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  1. That's awesome. Finally the Macintosh operating system is almost as fun to play on as with Windows and Linux. Great Job.
  2. I prefer the ideas of limiting the use of stone walls. Nevertheless, perhaps there could be an actual option for the limits of use such fortifications.
  3. I see no problem with saying 0 A.D. over 0 C.E. I think that it is somewhat immature for historians to try to divert the dating system from when Jesus was born to attempting to make the B.C. years seem more uncommon than the A.D. years.
  4. These are some thoughts. Perhaps the Scythians could literally move their around like the Mongols typically did. Likewise, it might be better for their horse farm to be able to coral horses. This could make horsemen be cheaper, faster to train, and have a better stamina and charge bonus. Good work by the way.
  5. I would say that Ganymede would be fairly fitting.
  6. That is one problem with it. Nevertheless, you can downgrade to Alpha 5 Edatania and it runs perfectly as far as I can tell.
  7. What about running? I was looking forward to seeing something of the likes of that in Alpha 9 or so. Are there plans for it being workable earlier?
  8. This is a suggestion on ship combat. When one garrisons units on a warship, he can select where to put them. One of the areas is with the rowers. While a unit is a rower, the ship gains more speed, stamina, and ramming attack. (Unless of course it is Iberian or Celtic.) Perhaps the basic units would be most well suited to this work or you could literally train rowers at the dock. The other area they could position themselves at is obviously on the deck. While positioned here, they would choose one of two positions. If they are an melee unit, they would stand on the outer parts of the de
  9. I am in full agreement with Shield Bearer. By the way, what about temples, monuments, theatrons, tholos, gymnasiums, etc,....
  10. I am just wondering, but would it be possible for anyone to make an earth map when Territories are workable? You could divide the territories similarly to Risk.
  11. Aye, try playing the Peloponnese map and you will really see it lagging after about five minutes.
  12. These are some suggestions I would give. I recommend that you replace the Thracian Peltast as a trainable unit in the Civic Centre with the Cretan Archer. As far as I can tell, Cretans are not as powerful. Likewise, I would like to point out that it might be better to replace the Iberian Javelinist with the Slinger as a trainable unit at the Civic Centre.
  13. The whole idea about the walls in the previous post, I like.
  14. You receive degrees of favor from them by giving out resources, territories, units etc,... (Please pardon my previous vagueness.)
  15. Do you plan to make people capable of "spooning" AI into friendliness like in some games?
  16. Thorfinn likes the idea. As a certain point I would like to point out that it would be nice to instead of merely pressing a button and pay some resources in order to upgrade the fortifications, it would seem better to micromanage the defensive upgrades.
  17. This is a tip for those who want their elite soldiers alive. Garrison them in buildings. It allows them to heal instantly.
  18. What kind of Archaic naval battle formations were there? The only formation I have heard of is a positioning of triremes in a circle, with their prows facing outwards.
  19. Thank you. I am just wondering though, but with this, why are Cretan Archers replaced with Militia?
  20. Okay, thank you. Just wondering, do you have any suggestions for sources for research on Sciritae?
  21. The ideas are excellent, but I think that from the unit list of Sicily on it seems to get kind of tacky with the choice of weapons and armaments.
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