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  1. about these ranks, why theres no more info about it? afaik citizen-soldiers level up after fights. - how do i know what level unit has? - is it only for citizen-soldiers?
  2. Just trying to learn catapults they are fine, but that packing/unpacking stuff takes a while and if you have 5 or more catapults to manage and 3 of them decide to unpack or pack for some reason then thats hella annoying and can lead to death of either catapults or your army if you decide to protect them when they decide to stop... basically, the thing is, i move catapults, they see one irrelevant unit of enemy, and they unpack! to try to kill him. before they unpack and pack again they are already surrounded by enemy. is there any way to make it only attack to what you click? it feels like it has some weird automation in it. i played just 2 games with catapults so cant tell what are the exact circumstances when catapults pack or unpack (when not desired) but this thing is real and happens quite often. How do you prevent that? or you just def it with units and dont care. packing/unpacking its not that bad, but i have a feeling that catapults pack or unpack when you dont want.
  3. as in title. when i host 3v3 or 4v4 it disconnects few people sometimes even tho i have no firewall, ports open etc. and these same people played when i hosted many times so why it happens now? they cant rejoin they will lose connection again even tho my upload and download speeds are ok
  4. So after watching few replays there n there i minized my siege machines time to something between 17th to 20th min by shamelessly copying the pros (depending how much time i waste filling my population limit etc) but some guys do it at 14thmin or earlier - how to do that? my barracks and castle already are working 24/7 also is there a way to watch replays of borg and other good players somehow? when borg was playin live there were 20 spectators so i couldnt join :v
  5. so Hack the type of attack working vs rams? I thought its Crush because wiki says crush is effective for buildings and siege machines
  6. althrough im new, i noticed typical game looks like players make a lot of archers for the back and a lot of melee for the front and they also include siege machines. my fav civs dont have battering rams so i send 5 elephants. my enemy sends 5 battering rams. battering rams take dmg from all archers and some melees and are alive. they crush building by building till they get CC. my elephants maybe crush one building then die from archers either ungarisoned or garrisoned in fortress (elephants are very vulnerable for arrows) (actually thats why i gave up on crushing fortress with elephants, its never worth it, all your elephant die just from 20 garisoned units, while one battering ram would be enough in this case to take down fortress). one battering ram can take as much damage as siege tower can or even more? and he has 5 of them, and they crush bases at insane speed. i also had 5 catapults in base just to counter rams but they deal much less damage than rams that i barely killed one ram with 5 catapults (and they were firing constantly). enemy dont even need to invest in infantry, they can use rams to block most of damage and no matter what you do you are in losing position even if you win the battle with him you wont kill 5 rams in time. (even if you win battle (i mean kill most of his human units) he will get your CC , next time he will get CC and barracks, progressing in each attack even if you had advantage in eco and army (and thats because you usually dont have enough firepower to kill even half of his rams, well I have the units but they dont do dmg)) maybe im missing something but my barracks have 0 swordsmen and pikes+spearmen+archers do very low damage to rams.
  7. how can I counter rams? user with weaker economy and much much weaker army just kept destroying my base with 10 rams, i often fall victim to this tactic. I kill some with women, some with elephants, some with swordsmen But he always manages to get me.all my barracks units do absolutely nothing to them i can only kill few rams with women and elephants, after that my women and elephants are killed. there must be somemoreeffective way to counter rams? honestly his army was smaller 5 times than mine but he still made it
  8. but isnt it exactly the same thing just with other naming? you both used pikes frontally to take dmg while spammed enemy to death with ranged units at the back?
  9. Hi! I have 2/3 question i cant find anything about. 1. I love the "guard unit" feature. but i noticed no matter if i press ctrl and/or shift then it still lets me guard only one unit. in case i have 20 guarding units, and 20 guarded units (or more) then it will take me time to assign every of guarding units to each of guarded units. and theres no time for it usually in games. if some of guarding or guarded units die and I decide to reproduce them or simply make more then I again have to repeat this slow process :|. Or is there a shortcut button combination to make 20 units guard all of the other 20 units? without assigning them one by one 2. Does siege tower shoot AOE or it sends 10 arrows to single target? Also, do I need to click on enemy to make it shoot arrows, OR it will shoot arrows even if I just move it around the enemy? To precise question more, does siege tower attack people while moving or it has to stop to shoot arrows? Thanks! oh ended being 2 questions only.
  10. I lose about 30-80% firepower every teamfight because my archers think its okay to atk siege machines. How to prevent it? usually when I notice they attack wrong thing my army is already half dead. more over, i choose them to attack one of enemy archers, and they take time to start attacking him (note a lot ofarrows are wasted on dead target simply because they all shot in the same time) and then when that archer is finished about 50% ofthem attacks machines again instead of enemy human units. howto prevent attackign machines and buildings?
  11. i didnt say im cheating rating. but it made rating seem less important so i stopped playing 1v1 for rating. i play them for fun eventually.
  12. I played a bit, here are my thoughts: - rating system is way too easy to cheat, all u need to do is launch second instance of AD or use your friend to resign on purpose. - apart from that ranking system is not developed at all. something like in league of legends would be great fit to this game - This is quite good RTS game but lobbys are empty. Bad marketing i guess? - about 40% of people joining your game are lagging so much that they make game impossible for you. next 30% are leavers. so you are left with 30% of small playerbase if you want to play. gameplay: - everyone plays the same. they rush machines, 200 slingers with 48 ranked attack range, and some pikes for first line (to stop u from reaching slingers), basically SPAM. its annoying honestly. this game is battle of slingers and eventually archers, but usually just slingers. theres no single player that won against me that didnt spam slingers. apart from that its good addicting game
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