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  1. Polybius states that this occurred when Hannibal was passing through a very rough path in order to leave the lands of the Celts and reach Etruria. The primary difficulty was that the path was in a large bog. As is said in the third book, "Many of the horses lost their hooves by the continuous march through the mud. Hannibal himself on the sole remaining elephant got across with much difficulty and suffering, being in great pain from a severe attack of ophthalmia, which finally led to the loss of one eye as he had no time to stop and apply any treatment to it, the circumstances re
  2. Well wouldn't it be where they first snatch the tusks and then get the staples?
  3. Well, maybe the buildings can be sideways if need be.
  4. I would call myself an isolationist at best. A loser at worst.
  5. If I am not mistaken, there will be an special unit for custom scenarios that is a camel rider mounted on a camel who can fight.
  6. Say that to Queen Teuta. A few more thoughts Icarus The son of Daedalus who ended up getting killed by not heeding the fact that wax melts with heat. Indibil Not too original, but he is an Iberian hero in 0 A.D. so I will not give much of a biography on him. Iris Greek messenger goddess who used the rainbow for travel.
  7. Iceni is a possibility. That was the tribe which brought up Boudicca. Illyria could work too. That is in modern Yugoslavia where there lived a people that emphasized on guerrilla warfare. Iphikrates was an important reformer, and was responsible for inventing Ekodromoi and heavy peltasts.
  8. Well, if I may say a few words, I am a Mac user and am able to play it through utilizing the binaries that people compile. The thing that I think should really be prioritized is the performance on Mac OSX and support for Lion.
  9. Maybe they could have cows with longer lifespans. After all Hindus in India have retirement homes for their cows.
  10. I disagree nearly completely, fiasco. I think that it should be an option for people to choose from.
  11. Imagine trying to aim with a leaf on the arrow tip. It isn't that easy. The same goes for fire except that you would risk burning your bow too.
  12. I agree with Mythos' view on the matter. Typically, when you try to span ridiculous time lengths, you will merely find people complaining because A, there will be complaints from people who dislike the fact that they have never heard of the Hurrians nuking the Canadians while the latter civilization is stuck in the Iron Age, or B, this game was not able to frame the epic timespan of history, and has too few cultures. Age of Empires tried something like this, and it wasn't quite successful in my opinion. There were too few ages to cover about ten thousand years. Even then, it seems likely t
  13. Perhaps the key could be "a"+right click like in Company of Heroes.
  14. Well, I would say that if it takes eons to build a house, try having a larger builder team. As for hunting, just use ranged units and its pretty simple.
  15. Sciritae, who were just as epic as the Spartans due to the fact that they took the left flank of any battle line and during marches were always at the front. The First Minnesota also was an incredible unit that showed exceptional discipline under the most dangerous circumstances. The First Minnesota never retreated without orders, and when they did so, they were very orderly. They also unfailingly were put at the end of any army due to the fact that they were considered to be one of the best regiments in the Army of the Potomac.
  16. I personally think that the main deal that is really important though, is the economic side. If there were any complexity I would have for the warfare, it would be adding the need of supplies for your troops
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