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  1. I'll try to summarize what has thus been stated. The current training plan involves having untrained citizens spawn automatically at a cap based on the number of housing and specialized citizens, and the rate of spawning would be dependent upon the stockpile of food (food is used exclusively to train livestock and citizen, although at a higher cost). As food stockpile increases, so does the rate of spawning, and since citizens cost food, the food stockpile would lower to a quantity where it is more stable. When the civ center has used the last food available to begin spawning, progress would b
  2. Alright, thanks for your advice. I will prepare a formal proposition of my idea in greater detail before I submit it to the developers, even though the chances are low of implementation. Good idea to name the average citizen the name of their nationality. It is a simple, effective way of getting around the social status dilema. That's brilliant to have the way-points work in conjunction with the town center. That will simplify micro a lot for the player. That can be very usefull when players are on far off campaigns micro-ing their own troops, while reinforcements can be left macro-ing in the
  3. I don't mean to be aggressive saying this, but if this game mechanic has no chance of implementation, why would you ask me about what should be sacrificed to implement it? You clearly have a huge say in the future of the game's development, so if this idea, as you say, strays too far from being close to your formula, you need not explain yourself- the game's future answers to you. Now on to the hypothetical. For the record, could you please sight some games that you have heard have "similar" game mechanics as this proposed idea. I would like to take a look at them to investigate how they imple
  4. Thanks for the constructive criticism (not sarcastic). The use of the term "slaves" was arbitrary, or at least that's what I meant by its use- it does have an oppressive connotation so I'm sorry for using that term . History shows that not every member of society had the equality to attain any position it desired, as this would have collapsed the society's economy. For this reason, a citizen could not be a farmer for instance, and have the same social status as a miner- where miners were often criminals sentenced to hard labour. So although I agree that the name of the citizen should be cha
  5. I'm glad you like the idea I think that the micromanagement problem is very valid, and wouldn't be too much to deal with. The current system requires the manual production of a female citizen, whereas this new system automatically spawns slaves. The slaves that are ordered to enter training in an economic building, such as a wood cutter hut, would come out as lumberjacks seeking out the nearest trees to its wood cutter hut to cut down. The barracks would be relatively unchanged as there would be a rally point waiting for them as soon as they finish training. Your idea about having food influe
  6. Going back to the topic of the post, I think the ability to have trees grow is a very great idea, and has been done before in other games successfully (like stronghold) at a very slow and steady pace- which doesn't really disturb civilization growth, since trees are easy to cut down if you simply get a huge army of soldiers to cut them down. I am interested though about what can be done to aquire more stone and metals in the late game when resources get really scarce, as having rocks and metals "grow" doesn't make much sense. lol
  7. If anyone has played any of the stronghold series by firefly studios, and the zerg in starcraft, you'll see where I would have gotten my inspiration from. This idea effectively replaces the female citizen with a "slave". The idea is simple: all units are produced automatically, at a steady pace, with a capped limit per town center, as slaves (peasants in stronghold) in the town center. These slaves are able to be freely controlled just like any other unit currently, with the ability to have a weak attack. I'm thinking the slaves could be diversified in their weapons, apperance, damage, speed,
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