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Found 2 results

  1. Hello again, I'm glad to present you the second version of the metagame, where many things have changed. Game: Updated 28-11-2016 IMPORTANT FIX - Marian Reforms Missing MetaGameV2_2.zip Patch: Updated 28-11-2016 IMPORTANT FIX - Marian Reforms Missing MetaGameV2_2.patch Docs: CivBalance.odt Main changes: Creation of category subtypes to improve the strong-weakness system (and make it more diverse) Rush: Strongest in phase 1. Weak in phase 2. Weakest in phase 3. Successors Changes Can't build fortress. Siege only avaible on CC. Champions can only be recruited on Militar Colony. Militar Colony can be built on phase 1. Ptolemies No changes Seleucids Changes Seleucid corrals can recruit militia cavalry. Militia infantry also affected in matter of costs and debuff. Rush-Wall: Stronger in phase 1. Normal in phase 2. Weaker in phase 3. Celts Melonas in age 2. Champions can be only recruited on CC. Start with one unit of the same type you'll use to rush. Britons Dog rush. Kennel in phase 1. Cost 0. New tech Woad Painting. Puts a fear aura over your units that'll lower enemy citizen's attack on sight by 20%. Don't affect champs. Lowered dramatically longsword champions armor. They got slow yet deadly attack rates. Gauls Druid rush. Temples in phase 1. Cost 0. Set fanatics armor to 0. Boosted heath, speed and attack rate. They can't capture buildings, only attack. Wall-Rush: Strong in phase 1. Strongest in phase 2. Weak in phase 3. Carthaginians Wall role. Walls cost 0 and have enormous resistance but they've got the slowest build rate. Removed Carthaginian Embassy. Carthage doesn't got barracks. All mercenary citizens and champion elephants are recruited in markets. New building Tophet. Reduces Sacred Band cost and maximum population by 50% for each Tophet. Persians Wall role. Boost walls with Persian Architecture after you build them. Units now cost food only. Persian storehouses give a slow trickle in all resources. Wall-Eco: Weak in phase 1. Strongest in phase 2. Strong in phase 3. Mauryans Pillar of Ashoka effects are stackable. Iberians Reverential Monument effects are stackable. Rework of the Iberian Maisu Burdina Langileak Tech. For each Blacksmith you control you reduce unit's metal costs of your team by 10%. New building: Foundry. Special armory that has the Iberian Special Techs. Unique building. Eco-Wall: Weaker in phase 1. Normal in phase 2. Stronger in phase 3. Hellenes Civic Stoa, Royal Stoa and Theatron are considered influent buildings, they're visible to all players. No Theatron build limit. Spartans New technology Femine Mystique. Improve all women's economic parameters by 25% but increase cost in 25%. Spartan houses can spawn women without need of the house tech. New building Tall Spikes. Special building for Spartan women. Deals heavy damage to cavalry on contact. New building Small Spikes. Special building for Spartan women. Deals average damage to all units except for siege. Athenians New building Propylaea. Doubles other player's structure build time. Visible to all players. Eco: Weakest in phase 1. Weak in phase 2. Strongest in phase 3. Macedonians New tech Military Reforms. Allows to build new building Reformed Army Barracks. Each one can recruit 16 Lothos pikeman lines, which are population free. Can heal Lothos infantry. Siege workshop can also be built on enemy/ally territory. Can build ballistas in Age 2. Romans New tech Marian Reforms. Allows to build new building Tent. Each one can recruit up to 8 Contubernium swordsmen squads, which are population free. Can heal Contubernium units. Rome champions cost the same as the hero, to reduce their numbers in battle and enhance their role as the general's vanguard. Infantry got a vanguard aura that increases hero's armor if the hero is near, and cavalry increase attack. New skin for Rome's outposts.
  2. Hello community, Since I was trying to improve meta-game by doing tickets related to the design docs, I decided to integrate all things I've been implementing (along with design changes I propose), and collect them into a mod so devs and players can try them and comment about the changes I'm offering to improve the game experience. I tested a lot the actual meta-game by trying the three tactics, and I found it plain, since most civs feel the same; all of them go to champions (except ptole and maybe minor rushes) and all of them grow exactly in the same way. At least I wanted to make each civ win with something different, making the metagame more diverse and interesting. Mayor aspects: Design: Rush civs: Strong against eco, weak against wall. Stronger in age 1. Early/free access to economic structures that can accelerate their growth. Early access to economic units. Easy difficulty. Wall civs: Strong against rush, weak against eco. Stronger in age 2. Early/free access to defensive structures. Early access to champion/siege units. Medium difficulty. Eco civs: Strong against eco, weak against rush. Stronger in age 3. Access to the most powerful structures. Access to the most powerful units. Hard difficulty. Champion costs: Rush civs: 150 food/wood/metal infantry (except persians), 200 food/wood/metal cavalry. Wall civs: 100 food/wood/metal infantry, 150 food/wood/metal cavalry. Late civs: 50 food/wood/metal infantry, 100 food/wood/metal cavalry. The diff I'm attaching contains the basic aspects of the game, it will be updated on this very post. If you don't know how to get the patch working I'll upload the mod soon. Thx you all for your time, please if you want to test this don't hesitate to contact me so we test For developers: MetaGameV2.patch PlayerFilesGenerator.sh For players: MetaGameV2.zip
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