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  1. ill play (im not much good though
  2. I have thought of an idea that will help the map editor(well sorta) Basically I get a group of people that will create a scenario with a storyline and we ask the programmers to add triggers/conditions as we need them so ya... if you like this idea say so if not say so if ya dont like the idea say so if ya wanna help create the map say so here is the basic storyline youre a viking near rome and have always wanted to take over some provinces but you are banished from your tribe one day because the shaman predicted that you would lead all he tribes one day and the leaders fear you but others respect you and dont want you killed and you go from viking village to others uniting them(or taking them over) when you have enough power you try to take over italy and rome and its provinces(preferably the provinces first) good idea?
  3. someone look through the posts and list the cheat options for the developers so they can implement some of them
  4. I was looking a the main page and the download button but the download button says alpha 2 bellophoroon is this an error or did i just download the second not third version of the game
  5. i programmed something in java that only displays a picture but it doesnt work and i believe 0 a.d uses java so if you think you can help me post your email and ill send you the bad code
  6. personaly i think we should have some campaigns (i dont care what there about), a tutorial, and a rpg because i love them and rts and i hate it were you have to download them from the internet(cause of viruses) and you might have to build them yourself(takes a long time)just an idea
  7. you should keep skyboxes for cenematic scenarios... i mean they dont auto go on but they still can
  8. good but what about when your not in an area but you have been there any fog then?
  9. I dont have a mouse cause I have a laptop but I have a mouse pad thing so... basically I dont have all of the abilities to move the camera because of my mouse pad thing so... are you guys gonna make the camera easier for people like me?
  10. please dont go offf topic
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