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  1. Exactly, Arch does not need Petra to run. I will check A24 source asap and try to update Arch AI to be compatible with the A24. I stated only modified and new files are under GPLv3 on the top of _archbot.js. I considered Arch AI Pack as a separate mod. Therefore, I don't think it is really necessary. But, if it will be packed into the public mod, you are right. Anyway, it's very easy to degrade to GPLv2. I've fixed it. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  2. Hi again, this is my second contribution to the 0ad game, but a big one for me As I promised on the ArchMod, I've developed a new AI architecture by modifying the original Petra bot. After a long (nearly 2 months) and exhausting development and testing period, it is now ready to be shared with the fans of 0ad. I have to say that AI development is really a serious job and I have a full respect to the developers of the Petra AI. Thank you very much for your efforts to develop the Petra AI. Arch AI Pack Arch AI bots are distributed as a pack that consists 9 Arch based and 4 P
  3. Thanks @Angen for your feedback Rate and time array were removed as you suggested in ArchMod-0.3. I've double checked handicap settings are correct in the game play. AI Handicap indexes are between 0 and 39. 0 => -95% Bonus, 19 => No change and 39 => 100% Bonus. The AI Handicap equation: SetGatherRateMultiplier(1+(AIHandicapIndex-19)*0.05) For your thoughts about AI, you are right. But, we can always code better AIs. I would like to improve the current PetraBot AI as an alternative AI. I never think to replace it I think the player should be able
  4. ArchMod was developed and tested on 0ad a23.1-10. But, I will update it for further releases.
  5. Hello guys, this is my first message in this forum and it will be my first contribution to the 0ad community. First of all I'd like to thank to everyone for creating this great game. I have started developing ArchMod to improve 0ad gaming experience according to my expectations from an RTS game. In addtion, I would like to improve current PetraBot AI as an alternative AI bot. I never think to replace the current PetraBot AI. Actually, I was very surprised when I saw only PetraBot in my first installation of this game. I think there should be many different AI bots. I would like to cr
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