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  1. why in your opinion 0ad has low player count?
  2. WHATS the point of making 4 dead discord servers instead of one at least partially active? lulz
  3. imagine trying to limit players from playing game that has no more than 20 active people in lobby in same time
  4. lol i said your stuff is funny (which is compliment) and you called me stupid? XD m8 u need to chill
  5. when you post funny stuff but no one likes it anyway
  6. when is new 0ad version?
  7. multiplayer (through internet) or singleplayer? cute graphics tbh
  8. > says that women dont have enough action in game > suggests replacing women with slaves, making them even more rare
  9. yeah you must change ISP (for new IP) if you want to play 0ad Now! Muauhahuauahau!, world-wide ISP conspiracy
  10. hi elexys


    what are you doing elexys

  11. Big thanks to everyone for kind words and support!! I finally got her to agree to post her pic here, so heres how Felicia looks To all these who replied in my thread: @Boudica , @av93 , @Gurken Khan , @Lion.Kanzen , @Robin-hood , @Diptangshu @Sundiata , @Stan` , @GunChleoc , @Imarok , @Krinkle , @nani , @ffffffff , @(-_-) She kind of has this romenian face pheno, vampirish smile, very sharp jaw, but not masculine (Tho I dont Mind some Masculine feaetures in women). Her character is pretty much alpha whileim the beta (or the more passive person in relationship) She makes the calls whenever we go out or party or to friends etc etc She also is quite popular and attends clubs every weekend Her photo: Isnt she beautiful???
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