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  1. Not sure how I missed this on the original revision since I also am using arch linux and it was building for me when I was testing it... Regardless, I am able to see the same issue when building from the git mirror. I just accepted D2928 which adds the missing include and I have addressed the unused includes that @Nescio found in another revision (D2930). Nice catch, @Nescio!
  2. @asterix - thanks for the ping! I am a bit biased but I think D2199 has a bit of promise I have an example repo where I have been training the AI to micro (mostly focused on kiting) here. Essentially, this enables you to create OpenAI Gym environments (a few have been created in the earlier link) and use RL to try to solve the task. I also made a bigger post on the topic a little while back here: Alternatively, you could also start with a simpler form of learning and simply perform derivative-free optimization of some of the hyper parameters of the AI (#7 from the earlie
  3. I would be happy to move the python client to a separate repo. The only challenge is having access to the protobuf files during the code generation of the python files. This is trivial when they are in the same repo but takes a little more thought if they are going to be in separate repos (certainly still possible though). As far as versioning in protobuf, protobuf tries to be forgiving across different versions of a protocol (https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/docs/overview#a-bit-of-history) and I haven't seen versions specified in protobuf files but I would be open to ideas
  4. @jonbaer - Currently there isn't any way to inject code into the builtin AI logic. I was mostly focused on making it possible to train AI via an OpenAI Gym interface (hence adding the building blocks to do so) but being able to use it to hybridize one of the builtin AIs would be cool. That said, it isn't clear to me exactly how that would work but I am open to ideas! I would really like to get this merged into the master copy but, as @Stan` said, it is currently waiting on a reviewer. I have been excited about the potential of both machine learning for 0 AD and 0 AD for machine learning a
  5. Yeah, I would guess it is related to an issue with the tensorflow version. You can find the results in `~/ray_results/default/PPO_CavalryVsInfantry_SOME_UUID/result.json`. I sometimes plot the results as follows (after adding the attached python script to my PATH and installing jq) cat result.json | jq '.episode_reward_mean' | scatterplot -t 'Training Reward' -x 'Training Iteration' -y 'Episode Reward Mean' -c scatterplot
  6. Sounds good! If there is anything I can do to help - let me know. If you are more comfortable with OpenAI baselines or Intel AI's coach, feel free to use them instead; I was just using RLlib for convenience and am not using any of their fancier features (like distributed training). Since that repo has a couple 0 AD gym environments, they should drop into these other RL frameworks pretty easily
  7. I have also pushed the changes of D2199 to a branch on my fork of 0 AD if you prefer: https://github.com/brollb/0ad/tree/arcpatch-D2199
  8. @jonbaer Nice work with that organization - it looks like it has forked a lot of relevant repos! TensorForce and OpenAI Baselines would definitely be directly applicable to trying some of the SOTA reinforcement learning algorithms in 0 AD. The size of the state representation certainly comes up when exploring things like imitation learning. I actually have another fork of 0 AD that I use to simply log the game state and the replays can get decently large (between 1 and 10 mb iirc). Of course, if you convert them into some specific state representation, they will likely be much more compa
  9. Hello everyone, I have been interested in making it possible to explore applications of machine learning in 0 AD (as some of you may have gathered from https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5548 ). I realized that I haven't really explained very thoroughly my interest and motivation so I figured I would do so here and see what everyone thinks! tl;dr - At a high level, I think that adding an OpenAI gym-like interface* could be a cool addition to 0 AD that would benefit both 0 AD (technically and in terms of publicity) as well as the research community in machine learning and AI. I go
  10. I realize I am pretty late to comment on this but if anyone is still interested in this, this revision adds support for using 0 AD like an OpenAI gym environment. There are a couple simple examples using this API at https://github.com/brollb/simple-0ad-example where the agent learns how to kite cavalry archers when fighting infantry!
  11. Especially when using machine learning in 0 AD, it is really valuable to be able to record game states as this enables things like off-policy reinforcement learning, imitation learning, and facilitates quantitative analysis of gameplay. That said, it would be great if we could "expand" a 0 AD replay into a log of state, action pairs which could then be used for the beforementioned tasks. I am imagining a command line flag for logging state, action pairs when running an existing replay. Currently, I have implemented a primitive approach to this [here](https://github.com/brollb/0ad/pull/1)
  12. In case anyone is following this thread, there is currently a ticket opened (and patch submitted with the update!): https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2197 and https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5565
  13. Thanks for the quick replies! @stanislas69 I have been digging into it a little bit more and it seems that the main call that fails is `getReplayMetadata` (which generates the metadata.json file saved for the replays). It seems that without the metadata.json, the replay doesn't show up in the replay list so I figured it was a file that I needed. Currently, that file will not be generated if it is running in nonvisual mode and overriding this manually results in an error since it seems the `getReplayMetadata` command can only be called from the script interface used by g_GUI (not availab
  14. I am currently looking at experimenting with different AIs and would like to be able to run different experiments headlessly then be able to watch/demo selected replays. I have noticed that 0 AD currently does not support saving replays when nonvisual and it seems largely due to a reliance on GetSimulationState (from the GuiInterface). I haven't yet dug deeply enough to be able to see how difficult it would be to refactor the code so GetSimulationState does not relay on the GUI (I am a bit concerned about some of the calls to `QueryInterface` which I haven't yet dug into). Does this seem
  15. @jonbaer Nice collection of RL work related to RTS games! Did you get a chance to start applying any of these approaches to 0 AD? I have seen that there have been a few posts about using python to implement an AI as well as discussion about OpenAI Gym integration. I think integration with gym would be pretty cool. @Feldfeld Good point. I think I will add an edit to the main post to ask for any replays people would like to donate and, if they happen to have any replays on small mainland (human vs petra), it's an added bonus but not by any means required. Hopefully this way we can encourage
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