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  1. roads would wololo people who focus on making cities pretty to play in age of empires.
  2. Will 0 a.d. Allow for environmental hazards? Examples Spreading fire in forests (age mythology had this) changing the terrain (maybe random berries spawn, planting forests or leveling hills. Irrigation.. Roads?) Spreading fires across ships for tactical purposes. ( fire ships - light up the ship and hope it drifts into the enemy becoming an environmental hazard, NOT age of kings style). Storms that make the deep sea treacherous meaning if you don't build lighthouse (civ2 reference) your trireme could be lost at sea. I know this is not really going towards pure strategy balance, but stuff like this would in some cases be aimed more at a single player audience like the civilization players. Fire ships are much more multiplayer friendly though It's asking a lot I know, but most of this is just a theoretical stuff you could add if you really wanted to.
  3. I mean a mole as in the kind Alexander built at tyre
  4. How will water be played? A quick search was too broad and I recall ai not even being able to play water as of 2013 Is it A. Age of Empires style, very limited. Basic ships shooting at each other transports fishing Or B. more fleshed out. Ramming. Boarding. Also, are there bridges and moles in 0 a.d tha are actually build able? That would be huge.
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