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  1. Glad you care about feedback I half expected this post to go un-noticed. I'll continue to submit bug reports and ideas with each release. I've been an Age of empires addict for years and 0 A.D may just be the top linux game I have yet to play. I'll keep checking back on the forum here to see whats up. As I said this looks like an excellent project and I look forward to any updates/releases.
  2. This game is excellent! I'd even go as far as saying it's what every "age of ___" game should have been. I decided to try out the multiplayer recently with a friend. We were both surprised to find the alpha version of this game was already lots of fun! We especially liked the multidirectional viewing and the ability to zoom in to ground level of the units. I also really like the amount of detail put into the buildings/units/maps A few things I noticed immediately which I wouldn't doubt are already known to the devs ... Bugs: birds stuck in flight dogs don't animate attacks, some animals legs
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