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  1. which revision are you currently using for the testing? I can't see your replays because you seem to be using a latest SVN release to make tests. About Carthage gameplay, I'm posting a replay on Alpha 21 so you can see how I inteded Carthage to be played. Please compare it to how you played it so I can see if both styles match. Thx you for the tests
  2. Did the mod update fix the roman house thing? Works for me. And I'm thinking on a way to improve Carthage's mechanic, maybe reduce non-embassy citizens metal cost to 50, or making merchants free. I'll watch your replays soon, I've been busy with other stuff. Did you use Tophets in late game? Were they good or was the maxpop handicap too big?
  3. To avoid all civs for doing the exact same things for growing up, defending and conquering. The players will stop from doing the same things over, and over, and over. Every civ should feel very different to others, so the players will be excited to try new civs instead of choosing always the one will the small special buff they like.
  4. That's actually part of the design for Rome, and the base design of all eco civs. I know it currently sucks, but Rome is meant to be the strongest on phase 3, and that calls for a heavy handicap on phase 1 and 2. I'm still trying to find a way to make Rome defend itself better, but not enough to challenge rush on phase 1 or wall in phase 2, else everyone will pick Rome. One way I found is to give a heavy boost to outposts, so you can see the rush coming from a mile away, enough time to hide or call for help. Note that the idea for phase 3 military buildings came to me when I looked at the fact that Rome has no wooden towers nor palisades on vanilla 0AD. Mace and Rome, two civs that get soldiers who break poplimit, buildings who can expand inside enemy territory, and not to mention the new v3 unique siege engines that will be on v3. The way to counter those juggernauts is to destroy them while they're still young. ¿What would have happened to these big empires if they were destroyed while they still were small countries? I'll find a better way for eco trees not to look that awful as they're now. If that problem persists after the update, tell me and I'll fix that immediately.
  5. Working on it. Finding a way to improve them. Returned fortress to sele and ptol in v3. If I did remove siege machines, point me where so I can fix it, it wan't on purpose. Carthage's markets are like that since most of the carthaginian army was composed by mercenaries. Also looking for a way to improve that mechanic. ? Didn't touch cavalry Also didn't touch women nor siege's parameters. If it is so, it's on vanilla 0AD too.
  6. I develop tons of files, I can't keep track of all the possible errors/unbalance that can happen on my own. That's what testers and players are for.
  7. Look at the link of the mod files I updated weeks ago. I detected that error and fixed it.
  8. Could you please post the replay? I want to see it so I can watch what needs to be changed. Thx for the test btw Also did you use trade?
  9. ¿Do you like rushing with Skiritai Commando? With Carthage, all citizen soldiers have elite status, since mercenaries are expensive but got superior quality. They also have phase 1 markets which work as barracks, so you've got phase 1 barter, trade and slaves with build and mining bonus. They can rush like skiritai with all three types of citizen soldiers in phase 1, and defend themselves with the slowest yet strongest cost 0 walls. Not to mention the phase 2 combo with Iber, that I'll have to nerf for sure. In my opinion, I even think I've boosted them too much. I've tested them while I was developing their particular mechanic and I could resist effectively against faster rush, and also overpower them with my own rush. But I may be wrong, so as long as you post a replay where I can confirm that Carthage is that weak, and you offer an alternate solution, I'll gladly consider it. I think the weakest civ of my designs is Persians, so I'll have to rework their mechanic for v3.
  10. Testing Gaul Druid Rush and Nerfed Fanatics. commands.txt
  11. Basically no, since my mod doesn't contemplate including new art. It concentrates more on improving gameplay experience and balance of vanilla 0AD. As I told @elexis, this mod more than a game it's a pool of concepts and ideas for the main game, using existing resources. The Mead Hall is very similar to the Longhouse, so I'll use the Longhouse as the actor, or maybe I'll modify the Longhouse directly as I did with the tent. But thx anyway
  12. Was thinking exactly of doing the same with Marian Soldiers in my mod. Did you add skins? vanilla editor's are grey
  13. Like what you're doing. Since I've got a mod where I want to implement as much bonuses and techs as possible, we could finish the ticket's auras and get them inside our respective mods. Feel free to try and use some of the techs I've implemented. Mod is there:
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