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  1. some things i noticed right when first playing the game. i'd prefer a mouselook mode without having to hold shift the color-change for buildings that can't be built where you place them atm should be made more visible, i coulfd hardly tell the slight red tone from the normal wall if i order a group of units to chop wood or get food, is it possible to make them not all target the same unit but to let them chose the nearest target so as not to get them crowded in a single place? i'll tell you if i happen to notice more but good work anyway!
  2. I'm not so far into game developing (yet), but i want to devote my knowledge of the english as well as the german language, especially regarding historical and game-regarding terms to the game and am therefore wondering how far your ingame text is yet. i read somewhere you are going to make a special file for the whole language and if you have some of it ready i could do a "beta-translation" so as not to waste too much time on it and to know what is to be researched etc. when the final beta release comes out. but if you are still too far away from that or already found your translator just ignore this post, but you can contact me if you like. @ger_man you can help if you'd like to
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