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  1. Tried my hand at texturing with the iber_struct resource from SVN (I assume you were mistaken in your first post about using Carthage resource, Enrique ) No details yet, please let me know if this is what you expect the model to look like. http://imageshack.us/f/534/dbu4.png/
  2. Sorry for not updating this a long time, I have been doing overtime for the whole week and this weekend, so I am too exhausted when I get back home. I will post a new update once I have something to show.
  3. http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/1815/9sge.png Enrique - I widened the main structure and did some overall resizing, if you feel that the proportions are still out of shape, please fee free to draw on the image the way how you expect the model to be. And I hardly did any change on the door, you can see on the imported model that they are not that different. What did you mean by it being out of scale? Ludo - thanks for the welcome, may the gods of modelling be with you Sorry for not being active lately, R2TW has been released, and despite it having a lot of problems, that game has completely devoured all of my free time. In any case, I hope to finish the model in the next two weeks, before I return back from my placement to university.
  4. Is this closer to what you expected? http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/7572/q4mu.png
  5. Hey Enrique, thanks for the clarification, the concept picture really helps. I don't think I will have time to work on this for the remainder of this week, but I will post another update next week.
  6. Taking account of your advice not to detail the building too much, here are two screens of the first draft I came up with (heavily influenced by red wine, please don't ask any hard questions ) http://imageshack.us/a/img853/975/9r32.png http://imageshack.us/a/img203/4915/ckdj.png http://imageshack.us/f/829/sru4.png/ Let me know if this is the design direction you expect to see.
  7. Hello Enrique, good to see such a fast reply You are correct, I would be mostly interested in modelling architecture or (preferably non-organic) environment models. I will do some research into the existing iberian models and get a feel of what the style is like. Meanwhile, I have some questions regarding the models in general - - Looking at the model you recommended, would I be correct in assuming that the camera viewpoint can never be moved under the horizon? I see in the model that some faces with their normals facing the ground are deleted, and some are not, so I am slightly confused. What about reflections from water? - When you mention the limit of vertices as 9k, is that meant to be 9k as seen by the engine or 9k in Blender? Not that I think that I will be over that limit, I just want to be sure. - I'm 99.9% sure of this, but I will still ask to clarify - does the engine interpret normal maps in tangent space? (in one project I was helping, they used object space for normal mapping, which meant that no UV island overlapping was allowed) EDIT: Is http://play0ad.com/wp-content/gallery/building-concepts/7103.jpg the concept art for iberian barracks?
  8. Position: 3D or Texture artist Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Jānis Kolosovskis Email: j.<surname> (of) gmail (yes, I am that paranoid) MSN Messenger: Not an MSN user Location: Leamington Spa, United Kingdom Availability: Varies between 1-6h per week Age: 22 Occupation: Telecommunications Engineer / Student Skills and Experience: I have been using Blender for helping open-source projects and commercial game mods as a mental exercise since I was 17 years old, with long gaps between projects. I am relatively good in static modelling, and know how animation works only in theory, never done it in practice. Motivation: Some men just want to watch the world improve. Personality: The guy who thinks too much. Short Essay: I found out about Wildfire Games from Free Gamer blog, and have been loosely following the project for a year. The driving factors for my motivation are curiosity and willingness to improve my skills. Interests and Hobbies: Volleyball, guitar, piano, physics, cryptography, psychology and a lot of other completely unrelated things. Staff: None known Community: I observe the modding communities for TES series games and Mount and Blade. To be fair, I have not been keeping contact with the gaming community apart from reading news that I accidentally find out. Favorite Game: Current and all time favourite - modded version of TES3 Morrowind. It robbed me of social life for more than half a year. Work Examples: Some models done for TES 4 and 5 engines: http://imageshack.us...2/1531/7aaa.png http://imageshack.us...91/705/ghto.jpg (the halberd) http://imageshack.us.../highfane34.png (incomplete) http://imageshack.us...ighfane3702.png (later version, back shot) http://imageshack.us...61923151089.jpg (the sword with scabbard) http://imageshack.us...61923141781.jpg (not really proud of this, the DDS compression destroyed the textures) http://imageshack.us...334/renderc.jpg
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