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  2. Byzantine faction have bonus? They should be good with defense and booming at last have iron bonus. The others? Saxons Norse Carolingian
  3. Hello everyone i've made this mod for made a little change on the visual perspective between combat and city for myself with little changes but maybe someone could enjoy it too or have an use of it on their own projects, this is just an addition of what the UnitAi already has in the "COMBAT">"APPROACHING" line replacing the default animation variant with the "combat" one defined in the end of some infantry actor files What it does? well the infantry usually use this animations for walking and figthing: This mod replace the animations when in combat with their respective ready
  4. The Scorch "We are in the late antiquity or early dark ages of an alternative universe. The Roman Empire (or rather, it's equivalent) was still expanding, while experiencing a relatively peaceful transition to monotheism. Philoshophical and scientific schools have progressed largely untouched by religious dogma, leading to great advances in knowledge and technology. That was until the past couple of decades, when a series of cataclysmic events, including natural disasters, climate change and a so-called barbarian invasion, reshaped the landscape to a largely barren scenery, while killing
  5. I was playing this. is better than AoE DE.
  6. Do you think units die to quickly and would like to double their health? Halve their speed? Reduce structure capture points? Increase unit training time? Change the batch time multiplier? Make technologies slower to be researched? Tweak loot? Alter gather speed? All that can be done easily. This mod just contains a single file that multiplies such values globally by 1 (i.e. no net effect). You can use it to set them to values you prefer. It is also possible to replace "multiply" with "add" or insert other lines of code. All you have to do is download the zip (attached, 2 kB), extract
  7. Is it possible that I could change the game enough and make it into a World War 1 style RTS game? (With armoured trains, Zepplins, etc)
  8. Full body armor Persians and parthiansc and their pants. Indie pants
  9. This is more of an interest check than anything, as well as a place to ask for help or discuss the mod. Would people be interested in a mod like this? Would anyone like to help? Is someone already making a mod like this and should I give up? Sadly, I don't have anything to show at the moment but an idea. And a link to a discord where development will be discussed. Development Discord link: https://discord.gg/9AGJ2ya
  10. 0 A.D Mod Introduction to Antiquorum Antiquorum is a large-scale modification for the game focusing mainly on historical authenticity and completely reworking the games unit roster and balance throughout the phases. These additions add a whole new aspect to the game and would allow more variation in game battle compositions as well as overall strategies for certain civilisations. Currently, I'm working on this onerous task alone, but if you are interested in helping out you can contact me. Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome as well! Gameplay Changes The mod will
  11. Hello. I made this topic to show the progress of my mod. accept suggestions
  12. Ever since I improved the water graphics I've wanted to play with a polynesian nation on 0 A.D., just going around the map, fighting gaia, things like that. So these last 2 days I've made a very quick Polynesia minimod. You can't really "play" it, it's mostly to fool around with the civ. I recommend you only play it on the Naval scenario "Polynesia", which is unfinished too because it's a little boring to just plot trees. The finished part looks nice though. No real enemy. Maybe I'll get around to adding actual gameplay to it (mainly, an AI that does things). It might be fun if I can get my c
  13. 0 A.D. is getting more and more stable with every release, which is nice. But on the other hand there are less groundbreaking features in every release. For that reason more and more mods are being developed by different members and subgroups of 0 A.D. Most of the mods can be installed by downloading the mods and unzipping it in the right folder. The mods can than be activated in the 0 A.D. mod manager. Yes, it is awesome 0 A.D. has already a graphical mod manager. However, finding information about the mods is not easy and installing/updating them manually for each new release of 0 A.D.
  14. Hello again, I'm glad to present you the second version of the metagame, where many things have changed. Game: Updated 28-11-2016 IMPORTANT FIX - Marian Reforms Missing MetaGameV2_2.zip Patch: Updated 28-11-2016 IMPORTANT FIX - Marian Reforms Missing MetaGameV2_2.patch Docs: CivBalance.odt Main changes: Creation of category subtypes to improve the strong-weakness system (and make it more diverse) Rush: Strongest in phase 1. Weak in phase 2. Weakest in phase 3. Successors Changes Can'
  15. How To Play update or downgrade 0 A.D. to fit the requirements of the mod version you want to play download the .zip file of the desired MinMod version extract it to <0 A.D. installation folder>\binaries\data\mods run 0 A.D. and navigate from the main menu to Tools & Options → Mod Selection (select the mineral mod entry in the upper field) → Enable → Start Mods start a new single player game with a supported map ************************************************** VERSION 0.2 ************************************************** **********
  16. Hello community, Since I was trying to improve meta-game by doing tickets related to the design docs, I decided to integrate all things I've been implementing (along with design changes I propose), and collect them into a mod so devs and players can try them and comment about the changes I'm offering to improve the game experience. I tested a lot the actual meta-game by trying the three tactics, and I found it plain, since most civs feel the same; all of them go to champions (except ptole and maybe minor rushes) and all of them grow exactly in the same way. At least I wanted to make
  17. i would make some tests with terrain editor and i have no experiences with editor, so i follow my first tutorial here http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Basic3DImplementation but i cant add model to editor, i says some xml error i use 3ds max 2014 with collada include, i export model to C:\0ADSVN\data\mods\public\art\meshes\props as wrld_create_test.dae and texture to C:\0ADSVN\data\mods\public\art\textures\skins\props as crate_test.png model is cube 4x4 generic units Where can i find instructions for 3ds max?
  18. Hi all, Im making a new map, the siege of Halicarnassus. This is the very first preview, it is still in progress, but i would like to receive some feedback. Yes, it has a lot of props, i like detail, i'm just trying to make it more "vivid". This is the reference im using, i didn't make it exactly as is shown there, i forgot to add some things while making it, but now that is that advanced it may be a pain! http://www.discusmedia.com/maps/turkish_city_maps/5594/ v1.1 v1.2 1.3v This is what it seems to be the end of the map. Perhaps i could r
  19. I'm requesting this principate for have an new experience and try to give new experience to maps maker and adding mercenary units to the Atlas based in my own suggestion. We have a data( git hub with art made by volunteers) I want to create, sub factions and other stuff may be I need help by @wowgetoffyourcellphone To suggest and help me with units, he is great modder and this mods benefits his own mod.
  20. Not finished. Missing: Triggers.Details. First update: Second update: Now playable in game. Constantinople_Midnigth_Assault.zip
  21. The Council is both happy and proud to announce a brand new release!!! I think this is what you all have been waiting for! Millennium A.D.'s first release ever! What is it? Millennium A.D. is a total conversion mod for 0 A.D. focusing on the Middle Ages. It is divided in two parts, this first one is focusing on the first half of the Middle Ages; the timeframe of Charlemagne and the Viking Age. The name of this release is Ashmen. This is the word Norsemen were called after by the Germans because they used Ash wood for their boats. What is new? This is our first release so in a way everyth
  22. Part 1: I downloaded Alpha 19 directly. As soon as I start the game from the shortcut in the Windows start menu, it initiates and takes me directly to the mod selection menu. Is this normal? I thought it should take me to the main game menu. Part 2: In the mod selection window, I select the Alpha 19 mod, enable, and then start the mod. Then the main game menu comes up. The game works fine. However, when I go to the scenario editor, it does not start. I have given it over 5 min for the user interface to show up. However, when I open windows task manager pyrogenesis.exe is running in the backg
  23. Hello, the name is mute. I am currently planning a few mods and one thing came to mind I want to add a few new resources Reasons Water Minerals/stones Cloth Special Minerals Former CoM, but still looking to be helped by them Finaly the water as been added, even if only a beta stage
  24. Since I have a rather definite idea of how it will be the mod : 'll add a generic first civilization : to represent the following civilizations : Olmec Maya Mexica this 'm still not sure about adding the mod. I'll start : Description of Units: infantry Generic Name: Eagle Spearman Specific name : Cuāuhpipiltin Class: Spearman Armament: lance ( 1.20 m) and a round wooden shield . appearance : Basic: A tunic that starts from the waist to the knees , will gold bracelets on his left forearm , almost all basic units will look like this at first. Advanced: The robe will eagle feathers, have an orn
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