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  1. Ive meet my current wife Felicia in 0 A.. about year ago when we both were noobs, we were playing on skype and such then weve meet after month as we lived close to each other. Big thanks to 0ad creators, if not 0ad it wouldnt happen!!
  2. What u think about 0ad mmorpg? would it work? how would you see it? what features would such game have? I think RTS are too plain however if one connected RPG and RTS...
  3. i contributed to thread more
  4. theres one annoying sound in 0ad thats way too loud but i forgot what caused it
  5. i trust borg balance cause he 1vs5 all
  6. then every single thing needs to be submited separately and it will take ages?
  7. looks great but you added ingame postprocessing, graphic effect to full and interesting map to getbetter comments
  8. happened to me too 2 times, i was winning crushing his base then he just said he 'lost internet' and second time 'my pc reseted' lol at this man Stockfish is second Mativen
  9. true. borg mod adds a lot of variety, and maybe even it will take longer to learn than current 0ad IMO borg mods makes 0ad as interesting as 0ad can get. without borg mod, it will be just slinger-fest/gaul-fest/briton-fest for next months/years
  10. you mean the forum has AI built in that removed certain kind of threads?
  11. There must be some bug in forum software because my threads are dissapearing. I suggest updating to newest version of IPBB forum engine
  12. yes it will improve i swear how did you manage to write 9,403 posts on dead forum?
  13. you call me a liar? nice way to insert toxicity into community
  14. im genuinely sory i was horrible mistaken or maybe i was not mistaken? this posts says its true
  15. no it will never come afaik the development stopped. theres borg mod,tho
  16. >news: 0ad dethronized even more >0ad community: hurra this will be great
  17. > imagine thinking someone capable of doing succesful ddos is not ingenious enough to download free/paid vpn to avoid ip block btw, DDOS is illegal, so he shouldnt at all show his real IP
  18. i didnt play AOE but that catapult vs healer thing is on spot so much even in 0ad. especially the catapult AI. + add to that these long pack/unpack times like.. lmao wolf+house thing op too
  19. i dont read manga nor books. internet is my wisdom
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