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4 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Vamos a ver. No conozco mucho las tierras bajas de Guatemala.

-En un tiempo me gustaría probar haciendo mapas , ¿Qué tipo me aconsejas hacer primero?;

  1. Tierras altas.
  2. Yucatán .
  3. Soconusco(litoral).
  4. Cozumel (insular).


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Seems like there is has been an 3 week silence on this topic.

Lately I played a game against @vinme that I wanted to share. Originally I aimed to upload videos at least biweekly, but I realized that I lack the amount of interesting replays of high level strategical 1v1 games.


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4 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

Sure, if it helps people play the way they want, why not. It's just not for me, and resources being unrecognizable, like the berries in the vid you linked, would be another counter-argument for me.

My argument is pure visual static obviously takes away all the immersion. And beauty of the game.

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