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  1. ples balans teh game i hav nothink to play me poor irl
  2. work, work, work, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, dead.
  3. cut off sugar, sweets, they make you lazy af eat more meat buy coffeine pills and take them daily start exercising in home listen to music 24/7 when in home for dopamine increase, unless youre reading something eg reading complex stuff about programming work on your projects while listening to music cut off socialmedia, youtube,reddit,forums,games, TV, xbox, every pleasure form. if u dont cut it in 100% it may be hard to stay on track what u want to achieve? i cant be productive unless i believe in my aim. i wont learn a language unless i want to code an interesting application that will make ton of money and bring me fame in my belief. mindlessly creating simple things like calculators make no sense because you will give up sooner or later due to boredoom and zero satisfaction. You need idea for application/product, then choose correct means/programming language/anything with certain criteria,then do it
  4. hows the lags?

    1. Hannibal_Barca


      Tolerable, as always.

      If you choose to view it as intolerable then naturally it will be intolerable

  5. i need sword +100atk +200crit +300% atk speed slayer sword

  6. its already hard to find players for non-modded game,with mod its impossible
  7. mativen been reportedlike 20 times still doin fine LOL they cant really ban players because theres only 20 online in the lobby
  8. I was hoping to download 0ad and play some balanced game but i think its still gaulfest/britonfest
  9. not really and my eyes cant read persian, what is it?
  10. currently making 3d mmorpg pvp/pve in unreal engine but it takes so long i will probably not finish it during my lifetime lol (sky ships pvp)
  11. Async await lets you perform I/O bound operations like talking with database or reading file from disk in the same time that it lets you perform mathematical calculations. afaik 0 a.d. pathfinder consists of loads of heavy mathematical calculations right? honestly i didnt manage to make use of it yet in my code because i dont perform any heavy mathematic methods in my projects, and when I do, i dont use anything I/O bound. I have to study about this mor,e maybe its more useful than I think
  12. What WFG wants is cosmetics and other non pay2win features. every serious game does it and does great. usually, in games cosmetics are things like: - exotic haircut - tattoos - face accessory, likeeye glassess - muscles, - character skin -character clothes that may be hard to implement in 0A.D because characters are small af. but its still possible, give your knights rich look and people will buy it every game that goes for pay2win model dies with time (usually chinese MM0RPGS !!)
  13. google adsense on site with 0 traffic NICE IDEA PUDIM !!! XDDDD HAHA for google adsense you need thousands of visitors daily and even then profit is minimal ads in game will kill the game
  14. i want name change to 'elexis'
  15. oh well thats bad, im using c# now, its faster than node, can make more, can be multithreaded and asynchronous, so i can have like few threads all of them being asynchronous
  16. javascript (node), c# and c++ have it. It makes the most of single thread (but not only) applications, as it does other things instead of blocking the thread
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