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  1. what about a mode where one player has a base already built and the other player has to try to conquer that land within a certain amount of time
  2. awwww snapppp niceeee. Maybe you could upload some tutorials vids on youtube of how you made these to helo beginners like me??
  3. do you think you can give me a few examples on how detailed i can make a house or soldier model?
  4. Hey guys I was thinking of a couple of ideas for the game. Idea1: the way the building faces you is isometric in rts games but what if you can adjust the angles on how the buidlings are facing you? I kno that when i play age of empires my 1st focus is to make my town look good as possible and not just place buildings whenever. idea2: this idea is about soldiers having 2 healthbars. one for life and one for hunger level. if hunger level goes down to zero then the soldier starts to lose life. So you have to make a building that feeds the soldier. Well those are some ideas I have.
  5. will you be be able to put your own 3d models in the game? Say for instance I make a 3d model of a statue in 3dmax with really high res will i be able to put it in the game? will i run into any performance issues? Im asking because im just learning how to use 3dmax and I wanna be able to make oab look good.
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