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  1. I would suggest the word "efippos" that comes from the ancient Greek word "έφιππος" that means "man on a horse"
  2. Hello friends! I would like to say something about the renewable resources. In the fantastic game Spellforce the order of dawn tha resources were renewable except for the trees. The stone, metal, and some other weird things were reduced as you gather them and it was nice cause the shape of the stones reduced till there was only a minimum which could not be gathered. Then you waited for a while and the stones grow up larger again slowly slowly and could gather them. Not neceserly when they grow up full. It was your choice. As for the trees i remember on the other great game The Settlers where
  3. Hey Vlad! Tell us what OS you use. Linux or Windows. Also tell us what kind of graphics card you use. Nvidia or ATI? And then tell us what is the driver's version. Then we may help you. If you can't tell us by your own ask your unkle to help you finding out
  4. When i installed the game it didn't even let me run it saying i must update my nvidia drivers. I had 260.19.21 and after installing 260.19.44 the game started! Maybe you need up-to-date drivers for your graphics card.
  5. So to sum up Oikon becomes Oikos Sitobolion becomes Sitoboleion Strategion becomes Strategeion Limenos becomes Limen Pule becomes Pyle Plio becomes Naus Everything else stays as it is. Do you agree?
  6. Ok but since Sitovoleion is the building where you put or set the wheat and not throw it and since we are talking about ancient Greek (βάλλω "v") and not modern English (ball "b") shouldn't we name it Sitovoleion instead of Sitobolion? As for the "e" you may be right there cause it sounds better like that. Nothing more. Thanks for the constructive conversation. I hope the developers can figure out and filter out what we discussed and give the correct names to everything that needs so
  7. Well it is ok to be harsh as long as you are constructive. Let me give further explanations. 1.) You say that triiris should stay trieres. The greek word is Τριήρης. Both ι and η greek charachters are spelled as i in english so i spelled it as Triiris. It may sound better as Trieres so lets leave it this way you are correct. 2.) The v and b that you say changed during history is wrong assumption. Sitovoleion comes from the word sitos (σίτος) and the verb vallo (βάλλω). Σίτος means wheat. βάλλω means stick or put or set. You'll see that if you do the google translation. So it is v and not b. T
  8. Let me explain 1.) In Greek the words that define space like buildings or rooms use an "ei" when they end as "eion". In game there is a building named "Anakleion" that shows that. That is why the correct is for the Strategion to become Stratigeion and for the Sitobolion to become Sitovoleion. 2.) The word Oikon is also incorrect cause it is only used when we say kat-oikon which means inside the house. The correct word is Oikos that means House. http://el.wiktionary...%BA%CE%BF%CF%82 3.) The word Limenos is wrong. The modern Greek word is Limenas and the Ancient Greek word is Limin. http://el
  9. Hello and congratulations. After i played the Hellenes (Hellines) i noticed that some buildings and units are not named correctly. For example: Oikon should be Oikos Sitobolion should be Sitovoleion Strategion should be Stratigeion Limenos should be Limenas or Limin Pule should be Puli or Thura and for some units is not clear whether you want to use modern Greek or ancient Greek like for example: Plio which is modern greek word for ship so it should change to the ancient greek word naus. The same goes for the unit Emporiko plio Also Trieres should be Triiris Some other units here and there are
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