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  1. Yep, that is correct. I've stumbled upon it while translating the game.
  2. "Garrison a catapult aboard for a long-range siege attack." Can anyone tell me how or whether this works? I've put multiple siege catapults aboard, but the only thing it does is increase the frequency of arrows.
  3. Well, my language (Slovak) uses Latin script, but we most likely have different standards for transliteration. Since I don't know much about that, I won't touch these strings then. Edit: As for Artaxerxes II, I probably meant (forgive my ignorance) that Artaxschacha is some sort of a transcription, rather than transliteration, as the transliteration would be (according to wiktionary) Artaxšaçā.
  4. I'm from Slovakia, GMT +1 or GMT +2 (due to DST). My first name is Miroslav, which is a name of Slavic origin and means "celebrate peace".
  5. Why are the specific names (that's how they are called in XMLs, anyway) of buildings and units translatable? E.g. Ḥayyāl Raḫūv Masili. Also, while translating the scenario map Sahel, I've noticed that the name of the Persian king Artaxerxes II is transliterated from Old Persian as "Artaxshacha II", which is confusing, to say the least (took me a while to figure out the origin of that), when there's an English equivalent. Sorry if this is in the wrong section btw.
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