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  1. Could this be made into a scenario now that Alpha 17 will permit it? With texts, objectives and so.
  2. The images uploaded are in Imageshack. I guess they were not visible anymore but I got one month free and put them here via Imgur. I don't play 0AD anymore so I don't remember if there was a possibility of capturing buildings. If there was, the romans could seize those ports to seize the island. Without this the scenario seems to me nearly impossible. If there is capturing mode, I'd reconsider continuing it maybe.
  3. Am I the only one that follows up closely FeXor's work? I think this is work will create the biggest change to RTS style of games ever. At last realistic terrain is coming!
  4. Many of you don't really understand about what Starcraft 2 is about. The story is just an excuse to create a Sport. A mental sport, like chess. Pros go like to 350 actions per minute, and they can multitask up to maybe 7 different things in one minute, especially zergs, (larva inject, expand creep, upgrade, create and administrate bases and drones, making and most importantly Moving units, spy, check the mini-map, etc.) You can't compare this RTS to the others. Not on races, artwork, etc.. I personally rediscovered the concept of SPEED with SC2. Not knowing the keyboard shortcuts is out of the question. And that's all what is about. When you play with the outstanding smoothness, incredible pathfinding, impressive micro potential playing games like AoE2 turns out to be like 'clumsy'.
  5. Here is another link of interest: http://www.world-machine.com
  6. Ok If I go professional, which won't happen in the near future, and fully produce pieces I'll show up again here.
  7. To OmriLahav Hi, I'm a very amateurish composer, and almost devote no time to music, but I use program Sibelius 6 First, and I thought that I could share some melodies I made in hopes that you use them if you like them, to convert them into orchestral pieces. Also, one question: If I were to go with music onto a more time dedicated and professional way, which program do you recommend?
  8. Hi, I'll just jump right in without knowing what are you talking about exactly right now, but I wanted to show this: http://olddevblog.neocoregames.com/blog/devblog/behind-the-scenes-soldier-pathfinding-in-king-arthur-ii/
  9. Yes, in Railroad Tycoon 3, though it is not an RTS. In that game, there are two steps to making a new map: 1: In the little screen that appears when you put the disk on the computer which normally says: Play, Uninstall, Readme, FAQ, etc. There is a button called something like World Editor. If you click there, there is a little program with a map of the world, blank, and super accurate in therms of landform. You click and drag the zone which you want to make the scenario, and it is saved. 2: After, in the inside of the game, you go to the proper world editor and start putting rivers, cities, etc. Some screenshots of the Amazing and Wonderful game here: http://www.gamespot..../images/281652/ You could use this system to implement scenarios in the game...
  10. Why don't we make farms much bigger? There is no need so to change stats neither from corrals nor farms: Making farms much more bigger, they would be more difficult to defend, add realism to the game, simulating farming zones, and adding a new Strategic component to the game. This could shift the metagame to get the corrals more useful, as they are much more easier to defend...
  11. I see that this has so much potential and would make the game a Different RTS, from all the others produced in, like, history. Kind of a new level. Realistic terrain could really push up the quality, be what makes 0AD stand out and amaze newcomers, when they see screenshots. I think that if this kind of terrain script, after it has been worked on, must implicate that maps have to be much larger. One can think subconsciously that, given the map size and terrain erosion idea, buildings would be like 1km2 large, and screw up this feature in some parts of the map, basically, the ones where the cities are, because when you put a building the ground goes flat. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16169&st=20 This is a map with kinda terrain erosion feature, worked with Atlas, which I could continue to make.
  12. I just went to resources data mods public maps scenarios -> Map 1.xml , map 1.pmp . Ok it seems that went I put these two files away from the game folder and put them in the desktop they go from 2,6MB and 608KB down to 442 KB both. Strange.
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