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  1. Wow! this is really incredible. I wish the team good luck
  2. Is there much need for concept art? I'm not too bad with the pencil.
  3. I installed Alpha 3 and I have to admit that it looks incredible. The only concerns that I have are that no matter how fast I double right click, my units won't run/charge.
  4. I thought that Sparta never had walls of stone because their men were their walls. Never the less, it's a great map
  5. I am just wondering, but when I was playing Alpha 2 Bellerophon, none of the Spartan hoplites seemed to have a single Lambda on their shields. I thought that Spartans were fairly easily identify because of that letter on their sheilds. Are they supposed to look like that?
  6. Do you plan to make tanks have cool cloaking devices at A.D. 2050?
  7. Much better. I would recommend that you call the "Imperial Age" perhaps the "Conquest Age". I would also recommend calling the "Stone Age" the "Patriarchal Age" too.
  8. Hi again! I was wondering what is planned with Alpha 5. There are so far only bug fixes mentioned in the trac/wiki. Do you have plans for something really epic like territories or auras?
  9. They are usually done in a free program called "blender". If you wish to use it, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube. I've tried it myself and have never really got the knack of it, but I guess that I was made for making clay models, not 3d computer ones.
  10. All right. Saying that there has been a pretty good turnout with the first three options, here is another set of questions! Where would you live? a) In a two room log cabin located in an arctic climate with running water, electricity, and a fireplace for indoor heating. There would be no computer technology in this place or television, but you would have a radio that plays all kinds of Classical music. For companionship, you have a pet wolverine that lives almost indefinitely. It can pull a dogsled, enjoys hunting elk, moose, deer, bears, and shrews and excels at it. There is no computer within five miles of here and you have no wi-fi access. Your only source of transportation is by skiing, sledding, and using the dogsled. b ) A small tropical island that has a coconut tree and a spam tree for providing food. You have no wi-fi access or electricity. Never the less, you have a pet dolphin that likes to sunbathe. Your fresh water comes from a geyser that filters out the salt and germs. Your abode is a small one room house that is constructed with bamboo and has a palm leaf roof. You sleep in a hammock. c) A longship that has many of the modern day luxuries. You have a Mac Pro, a dish washer, a sink, running water, indoor heating, solar panels for an electric source, wi-fi access, a boom box that plays every Classical piece of music you can think of and more. You must run the ship manually though and do not have any crew excepting your trusty spider monkey first mate. You may not land on the shore unless you need food supplies or repairs. Every month or so, a you are attacked by Polish Kamakazes, forcing you to use your flak.
  11. This might just be me, but I think that it would be more appropriate to add in another age in the Ancient era called maybe the "Imperial Age", an age after the "Classical Age". I think that if an age like that was implemented, then you would have room to squeeze in the Marian Rome and the Pax Romana era. After that, I think that it would be good to have an age called the "Dark Age". At this period of time, the Romans would have split and the barbarians would be going rampant. The advantage of having this would be giving room for the Goths, the Northmen, the Vandals, etc,... Then the Medieval Era could focus more on the knights, castles, and domination of the Catholic church and the eventual reformation.
  12. That seems pretty logical. The thing I think that should happen is that they would eventually rely heavily on religion and mercenaries. What about the Israelites?
  13. a core consists of 36,000 to 72,000 men. (that is defined by the civil war organization)
  14. Which of these would you find most useful? (a. An army of hoplites consisting of 7.435964870 billion that could forage for themselves. They would also follow all you tell them. (b. 70 cores of mongolian cataphracts in full suits of titanium armor and bazookas. They would also follow all you tell them. (c. 15 camels that can fluently speak in Russian, Greek, and Aramaic with Ethiopian accents; can wash dishes, hang up hats, and cook any Sri Lankan food.
  15. Well, I think that they all move in unison. The benefits are on the front. (It adds 30% more attack and armor.) The real weakness of it is that it is has a movement penalty. That goes alone with the Syntagma formation. If my idea of having guys be able to hunker down, they would be immobile, but would have massive benefits at front, (I would suggest giving a good 60% more defense.) but might even be killed quicker at the right side and back. In conclusion, if somebody flanked them or attacked them from the behind there isn't much else to do than pray for those hoplites
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