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  1. This did the trick. Thank you! Atlas should be able to give us the player colors.
  2. Well, I did assign the material> player_trans_spec.xml And even desaturating did not work at all...
  3. Hey guys, From my current understanding, Atlas and the actor viewer dont actually show up entities with the player color, right? But again, I'm having issues that I cant somehow find out why. The actor is showing with blue-ish color, although my texture has the alpha channel in place, with the blue parts erased( as far as I can tell, I even manually erased lots of stuff ... Maybe I'm missing something? Thanks again for all your help!
  4. Sure thing. There you go @stanislas69 processing_plant.zip
  5. Hey @stanislas69 the meshes are not animated yet. I did change the default.cfg to gpuskinning = true But no change at all... Maybe it is a problem with the custom material? I copied the material from player_trans_ao_parallax_spec
  6. Hey guys! It's me again. I'm having trouble making my normal maps show up ingame. Blender rendering shows me that the maps are okay - and even a little bit too strong. But even though after messing, reading the documentation, and creating new materials, I cant get the engine to show them ingame properly. Any ideas? Here is my material code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <material> <alternative material="player_trans_ao_spec.xml" quality="8"/> <define name="USE_PLAYERCOLOR" value="1"/> <define name="USE_PARALLAX" value="1"/> <
  7. Really interesting mate! Keep it up! You could add some ambient occlusion maps to the buildings to make them look nicer!
  8. Any idea why the rock_norm_spec_ao.xml didnt work? Thank you so much mate. There are a few tricks that I completely forgot.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the reply! So yeah, I had two problems: First it was all about not "building" the mod into a .zip file to test. (I cant remember that being required, but after I did it, it worked). Other thing it was that I was not saving the configuration as you mentioned @coworotel. So now I get the actor to show up on the list, but the game is crashing, when I try to see the model ingame... already tried everything I remember (I helped out very long ago with the Rise of the East mod and at the official WFG Team - I was/still am hahaha @Gen.Kenobi ) But all I get is cras
  10. Hey guys, I have been trying to add a new actor into a mod that I'm creating, but it is not showing up on Atlas at alll... I'm unsure what to do.. I tried everything so far...Mod shows up in the menu, but when I open the scenario editor it is not there... Can someone help me, please?
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