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  1. thats not my complaint i complain because i have been discriminated against, i didnt play like 1 year or so then i created a an account, played few weeks and got account deleted, i loged in with older account , that got deleted also , then loged in with even older account... noone asked me do you want to use 5 years old account, no, my new account was just deleted. why was not my 5 years old account deleted, and the newest remained
  2. Why is there a option create "a new" account if a person can only have one ,shouldnt it be create "an account" when will my nickname be deleted already ? All my other accounts have been deleted and i was not asked which account i wish to keep, NO i as left with old account instead o new. also i have been muted and it now lasts 3 days already
  3. Yes started in 2015 and then played on and off with multiple accounts on interval of six months, i have used one account first two years but later others and recently like three weeks ago my two accounts got deleted so i am using an account that is over five years old. No i dont read terms, i dont have patience for that.
  4. How to delete old nick and make new, I , dont want to play with nick that i created more than 5 years ago.
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