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  1. The ideas are excellent, but I think that from the unit list of Sicily on it seems to get kind of tacky with the choice of weapons and armaments.
  2. I would love to see World War I British Sharpshooters as an easter egg units.
  3. Well, I respect Rise of Nations for what it is, but things like the Hellenes, the masters of hoplite warfare, did not have a single advantage compared to others in this game, and that the Romans use legionnaires that look like 1st. century soldiers up until the time of gunpowder. I respect it, but problems like these deter me from full appreciation of it.
  4. I actually agree that using "technology points" to research technologies is very logical. After all, how does one learn about iron by a combination of farming, woodcutting, and mining? Sid Meier's Civilization hit it right at this point, and an RTS version of this would be epic.
  5. What about diplomacy? Is there going to be a system where you can please and displease opponents? This is another thought, but in the game Company of Heroes, you could force your units to rout. Routing caused them to run very quickly, ignoring opponents until they rallied at the base. Do you think that a system like that would be useful?
  6. Well done maps. It excites me to be able to play on the Balkans in Alpha Six. Excellent work!
  7. Well, I don't necessarily support it, but if you merely have them appear to rot away, eventually collapsing, I don't see much of a problem in it.
  8. I know that this is a bit off of the subject, but I wish to criticize (hopefully constructively) the history articles of 0 A.D. I'm not talking about the ones on the website, but ingame. When I read these, I believe that I noticed a couple spelling errors and some definitely some grammatical usages that that seemed odd and informal such as "didn't", "don't", etc,... Also, there are some long articles that are hard to understand since you cannot scroll up or down (as far as I know) I also dislike how some are absurdly short. Likewise, I found it quite odd when I saw some using the abbreviation B.C.E. and others using B.C. I prefer B.C. not because of my Christian faith, but merely because B.C.E. is less concise, seems and seems rather pointless since it still refers to Jesus's birth and furthermore, what made C.E. 1 more common than 1 B.C.E? Finally, 0 A.D. is pretty much meaning the "the zeroth year of our Lord" and goes right along with B.C. so unless you change the title of the game, it will seem somewhat strange. The other two things I would like to have changed are the leaders of Rome and Gaul. The first hero is Britomartos. Britomartos fell so quickly to that Roman, then why have him as a hero? If there is no other alternative, then I give my humblest sympathy. The other hero is Sulla. I never liked Sulla and however great he was as a tactician, didn't Marius do a lot of cool stuff?
  9. I would suggest allowing super units to gain experience. Although they are a reliable fighting force, it is annoying how when your super units are killed the killer gains experience while when the super unit kills the opponent, nothing happens. By the way, when is self healing going to be implemented?
  10. I disagree about the entire concept about farms costing wood though. The logical thing to use for the planting a farm is a seed which would mean that they should cost food. As for farms being limited, I don't really see much realism. It should probably be limited by the fact that they only yield food at one period of time. The rest is spent taking care of it by plowing the soil, fertilizing it, planting, and weeding. I don't find much purpose for tons of different kinds of farms unless you want crop rotation as a graphical implementation. The primary resource that people collected from farms at that time was probably wheat. Nevertheless, it would be cool to have soil be drained of nutrients, making farms far less as profitable so that you would have a sense of realism in farming.
  11. What about Flak 88? I can see that on a Pacific Island during World War II .
  12. That sounds pretty logical, but the only fortifications that I know that were built like that were Roman Forts. Nevertheless, in the Siege of Plataea, the Spartans hemmed in the small remnant of the Plataeans with two walls, but if I am not mistaken, the walls were of made of bricks since when some two hundred or so Plataeans tried to evacuate from that city they made ladders and measured them by the number of bricks used. Either way, I think that as the current system has it, the Romans can build fort structures of the likes of the forts you have mentioned.
  13. This is an idea for Carthaginian soldiers. As the current concept goes, you can pretty much levy these various mercenaries such as Celtic swordsmen, Baeleric slingers, etc,... . While I like the idea, I think that it would be better if Carthage would start out with only Carthaginian troops and when they capture a territory, they can train one of the mercenary classes. The mercenaries would function a lot like super units except that they would not be quite as powerful and would give you a lower loot bonus for destroyed buildings and killed units.
  14. Perhaps actually some civilizations would do guerrilla warfare if their buildings are destroyed and they do not have the resources to construct any drop off points. I suppose that only countries such as the Iberians or Carthage if Carthage had Hamilcar Barca alive, would actually do stuff like this. They would be counted as a "dead" faction, but the surviving units would still fight. This would probably only happen when they
  15. I think that the addition of stuff like burning oil and boulders would be later with some kind of technological upgrade. Anyway, those would be relatively unrealistic to have infinite amounts of either compared to arrows. As for the usage of women in combat, I am somewhat skeptical. As for the running animations, those will be implemented in alpha 5 I believe. Nevertheless, I would like the idea of having men at least be hacking at the soldiers with something like an axe until the a tocsin is sounded. This could be a god power type thing where it only affects a medium radius of soldiers or it is sounded at a dropsite. (If it were at a dropsite, it would only affect the people who shuttle their resources there.) In this case, the men would run to arms and the women into the civic centers and any other fortification to cower away while the men slaughter the invaders. Perhaps ranged units would keep their weapons with them since they use those for hunting. I suppose that they could run into a tower though so as to release fusillades of arrows.
  16. I think that perhaps there could be a choice between the two personally for those who don't care so much about weather and more about time.
  17. I actually think that large picket lines should only deal out damage to soldiers that charge them practically head on and especially harm cavalry. (Excepting elephants, which could just bulldoze right through them almost unscathed.) The smaller ones should give minimal damage to the units, but would lower their defenses significantly because they would be too distracted with their feet getting pricked.
  18. I would like to give a couple more suggestions with experience. The whole idea is cool, but it seems relatively unrealistic for a soldier to merely change his armor when he upgrades. My idea is that instead of showing that a guy has a lot of experience with his appearance in that respect, instead, when a unit is selected, they show how much how much of a veteran he is by the chevrons that hover over their health bar. The chevrons would first be bronze, but once they attain three, their the unit would have a gold chevron instead, after they have three gold chevrons, they would acquire a silver chevron. The armor could be used for various technologies such as a Corinthian helmet upgrade, a cuirass upgrade, etc,... The important thing to that could make it more unique with these technologies is having only the units trained wielding these if you put that armor for automatic use. In this way, one could have the ability to toggle between a lighter armor that allows for more speed, and a heavier one that has a lot more bulk. The units that have been trained before the upgrade do not have an automated upgrade, but for a small price of metal or wood, one could update it to the latest kind of armor. The way I would commend having the upgrades be done is similar to Empire Earth. In that game, there were many various upgrades on the unit armor/attack that surrounded the GUI of the unit you were controlling that only needed a click to update.
  19. Thorfinn is not a developer and doesn't have the game installed anymore, but he certainly would use your artificial intelligence if Thorfinn did have the game installed.
  20. I just wanted to note something. The fiery shots of siege weapons are epic, but it would be neat if you could switch between the fiery shots and the normal kinds. The fiery ones would do a temporary morale decrease (Lower attack rate.)that affects the basic units quite a bit, the advanced units is far more negligible, the elite units and super units only have a smattering of their morale affected, and heroes are unaffected. The thing that would make the fiery shot not as effective as the normal kind is the fact that it is not very accurate.
  21. Well mondtanz, although the game is not incredibly realistic, this is an real time strategy game, not a real time tactical game. I agree with you on most of your points, and if I were to make a computer game, I think that it would have hundreds of complications like taxes and advanced communication systems. The real problem with having this things though, is that it won't appeal to the people who want one of those more classic real time strategy games like Age of Empires making it hard to really popularize this game. Thanks for the feedback though.
  22. The Carthaginians get an Iberian Mercenary for that class.
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