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  1. Ok, in this thread I will address to the people familiar with the engine. Probably other 0 AD noobs will find later looking through this thread profitable Make your contribution to developing RR today by answering our noobish question Q1: Why does the game crash each time I attempt to enable Ambient Occlusion map? (Ambient occlusion enabled in local.cfg, engine version - M.)
  2. Ok, people, I think this thread has outgrown itself. For the sake of comfortablity and good sense, I request the forum lords a sub-forum for the game. And after all, it's strange that we haven't yet got a larger room for discussion of our project
  3. can you make the ship making wonderful ripples and waves in their waterline? also request ballistic missile working trajectory
  4. a bit on the run at this moment, so I will be brief this time I'll reply on all post later. What important is that... I've created finally an FB page (will be bettered soon), and we made an another pack of fancy houses at your disposal: With hope of finding a proficient 0 A.D. coder - Ilves. Over.
  5. not yet, but I'm going to create one in the nearest time o_O
  6. Guyz, I have a totally seriuz question to ask you. I The unfortanatelibity of modern war is that units don't fight with parts of them i.e. tanks don't fight with axes or swords, but "exchange" each other projectiles. The curious question is where the texture maps of those projectiles should be placed. Above you see my collection of aircraft weaponry - it will belong to 6 different type of warplanes ranging from fighters to bombers. During the action the projectiles should separate themselves from their carrier vehicle. So where should I better place the map? 1) make 1 big map with all the projectiles (like 512x512) 2) place each projectile along with the carrying vehicle (torpedo with the sub, bombs with the bomber and so on) (then it will lay along with the carrier vehicle, which has a typical texture of 1024x1024) 3) make each projectile an individual tiny map (128x128 or so ) II Also the only-housecolor-or-opacity thing also worries me :\ Problem is we have made a lot of buildings containing both opacity and housecolor! Each building has a texture of 2048^2. Attaching two such textures (one with opacity, second with housecolor) to every building my curtail the performance severely. What should we do? III Is it possible to realize a ballistic missile locomotion in 0 AD? It should first fly vertically upwards and than meet with the target via ballistic trajectory. All this should be done automatically as soon as I choose the victim of the attack.
  7. It's.... UPDATE TIME! this time let's have a swim. I really adore what the creators of Pyrogenesis did with water and how many options it has. It was fun just playing with all those settings available o_O Man, I really can't stop enjoying the sexiness of this water. Just give me turrets and I'll be in love.
  8. Brofist! Though as you correctly mentioned it's just a hack and doesn't work pefectly, now my point of questioning changes to how to make animations (landing gears hiding inside the plane after it takes off and the engine rotates).
  9. ok, I made the flames going horizontally. It doesn't get easier: the orientation of the particles is GLOBAL and not relative to the prop The particles always go in the specific direction, instead of adjusting their direction with the model. C'mon guys, I really need help at getting all this functional :/
  10. cool, but I am not a js programmer Thanks! I think that's a way to make 2 dimensional simple fire texture. While we need smth different :/ We need it to go BACKWARDS relative to the plane :\ It's upwards already.
  11. 1) Unfortunately the particles just go upwards through the plane, no matter how do I rotate and orient the helper: Any ideas how to solve that? :X 2) Secondly I want to make take off animation. This is the position of the plane on the ground. How do I make him to hide the chassis, close the hatch you can see at the picture and rotate the engine (this plane is a VTOL)? 3) Oh yes, I've just mentioned it's a VTOL - so it stands for Vertical take-off and Landing. Guess what I want to get to know in this question 4) Is it feasible to make the rockets of the plane to disappear one by one when they are shot? And anyway I want to get to know how can I make those rocket being shot and flying to the target. I guess it's someway likewise how the spearman throws his missiles, but I need a clue.
  12. before that I need to solve some question. 1) How do I make afterburn coming out from jet\rocket nozzles?
  13. >Imperial America for the win! If it does exist in this game? we will soon (if you can call this word 1-2 weeks) release an update, outlining what is going to be with US in our game. After all, we made all basic American unit list and even most of the buildings (though, unskinned) - these efforts are too good to be dumped. Anyway, US faction will be available in the multiplayer as any other
  14. Tanks a lot A new update, this time we deal with ingame buildings models and style:
  15. Guys we want eventually to recreate all large armies of the world, so sooner or later those Chinas, Americas and Israels will all be available, but aside from the multiplayer\skirmish we (unlike EA) want to create a storyline-centered campaign and the poser I published deals exactly with the sides in campaign #1
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