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  1. The commit 12754 broke the skeleton file for the boar. (This commit was supposed to add floating barrels). You can see this if you try to open any map with a boar on it including the zagros mountains.
  2. It already does disappear. It slowly sinks into the ground and then vanishes after about 10seconds.
  3. On the latest svn reversion 12709 all random maps do not start. I get a java script error. This is relatively recent. Normal campaign maps still work.
  4. Awesome. You fixed all the problems I saw. I also go to try your heightmap importer. Pretty cool:
  5. I really like this idea. Would help make walls better balanced. (A way to counter the turtles). Also doesn't sound overpowered since the shed is weak to attack allowing the attacked player to sally forth from their walls to destroy the mine. Awesome idea. I really hope this is implemented.
  6. Hi wanted to say that I really like the waving trees. I haven't looked at the other effects yet (is there a demo map with them on them?). But I did notice a few things. After the smooth LOS update the tests broke (They still worked I think after the other massive update AO, wavy trees etc...) Running 283 tests........................Singleton.h(53): Assertion failed: "ms_singleton" Assertion failed: "ms_singleton" Location: Singleton.h:53 (GetSingleton) Call stack: (0x8d9d2a) ./test() [0x8d9d2a] (0x88b751) ./test() [0x88b751] (0x88b94d) ./test() [0x88b94d] (0x88c612) ./test() [0x88c612] (0x7041c7) ./test() [0x7041c7] (0x457ef6) ./test() [0x457ef6] (0x431aa4) ./test() [0x431aa4] (0x43a988) ./test() [0x43a988] (0x41c0ad) ./test() [0x41c0ad] (0x3e29021735) /lib64/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf5) [0x3e29021735] (0x42c3d5) ./test() [0x42c3d5] errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = ? (C)ontinue, (S)uppress, (B)reak, Launch (D)ebugger, or (E)xit? Also when I first updated to AO and wavy trees I got a core dump because I had previously enabled glsl without enabling gentangents. That is I had gentangents="true" in my config file without doing anything about the gentangents. Why are there two seperate enables here? Is it for the gpuskinning? I think it shouldn't crash if the config is messed up but notify the user and automatically change the config to a setting that would work. Otherwise keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff in action.
  7. I agree with zoot. I would prefer to keep social media out of this game. Or at the very least make it an option at compile time to disable. I am not enamoured with the current social media trend. It could keep on going so it might be worthwhile to add to the game, but an option to disable the social media would be appreciated.
  8. Awesome job Wraitii. I am glad someone was interested in updating this patch to be more usefull. Looks like you made some nice improvements. Hopefully this patch will help some with the user interface making it easier to identify at a glance what can be built and what cannot be built.
  9. Yeah I don't really get the point of this discussion. The game is already cross platform. Any change in underlying libraries would require a substantial rewrite, which would be very counterproductive now that things are functioning on all platforms. Anyways it is my understanding that Qt is only graphics which already work on Mac. The problem as I understand it is sound which should be soon fixed with an upcoming patch. Also the game already uses SDL and other crossplatform technologies such as WxWidgets to provide consistent graphical interfaces across platforms.
  10. I don't know if it has has changed but there was a bug report from a user who had problems with the game crashing when the textures were not powers of 2. Changing these textures to powers of 2 ie 512x512 fixed the problem. Here is the relevant bug report: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16309
  11. I disagree. I like the current look and it fits well with rest of the game. If you used the current civ center as a house it would look wierd. Other civs do not have multifloored building either in general. So I think the current models are in keeping with the art style of the game. Though maybe as you suggest more decorations could be added to the houses.
  12. Change set 12099 gets rid of the option to select random civ to begin with. It was nice to have the computer randomly assign you a civ without you having to input a civ specifically.
  13. There already is pseudo heightmap access in random maps just look at latium.js. All you need to do would be convert a grayscale image into an array of numbers and then you could use that to create the height of your terrain.
  14. I agree, I thought the whole point of this gui revamp was to show more stats. I like what has been changed in the meantime, but I would like it even better if the stats were viewable. I liked it when the stats were visible as in earlier iterations or as wraitii proposes. Keep up the good work! I am impressed at the changes made so far.
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