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  1. I don't and I won't. A person who have time should join the dev. team. Not me.
  2. I made Alpha6 binaries for Mac OS X (10.5 and 10.6). You can get it from: http://ciderhouse.opal.ne.jp/wp/english/zeroad Enjoy.
  3. I'm writing what I found regarding OpenAL issues of Mac OS X and wish it will be hints for somebody. I couldn't understand how to loop sound. Certainly the loop flag is set to the sound source but the program looks it unqueue the buffers which are processed, and then delete them. Anyway, it causes an error on Mac OS X. If you set the loop flag, you can't unqueue the buffers. This is the reason for the error of alSourceUnqueueBuffers() in vsrc_deque_finished_bufs(). In this case, avoidance is quite simple. I mean, we don't need to call alSourceUnqueueBuffers() when the loop flag is set. A second issue is big. It may require to change the sound manager. Apple's OpenAL (on top of Core Audio) is always running in another thread. Stop Sound command (issued by alSourceStop) is queued in the internal queue. This means we can't delete the buffer associated the sound source which we stopped just after calling alSourceStop. There is a delay to stop sound really. The sound manager uses fire-and-forget style. This doesn't match Apple's OpenAL.
  4. As far as I know, there is no English version of Mac OS X. It's always universal. So you can find English locale, Chinese locale and others in your system wherever you get it.
  5. When pyrogenesis is started on Mac OS X, a lot of error messages are shown: glwprintf failed (buffer size exceeded?) - return value -1, errno 92 The cause of the message is a error of vswprintf(). I found it can be fixed by setting locale. But setting env. variable like "LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8" didn't work. It seems that OS X accepted only "C" (perhaps and "POSIX"). So I added the following code in the end of SetDefaultIfLocaleInvalid() in GameSetup.cpp; setlocale(LC_ALL , "en_US.utf-8"); It worked. So far so good. Manual is shown without corruption. I recommend this patch to Mac users.
  6. The role of each Library directories is very clear. But it's nothing to do with this matter. The problem is Premake or Premake script. "clean" section of makefile which Premake generated is: -@rm -rf $(OUTDIR)/$(TARGET) $(OBJDIR) If you misspelled the words, CONFIG or Release, the variables aren' set. They must be null. In this case clean section become: rm -rf / This command means deleting all files on your system. 'rm' command try to delete files by alphabetical order. So /Applications becomes the first victim. File permission allowed, it delete the file.It's dangerous. I think this doesn't depend on OS X.
  7. I also experienced "make" try to delete files under the root when I made a typo like "make CONFIG=Relese clean". It's not my fault. It had occurred before I modified makefiles. Perhaps the makefiles which Premake generated is not so gentle for user's mistake. BTW, Snow Leopard users don't need to use gcc-4.5. TheShadow's error message tells gcc-4.5 is not installed. You don't need the commands (export CC=...) just after update-workspaces.sh. P.S. You don't need make "CONFIG=Release clean" if you installed the source code the first time.
  8. I was requested to modify the makefiles of pyrogenesis to build it on OS X (see Forums> 0 A.D.> General Discussion & Ideas > Alpha 5 Binaries For Mac Os X). I uploaded the files to my site. Please check them. The URL is: http://ciderhouse.opal.ne.jp/wp/english/zeroad
  9. I replaced the file with 32-bit binaries (same as above URL). It works on both Leopard and Snow Leopard. Please check it up on your system. If it's works I will upload make-files to build 0 A.D. alpha 5.
  10. Sorry for inconvenience but I needed to deny the access from some domains which spammers used. Your Mac is more gorgeous than mine I don't care the speed of game for now. Just a alpha-stage.
  11. I was looking into the build system of 0 A.D. gmake, cmake, premake… come on… I don't know I can do that but I will try. The first goal is 32-bit binaries and tailoring the makefiles for OS X. I will ask a question or inform you at Development & Technical Discussion board (it looks better).
  12. Oh, I forgot to mention it was 64 bit binaries. Intel Core Duo users can't use it. But my dylibs built by MacPorts contain 32/64-bit binaries. You can use them for 32-bit pyrogenesis. As for packaging, I patched pyrogenesis and dylibs using "install_name_tool" command. "otool -D" command tells us library's ID. I changed it like: install_name_tool -id @executable_path/libSDL-1.2.0.dylib libSDL-1.2.0.dylib We can confirm what dylib is linked using "otool -L". I modified them like: install_name_tool -change /opt/local/lib/libSDL-1.2.0.dylib @executable_path/libSDL-1.2.0.dylib pyrogenesis Of course, the better way is changing make files.
  13. Hi, I've compiled Alpha 5 for Mac OS X (10.6) and put it on my site. You don't need Xcode, MacPorts or so. All-in-one zipped file only. URL: http://ciderhouse.opal.ne.jp/wp/english/zeroad
  14. I thought this needed to change the logic of looping sound for 2 cases. One is that sound can be in one buffer. Another is that sound is divided into multiple buffers. The current pyrogenesis seems to ignore the latter case. Anyway, I know this matter is low priority. You've got a lot of works to do. Please do that.
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