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  1. I am not advocating anything... and please, I am against a flamewar. I am just saying that now its ''not'' a time for changing tools.... its time for changing ideas. Like we always be using a screwdriver, we should focus on buiding things, with what we traditionally use(in this perticular case, C++)...
  2. Some people argue for a change.. For example we used asm, then switched to C, and then to C++. They argue for C# and D to be the next change. But according to me, game industry has stablized itself, that there is no need for switching.. ie we have reached a point of saturation. (they fail to understand that application programming languages are not equal to systems programming languages.)
  3. yeah, sure... We cannot even think of switching such a large codebase for a very very very log time. Also c++ gets better with every standardisation. Rust can be used experimentally.
  4. Simple question.... Is rust programming language as viable as c++ in terms of game engines??
  5. Here, I am talking about all the civs in general... Like, If you are playing persian, you can boost productivity with drought donkeys, camels or horses... Same with the Carthagians and Romans... The rest simply have no or very little techs about it??
  6. yeah elephants were at earliest used as heavy duty trucks, and cranes.... Lifting heavy masses, and in the end, boosted a level of peoductivity.... Is it feasable to have tech/feature like that in 0ad?
  7. hey.. Merchants could not use an elephant freely like that.. Merchants used cow carts, and thats proved thing....
  8. yeah right, the fall of roman empire AND the advent of dark age.... 0ad will end when aoe2 sarted... We must include more prosperous asian faction in part 2 then? Right?
  9. what would be the roadmap of part two? I seldom hear about part 2, but I think that the most advance age of part two will be a start of dark age!! in europe...... All I want to say is that if not in part 1, part 2 should have the balance of the whole world in general.. The inclusion of mauryans is a great step forward, and I must congrujulate everyone involved...
  10. The mauryan addition is excellent step forward... I saw the factions link on the main page of the 0AD website... There was no mention of mauryans, but there was a mention of germans, eastern romans, huns... If these are the future factions, then it would surely add content but no twist :-o Adding asian factions will add to twist... As mythos said waiting for the sweetest fruit is the best bet
  11. @geek, you are perfectly right.... To run a car we need an engine, but a car doesent looks like a car if it runs on 3 tyres.... Or 2... What I am saying is we need to include more factions.... And if these factions are from the more exotic world, it will add a degree of twist..
  12. Than its long time to go for alpha too. Getting the game out with at least 13 civilizations will garuntee its content too. To survive, a thing must have quality as well as content... And quality 'is' very good... We need content, and the exotic asians fit best...
  13. At some point of time, we have to add the eastern half, as nobody will call an aoe style game, with only handfull of civ.... Maybe, we can complete the game with the handfull west, and then get into asia, with a revised edition next year.... 0ad has to go very far.... We are on alpha, then we get to beta, then we get to test and then release candidates, then final version... We have lots of time too.
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