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  1. Not sure if this is intended, but sometimes (quite often (every game i use catas it will happen once or twice) but not always) catapults with opponents (or buildings, i dont know) in range, while in its default standground mode, will not listen to H( about current action) and to moving.it will just keep on unpacking till it unpacks, and if you try to stop it anyhow it will reset the unpacking timer and again will try to unpack, lol, when you clearly want it to move. maybe its intended, maybe not, but other units can always move in standground mode. I assume its acting buggy because it will atk opponents nearby and therefore to do it it needs to unpack first, and it doesnt listen to mouse clicks (on map) when its unpacking/packing,so it will enter in loop of unpacking. If there was a way to connect H shortkey with shift multi-actioning (or unpack/pack button with shift multiactioning) that could let users decide what they want to do (so you can press pack and then move it somewhere on shift, it will listen to second order (moving) before it starts to atk nearby enemy replay: commands.txt metadata.json
  2. romans are at the moment one of strongest civs, basically macedonians with all that siege +better heroes. i dont think giving them more power is good idea
  3. in current version when you write "start" (people often write start the game)it picks them sparta then they coomplain resign and leave game,lul
  4. it scared a lot of people back then, you wouldnt be able to share memes and if you own a website you would have to tax outgoing links lol imo they just want the money but have no clue how internet works. all webmasters would have to remove all outgoing links if it would be true and then internet would become quite useless (google also wouldn't be able to keep outgoing links for free) some language version of wikipedia was turned off as a protest
  5. you should make storage near trees for more neins
  6. i laughed at last question PS why do you care this much about next version?
  7. i atk when i have full pop and sieges or sieges and almost full pop (i play on max200), or when i got attacked and won while still having units. i dont atk without sieges usually but a lot of players like to bully this way in early game i think you are struggling cuz your enemy has more units
  8. yes i scout him on facebook too wut is turtling?
  9. i agree.. you need a lot of units to protect catapult. these units could be protecting archers instead.. if you hit fortress with catas then distance between catas and fortress is very small, enemy can make one or two ram or elephants and send them to your cats, and you need at least half of your army to protect from it before catas get hit (note they die for 3 quick ram/ele hits lol). u can hit rams with catas but if they come too close ur catas will start to pack and that time could be spend hitting enemy army) (lets not forget ur units need to stand between catas andfortressall the time if u want to defend them, if fortress is garissoned that will make big part of your army dead and/or very damaged. but if you dont stay between catas and fort they will die before u reach enemy that will pop out of fortress, simply because u need slightly more time to kill ram/ele than they need to reach and kill catas). while rams, u just send 3 to fortress and continue attacking enemy base from other sides, dont need to defend anything (at least not this much)
  10. I had 5 catas and beautifully caught enemy they just stepped into my tanky frontline to get dmg from archers and catas.not sure how much % of all my dps catas caused but i thought it will cause more, enemy was all in one place (about 100 units and more coming) and i ordered catas to shoot exactly there. they shot but enemy backed and they started hitting walls i think even though there were a lot of other enemies in range (units that didnt die yet or didnt go out of catas range or came in range)? ill rewatch replay when they finish game but im pretty sure it started attacking walls regardless more enemies in range (it would be very beneficial for me if they started hitting these enemies) generally what are catapults doing when enemy goes out of range or dies? they focus on buildings or units? edit oh my they performed better than I thought, i faced army of 150+ with 40 units on front +5catas+20 units staying on the back just defending catas (from back) and catas took down more enemy hp than i expected, maybe because i was paranoidaly selecting catas and clicking on enemy units constantly so even if target dies they continue shooting enemy and not useless walls i died anyway (1v2), overall they performed very good however they indeed started hitting walls at some point (where it would help me and probably most othe rplayers if they hit enemy units instead)
  11. not gonna lie looks very good. didnt know microsoftuses unreal engine - does that mean AOE was made in Unreal Engine? (the gray tool he looks at) edit, okay only trailer looked good, 0ad looks better than above video
  12. yes people below 1400 like to not resign. and just pretend they are losing net in one way or another (eg launching torrents or taking net cable out) just play 1v1 with people you trust until theres more automatic ban system for leavers and non-resigners. (also, what does it hurtif you lose 10 points? skill will help you get it back) teamgames are waymore fun anyway
  13. i dont have a replay when 0ad client crashes for no reason and they say i end host cuz im losing jajaja
  14. No firewall, all ports are opened, i can host my own game np (never anyone complained about not being able to join) but i most of the time cant join others people games but other people can. Is there problem with my ISP/modem? (i dont have router, that modem has few ethernet cable slots and thats how i connect other PCs in my house)
  15. on your kushites video you make your first army units at 7:30 - isnt that too late ?
  16. Only 1v1 games will be counted to profile stats. Hovewer If he has 100% winrate and its 7:0 then its likely hes a smurf, i maitain 50% winrate as non-multi-account and I tryhard to win a lot, lol(or he plays only against newcomers)
  17. I agree, I get elephant, ram or catapult stuck in trees everyday lul. already learned me lesson and moving them far from trees. i sometimes get a bug when I click to build a building with 10 unit or more (but mb it happens with less unit as well) and these women or citizen-soldiers just move from one edge of construction to another, i dont notice that and I end with 15 units moving around doing nothing. i was wondering if everyone has this issue cause it slows me a lot
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