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  1. It's looking great, however I personally think it resembles too much the Mauryan Barracks... Might be just me. Keep it up mate!
  2. There's C++ code there too, but that's used by the programmers to expand the game-engine and develop the game. Sure, you could tweak the game-engine and create new stuff for your mod, that's why it's called open-source. The way the modding works, at least throught the interface art->ingame -> stats, it's throught XML files, but also with some Java Scripting, depeding on what you want to do. Those are the two main languages to mod the game. That's what we use. 0.A.D. itself is basically a mod of Pyrogenesis, the engine, which is written in C++ or other stuff that I don't know about.
  3. ... those with some new rocks would look neat!
  4. Glad I could have helped out! If been taking a look at the current "UnityMotionFlying" thing and it's currently really primitive. I mean, just playing the flight demo maps and you'll get what I mean. The planes don't take off correctly, they don't turn correctly, they don't fire correctly, ect. Given that, I think you should probably scrap the idea of working planes for now, at least untill you get a programmer on your team. About animations: Well, I'm not an animator, but I think I could give you a few tips. First, the model needs to be rigged with a skeleton that should be codded whitin the skeleton.xml file. Also, you would need to define a whole new lots of parameters, since the ones the engine has are pretty limited for what you want to do. If you take a look at the actor.xml file for an unit, let's say, the cavalary javelinist, you'll see this: <animations> <animation file="quadraped/horse_idle_a.psa" name="Idle" speed="50"/> <animation file="quadraped/horse_walk.psa" name="Walk" speed="120"/> <animation file="quadraped/horse_gallop.psa" name="Run" speed="40"/> <animation file="quadraped/horse_walk.psa" name="carry_meat" speed="120"/> <animation event=".5" file="quadraped/horse_attack_a.psa" name="attack_ranged" speed="20"/> <animation event=".5" file="quadraped/horse_attack_b.psa" name="attack_ranged" speed="20"/> <animation event="" file="quadraped/horse_attack_a.psa" name="attack_slaughter" speed="20"/> <animation file="quadraped/horse_death.psa" name="death" speed="240"/> </animations> If you take a closer look, you'll see that each animation is defined by an event. You would need to add new events whitin the engine. I'm not sure how to add them, but I believe they might be hardcoded. And you must make sure that the event is working the way it was supposed to work and that if your animation is playing correctly. A programmer should be abble to assist you more. Peharps you could see a way to mimic the way aircrafts worked on C&C Generals or C&C3 and implement it to the engine.
  5. Possible answer for the particle problem: First a tip: Static Atlas is not a reference to see the way particles behave. I don't know if you have played the game, but the flaming rock looks great ingame, it follows the projectile. So if it follows the projectile it could also follow your unit. Sure, there is a lot of room to improvement in the particle area,afterall, it's an Alpha game,, but try it in motion. Particles always looks better in motion. Then the solution I came up with. It's really simple. All you have to do is to attribute almost 0 as the velocity, but let it have a good lifetime. This way the particle will follow the emitter and it will not "missbehave" globally. Here's a pic of my quick experiment with making the female heads flamable (it was really fun , like OH MY!!!!! MAH HEAD IS ON FIREZ) : And here's the code - just modified the flame.xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <particles> <texture>art/textures/particles/flame.png</texture> <blend mode="add"/> <start_full/> <constant name="emissionrate" value="20.0"/> <uniform name="lifetime" min="1.0" max="1.5"/> <uniform name="angle" min="-0.5" max="0.5"/> <uniform name="velocity.x" min="-0.1" max="0.1"/> <uniform name="velocity.y" min="-0.1" max="0.1"/> <uniform name="velocity.z" min="-0.1" max="0.1"/> <uniform name="velocity.angle" min="-0.5" max="0.5"/> <uniform name="size" min="1.0" max="2.0"/> <uniform name="color.r" min="0.8" max="1.0"/> <copy name="color.g" from="color.r"/> <copy name="color.b" from="color.r"/> </particles> I could have used the "constant" attribute to define the parameter - explained on the wiki link Michael gave to you -, but with a small & random speed it makes things more interesting and realistic. And there you go. Hope you like it. Any more questions, feel free to post and we'll try our best to answer you. PS: Of course this is just a hack, but hopefully particles will be worked out and improved soon.
  6. I really like it, but something is buggying me. I don't know what it is... Maybe it's the specular as wraitii said... Maybe I think the collors of the texture are too bright for some reason. Not sure. But this is an amazing model & texture. The amount of detail you did is awesome.
  7. Believe me, mate. The mod is nowhere near completion. Sure we have a lot of stuff done, but there's still a lot to do.
  8. I dont think so. I believe it's a mesh issue, since the new shaders doesnt really affect the shadows...Not in that way, anyways...
  9. The new Civic Center is really amazing! I just hope that we don't scrap the old one, because it looks awesome with Normal/Spec/Parallax maps.
  10. It would be awesome if you could add a few more poligons to the sails or smoth them - if they aren't already smoothed, because with the new shader material it looks square-ish: Not sure it this was an issue with the old shaders too, but... anyways, if you guys feel that that's okay, I'm fine with it the way it is It's just happening mostly with the sun around 12'o clock.
  11. Welcome! Well, that's pretty much it! You can always jump into a task that you like and start working on it. Make sure to post progress within the task thread.
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