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  1. I've heard that there will be a tech that allow terrain to change real time during a game. I would need this to trigger, doing some chaos ground corruption. something better than just a decal linked to buildings. Also, I must fix few things in my Irl life :/ But I want-need to continue this mod!
  2. Im waiting for the next engine update then continue to work on this one
  3. Thank you! Also, yes, i've recently discovered how to apply AO. Im using some for chaos Building. I will rework Empire ones later. For now im focusing on content rather than graphics
  4. Not for now. Im actually focusing on building. Then I will focus on Units.
  5. I've explained on the Patreon presentation Q&A that Games workshop does not have any problems about copyright since i'm using self created only content, and that I do not commercialize anything
  6. Hello there! It has been two month now that Im working on a complete change of 0AD in the Warhammer fantasy universe (Not 40k). For now I am focusing on creating buildings and units for The Empire and Chaos factions. The first two faction that will be playable. Then All others will come! If anyone is interested, you can gather more information on my Patreon (everything is visible for non patrons) https://www.patreon.com/kertitprod Discord channel is also setup if you want to ask me questions and to get more frequent news! https://discord.gg/NGvthbP
  7. Thank you very much! In fact It does work the same than any Tech, I were just creating files the wrong way. Copying and modifying phase file from Delenda makes me understood it.
  8. Hi there, Im currently trying to mod a bit to see if I could do something nice with time. I do know how to add units and building. But Is there any way to add Phases? Like I would love to get 5 instead of 3. If anyone can give me helps on it, i'll be thankful
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