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  1. It's mind-blowing how random stuff can be so epic!
  2. Oh, by the way Jeru, the resources word had a typo. (Otherwise it was great!)
  3. Actually units are invisible when they are standing in woods or if they are moving or standing by a unit with the "tactica guerrilla" ability.
  4. Well that is really tricky to do so I don't think that it will be done until this game "goes gold" (maybe 4 or so years from now.) They will run eventually.
  5. I have always thought that it would be cool if you could build roads for movement bonuses and trade bonuses.
  6. Well, that really depends on your strategy. The Celts are good at rushing and have really nifty infantry because of their superior attack and movement. The navy is not quite as powerful, but they have incredibly strong druids. Another huge strength of them is their farming technology. The Iberians do not look like much, but have a powerful infantry force and cavalry. Their buildings are also really tough. The real drawback to them is their navy which is, like the Celt's, pathetic. The Hellenes have the most powerful infantry in the game. Their navy is strong too. The
  7. Me too. By the way Kimball, does the infantry demo function for Mac OSX?
  8. It sounds pretty good, but I'd change your Northman into a Celt.
  9. That's really awesome. The one thing that could be improved though is having men operate it.
  10. This is an idea I have. Why not having a technology called "dressing spreading". This technology would make your farm production be better for each cow you have because of using the manure of the cows as a fertilizer. I guess that it might sound a little disgusting, but I am pretty sure that it is a method that has been used for a long time.
  11. Welcome, Major Blunder. It's great to have you here. By the way, what is a gap year?
  12. so will the formations be mainly just the box, open line, closed line, open column, closed column, or will the wedge, skirmish, phalanx, and syntagma formations be at least partially implemented?
  13. How will the fourth alpha depict the testudo formation?
  14. But they do. (look at the design document in the wiki/trac about the Carthaginians.) They also go into a frenzy when they have 75% of their health down, meaning that they will attack all units excepting healers. They become sane when they are healed. The one other feature with them is having a "stench" aura that makes cavalry less effective around them.
  15. Because people like myself are pretty shallow-minded. (thus the name.)
  16. The modeling is very professional. It amazes me to see things that were actually done with Blender. I could never get the knack of it.
  17. Shouldn't he also focus a good bit on religion compared to the other two? (Look at his bio on Wikipedia.)
  18. What difference does it make with the license? (Just wondering)
  19. Say SMST, doesn't it make more sense to have the factions split at the Bronze Age so that you have the ability to use the Sumerians, Mycenaeans, and other important factions during that period?
  20. Wow! this is really incredible. I wish the team good luck
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