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  1. I would like to followup and say the patch adding the #include <deque> worked very well, thank you!
  2. Yes sir. I built from a clean pull from git. Also pulled latest to make sure something hadn't changed.
  3. Greetings, Building 0ad from git again under artix (arch) linux. Have encountered the following error: ==== Building rlinterface (release) ==== Creating obj/rlinterface_Release RLInterface.cpp In file included from ../../../source/rlinterface/RLInterface.cpp:28: ../../../source/ps/CLogger.h:104:7: error: ‘deque’ in namespace ‘std’ does not name a template type 104 | std::deque<RenderedMessage> m_RenderMessages; | ^~~~~ ../../../source/ps/CLogger.h:28:1: note: ‘std::deque’ is defined in header ‘<deque>’; did you forget to ‘#include <deque>’? 27 | #i
  4. Greetings, I can confirm this fix does work. It took a little adjustment, as some of the files have DOS EOLs (CR+LF), and the cpp/h files had unix EOF. I've attached the adjusted patch if anyone else would need it. No changes, just the correct EOLs in the correct places. Thank you! gccfix.patch
  5. Greetings, Been building the 0ad from git periodically for a while. Using the aur (Arch User Repository) to do the build. It had been working fine up until a month ago or so. Now it is failing with this error: ==== Building Collada (release) ==== Creating obj/Collada_Release precompiled.h CommonConvert.cpp DLL.cpp GeomReindex.cpp Decompose.cpp Maths.cpp PMDConvert.cpp PSAConvert.cpp StdSkeletons.cpp XMLFix.cpp precompiled.cpp Linking Collada /usr/bin/ld: ../../../libraries/source/fcollada/lib/libFColladaSR.a(FAXInstanceExport.o): in function `FArchiveXML::WritePhysicsRigidBodyInsta
  6. Greetings! What is the build schedule, and does any one know if there are plans to update the ubuntu builds (at least in the dev repository) to incorporate the fixes that were made to prevent joining errors when starting a game?
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