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  1. They don't. Because you need 10 catapults in a boat to get a significant boost, nobody will do it. Because 10 catapults are more valuable than a boat that fire rocks, the bonus is not good enough to be used as it is.
  2. You're right, don't include naval economy, because it doesn't exist
  3. I invite you to read my opening message, because you are repeating exactly what I said About pairing techs, I'm just saying that it's not a fatality to have a beter tech than another one. I'll make sure that the paried techs are both interesting so there won't be a beter one.
  4. Here is the currently tech tree I'm working on. Note that the military tree isn't over yet, and the followings : - if techs are touching each other verticaly, they are paired - you need to have done all the techs that gets a line from the left to the tech you want to search to be able to (example : you need the hunting tech to be able o do the sheeps one) I will soon testing this tech tree on a git and will be provided to anyone who wants to test it after I tried it and balanced it. No comments are expected about the tech tree. It's just to show you my point of view. The tree has be done with yEd (not open source freeware), so if you want to make yours... Now, to answer the ones that posted here. I think iNcog got my point of view about techs, and I think we agree about pretty much everything (except that the wood tech is way better....). I think also pairing techs are a good idea. Not always using it, but sometimes it will bring a decisive choice on the startegy you will do. Currently it's not well-used, but if the tree tech is well-designed, it will for sure bring a lot of depth into the game. But always, it will be for some techs, not a lot of them, since they will be root techs that provides a different set of strategies. So you will choose the one you want in function of your way of playing, so choice will be different from a player to another. Finaly, I don't want having techs that reduces something in your game, as +attack/-armor vs -attack/+armor. A tech should be always benefical, with no compensation.
  5. I know, it's really deep But perhaps this thread will make the dev to commit them, perhaps
  6. For roads : http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16428&hl=road&page=3
  7. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1598 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/1989 http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2407
  8. There's none for Fedora. You will have to compile it yourself.
  9. Indeed. That's why, even if I haven't said it but I thought of it so hard that I'm sure you read that, the firsts techs of a tree are cheaper than the ultims ones. So you can indeed have the firsts techs of another branch, but not the more powerfull ones.
  10. Not really :\ A rush is always a gamble. For your second point, you're right. What I meant is more something like "it won't be interesting for you to start a new tech-branch before finishing the one you started, and so you will have to wait 30 minutes or more before starting military techs if you choose eco ones"
  11. That's exactly my point. Being able to choose only TWO very powerfull techs in 15 instead of having 30 not-so-much-impactant techs. So doing this kind of stuff, you really will change your way of doing with the opponent, since you don't know which tech you should use for now, knowing that in this case, you won't be able to have the one you truly would like to have.
  12. Flavius : having faction techs doesn't mean what I'm saying is irrelevant. You can have as much faction techs as you want, what I am saying is that is they are so cheap as currently, there is no real choice to do. There is an example that would cause a enormous difference between two games : - you are under an early rush, so you want to defend, so you do defensive techs. So you can't do eco techs and booming, for long time from now you will have to be defensive - the ennemy doesn't do any pressure on you, so you have time to boom economically, so you will prefer economics techs. The problem is that if you are under attack just after that, you won't be able to defend well yourself - you want to be faster than your ennemy → military tech → poor eco, you HAVE to succeed, that's a gamble. Lion : oh yeah *_* There's a part of responsibility in the maps that aren't designed for that purpose. Some maps where ther is place between the CC and the border of the map, which allows you to back cc the other.
  13. You can see it as a chance to learn more Spanish or French It's incredible how english-native speakers really don't like to learn new languages and prefers others to learn english instead
  14. Hi everyone, I'm coming to this burning issue, which has been discussed so many times. In a few time you'll be able to see alpha 16, and if you haven't played on svn, you will find a HUGE improvement on techs. I would say by eye that the number of techs were doubled from a15 to a16. And that is good, I love all the news stuff. Now, here are 5 numbers : 33 minutes of game, 20k of food, 20k of wood, 10k of stone and 10k of metal. That's the average of an expansionist player. And of course, all techs researched. Only the paired one didn't allow me to have really all of them. So there is, I think, a problem. Someone shouldn't be able to have all techs so fast in the game (30 minutes), at least in my opinion. Why that ? Because you can't really specialize in one way of playing. You have the eco guy, the rush guy, the defensive one... (eco != defensive, be carefull !) And everyone should be able to get only one fully direction of techs. Let's say that you have 10 military (m), 10 eco (e), 10 defensive (d), 10 find-a-something (f) different techs, and that currently in alpha16, beeing able to research everything takes you 10k of ressources. That's no far from reality, and remember I gather 60k in 33minutes, so that's 17% of my ressources to e able to upgrade everything. My proposition is the following one : go from 17% of all ressources to 100%. What does that mean ? That instead of being able of researching while expanding and fighting, you make a choice between both. For that, 90% of the techs should be as expensive or more than the phase technologies. From the other hand, the effects would be way more powerfull. Want some examples ? Currently : 100wood, +25% in farming rate Epicness : 500wood + 300 food, +50 % farming rate Currently : 100stone, +1 pop per house Epicness : 400wood, 300 stone ,+10 pop per house Currently : 300stone, +2 pop per house Epicness : 1000 wood, 1000 stone, +15% max pop Currently : 100wood, 100 metal, +2 hack attack on skirmishers Epicness : 400 wood, 500 metal, +8 hack attack on skirmishers Currently : 200 wood (I don't remember), +25% of speed for merchants Epicness : 600 foos, 500 wood, +60% of income for merchants Of course, this way it wouldn't be possible to have all technologies. That's a way to introduce some strategy, to know if in this situation you are allowed to spend your ressources on economic researches of you should do more soldiers, meanwhile military techs would give you a huge advantage. There's a need too to have cheap techs as currently, but not so much. Thank you for reading all of this @#$%, And have a A1A day !
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