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  1. I like the idea of researching upgrades, but probably soldiers would only get an XP that upgrades their level, while heroes and super units gain experience that allows you to research specific military techs and unlock special formations.
  2. In the wiki/trac, it says that soldiers gain experience simply by existing. I for the most part, disagree with this. Besides being unrealistic, it could in some ways become somewhat annoying since the advanced soldiers are not as good at overall resource gathering than basic soldiers. I recommend that you have units gain experience in several different ways besides fighting. One way they could gain experience without fighting is patrolling and acting as a sentinel by being garrisoned in towers and other watching points. I don't think that this kind of stuff should give a really good rate
  3. Perhaps dust should rise when buildings are destroyed too.
  4. Thorfinn suggests that a photo be uploaded to the gallery showing the new particle effects. (Awesome work by the way.)
  5. I commend the idea of having dust be kicked up when the soldiers run, especially with cavalry. I also think that they should kick dust up always while they are on sandy terrain. (They should kick up even more while they run.)
  6. Awesome stuff there. It's great to see the that kind of progress in the game.
  7. Actually, in the final game, there will be actual animations for the buildings being created. The design document in the Wiki/Trac explains about it pretty well.
  8. Awesome rams Pureon. The only thing that I would recommend for improvement is making them have variating shield patterns. Keep up the good work!
  9. Well, there actually is a technology called "Othismis" or something of the likes of that which does the same thing. The problem with having all units be able to form the phalanx is this. The phalanx formation is entirely dependent on the shield, the hoplon. The hoplon was large enough to be able to cover the body of a man except that it had the hand-grips on the right side so that the hoplite had an ample amount of space for his spear. This led to hoplite to adopt this formation so that he could have that side free. The formation is all about a wall of bronze and was mainly used by the ho
  10. Alright, I can probably clear up a couple things. First off, the reason that the animals don't decay right now is because the animations have not been created for them. That goes for a lot of those sliding units. The reason for that is because the team has no animator unfortunately. The reason that elephants don't flee is this reason. They attack instead. (or at least they should.) If you don't see them attack, then it is probably because there is no animation for it. The chickens don't move mainly because they are supposed to be stupider than a gazelle I think. As for the AI, it comes
  11. The armies aren't anything incredible, but still pretty decent. The highest population you can reach is 300. (infantry cost 1 population slot, horsemen cost 2 slots, and chariots and elephants cost around 3. There will be an importance in formations in this game. Phalanxes, syntagmas, wedges, and skirmishes are some of the more unique formations that give bonuses, but you still have formations such as box, closed/open line formations, etc,... These have small bonuses too. For instance, the box gives additional defense against archery. Ambushes, charging, and many other cool kinds of tact
  12. I don't blame them for being scared. Great artwork by the way.
  13. If this is implemented, does it mean that there would possibly be blocking animations?
  14. Well you have to take into account that every other faction's soldiers would plunder resources. Actually though, there is a Celtic Hero that gives a plunder bonus.
  15. Phases do cost you resources, just like in Age of Empires.
  16. to julius1 You are right about there being no ages in 0 A.D. Instead, you have "phases". The phases are a lot like ages except that they show advancement in your civilization instead of the civilization aging away. They go as follows: Village phase, Town phase, City phases, and then I think that it is Empire phase, but I may be mistaken. to Alpha of the Eagles you made a pretty good point, but the Roman Hastati are actually swordsmen. Only once they reach the elite rank do they have the capability to hurl spears.
  17. Well, the name Thorfinn the Shallow Minded is comes from two sources, my head and and a book. I have several books about the Viking Age and like reading them. In one of mine, there are several genealogies about Norse jarls, hersir, kings, etc,... and I found it pretty fun reading them because of the interesting titles that were given. One of my favorite names though, was Thorfinn. although few Thorfinns have been able to match with infamous pirates such as Harald Hadraada, I liked the ring of the name so I selected it. The title "Shallow Minded" came from the gracious woman Aud the Deep-M
  18. Well, the title gives a pretty clear explanation so I think that it is easy enough to just go on from there.
  19. Awesome work! Do you intend to have men on the benches of the wagons eventually?
  20. Well, the way to fix the mouse problem is to press alt + enter. It will nullify the bug but will also make the game be in a window instead of in fullscreen.
  21. Perhaps, but they could lose both due to starvation.
  22. I recommend having a "battle planner". This was used in Empire Earth 2 and I believe that it was very nifty. Essentially, you would be able to vie with your allies by drawing out attack/defense routes on a mini map. The units and their paths were represented by arrows. The colors of the arrows naturally determined which faction owned that group of units and their routes. The ally could then reject or accept the battle plan. It would be very nifty for both single and multiplayer games. The other idea I had was having supply lines. In the wiki/trac, there was a note about the terri
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