo video of some sort? I have loads and loads of raw footage and replays of huge spectacular fights. Combine them with your scenary mod I think we can pull of a pretty good movie

this will be a great idea, most new players don't see the amazing part of 0AD which is warfare, most of them are struck in village phase for ever, when I started playing single player it took me a lot of days to figure out phasing up and I used to take 3 hours to get full upgrades and will to fight, by that time A.I will go to sleep. A very nice video of warfare recorded in a high-end gaming PC with all Graphics options turned on and placing camera in a much more closer positions etc will be nice for the video. but I agree with @Stan` on not using your mod for videos. In fact I will not even want to show GUI in the warfare video.

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