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  1. Interesting... Hope you could add the Steppes Nations to that expansion!
  2. I even thought about a Germanic civ, because they were enemies of both Romans and Gauls.
  3. Gaius or maybe Garamantia (used sometimes by the latins to call the entire continent of Africa) or maybe Giugurta, the italian form of Jugurtha, numidian king
  4. No, you're right. I'm happy to see that you're interested in this faction.
  5. Thank you very much Thorfinn. Here are some images of Schythian/Sarmatian warriors from a mod for Rome Total War called Europa Barbarorum to show you the Sarmatian/Scythian equipment: Sarmatian Spearman Sarnatian Foot Archer Slavic Javelinman Sarmatian/Aorsi Cavalry Sarmatian Horse Archer Roxolani Cavalry Sarmatian Bodyguard Cavalry Aorsi Raiders: Schythian Foot Archer: Schythian Horse Archer: Schythian Cavalry
  6. Well, I'm interestede in all of history and when I playied 0 A.D. I thought that maybe the Sarmatians would fit well in the game. These are their unique elements: 1)Structures cost less and have less defense than those of the other civs. 2)Their armies will be formed almost completely by horsemen because their infantry units (except archers) will be really poor in both attack and defense. 3)They won't have a navy, because they lived in the steppes and didn't live thanks to fishing and sailing, It would be wonderful to defend a small schythan fort from a great roman legion using powerful horse
  7. UNIT DESCRIPTIONS INFANTRY Generic Name: Sarmatian SpearmanSpecific Name: Sauromatae Arc AexsaegClass: Spearman.Hacker Armament: Spear (2.75m); Short Sword (ornamental).Appearance:Basic: No armor, no helmet, basic shield, spear and short sword, pants.Advanced: No armor, no helmet, basic shield, spear and short sword, pants and shirt.Elite: Simple round helmet, light chainmail, basic shield, spear and short sword, pants.[*]History: The Sarmatians relied principally on cavalry but in their armies there were many men on foot too.[*]Garrison: 1.[*]Function: Heavy close-quarter combat.[*]Special:
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